1. S

    getting fed up now !!!

    Hi guys would love some help and advice please with my E300TD 1998. 1998 MERCEDES E300 TURBO DEISEL AUTO. ( W210 ) CHASSIS NUMBER : WDB2102252A741360 ENGINE NO : 60696222042199 FAULT 1. ABS LIGHT FROM START. 2. SRS LIGHT FROM START. 3. ESP LIGHT FROM START. 4. SOMETIMES DRIVES IN...
  2. Pieater

    Fed Up with my MB

    Got an E250 Coupe 2011 (c207) a few weeks ago and I am absolutely fed up with it. All I want to do is play my music through the audio 50 aps system and have up to date maps, can I do either NO!! Took it to local MB dealer, gave them £100 of my hard earned cash and yes they did upgrade my maps...
  3. Benplym

    Pretty fed up with scammers while trying to sell an honest car

    Have my ml up for sale, at a decent price, it's pretty damn amazing. Last night I get a call from a dealer asking really in depth questions about the car. Mid sent ace he stops me to tell me he wanted to see who the scammer was. I was confused but long story short some foreign person has...
  4. LTD

    Do you ever get really fed up with cars ?

    Not me but ..... Sometimes I sit on the motorway, in traffic, at crawling pace and look around. I love being in my MB designed cabin. Comfortable, well-ventilated and with a good audio system. It's a nice place to be in a stressful environment. I see others in cars I would not wish to...
  5. IBN

    W129 - Fed up with same old electrical problems

    Hi Sorry but I need advice again. Over the weekend, I got my car (1990 W129 300 SL - US Spec) out of her winter hibernation - started first go, gave her a wash/polish, checked out levels and tyre pressure and was looking forward to topless motoring. BUT on my first run out I suffered two...
  6. fatdazza

    Fed up with Windscreens!

    Not a good day. Driving up A1 and bl**dy great stone thrown up by lorry wrecks my windscreen. Now you might think not so bad but.... Only last May I had to have a new windscreen due to another stone getting thrown up off the road. Now prior to buying my "Merc" I had driven company cars...
  7. BlackC55

    Anyone else really fed up with the snow?

    I really can't wait 'till its gone. Its a real pain doing any work.
  8. chriswt

    Snow! for those who are fed up with the moaning! (light hearted)

    Yes it wasn't great weather, yes some people were worse effected than others and I for one are fed up with peoples terrible driving skills but anyone who's fed up with the moaning feel free to post here! 'Snow costs the UK millions'...how about all the cafes and restaurants, outdoor clothing...
  9. chrispy

    Fed Up With Ebay & Hong Kong Seller

    I ordered the w202 grille with star over 3 weeks ago from a seller in Hong Kong (HK-plus). Including postage it cost me a grand total of £69 so I thought it was a steal. After numerous e-mails to the comapny (none replied to) I was forced into lodging a dispute with them. Four days later I have...
  10. robert.saunders

    Fed up

    Fed up of: Painting Buying paint Cleaning brushes, rollers and trays Throwing away brushes, rollers and trays Buying more bloody paint And if I get asked one more time if I have a "Spend n Save" card buy the same moron everytime I go to the DIY store, I'm gonna shove the brushes in his...
  11. vindaloo

    Fed up with phone sales?

    Have a look here.
  12. C

    Bolt FAQ & New Year Bolt special – fed up of rusty/stuck bolts?

    There seems to be much dissatisfaction with Mercedes oem bolts and locking bolts, so we’ve decided to offer our RAD bolts as a New Year Special! There seem to be various problems with Mercedes bolts: corrosion issues, sticking bolts, shearing heads. We specialise in selling only genuine oem...
  13. G

    Fed Up With MB Dealers, so.....

    This Saturday, I'm test driving a Lexus LS430. After the scandal that was my 10 minutes in a CL500 (MB-Direct), and main dealers either not phoning back or cancelling at the last minute, I telephoned Lexus, who could not have been more helpful. So, I've got the Lexus for 3-4 hours this...
  14. D

    fed up with stealers

    hey guys & gals i am apologising to you all right now before i begin with my whing i might go on abit anyway here goes couple of week ago i put on a post about strange noise's coming from my car (rattles and sounds as if exhaust is blown) got a few helpful hints but could'nt solve the...
  15. pammy

    it's cold n I'm fed up.........

    .......sitting waiting for the British Gas man to come - do you think they'll send Ricky T? :D Boiler has suddenly taken on a life of it's own - just keeping fingers crossed it doesn't need replacing :(
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