1. F

    Oban Firework Fiasco

    30mins worth of fireworks let off in under a minute :) Worth a watch lol :D
  2. reggie musson

    spare key fiasco

    When I purchased my lovely 2004 CLK from a garage it came with a spare key but did not work, OK I thought it just needs new batteries which I renewed, but still no good, would not lock or unlock the car. I decided to send it off for repair which cost £25.50 on ebay, and parked it at a friends...
  3. Palfrem

    Compensation offer from Privilege on CL500 repair fiasco

    Some of you may have been following the debacle that was the "repair" of my CL 500 by Privilege and their preferred repairer, UK Assistance. Just had a call from the insurance company customer relations department who wish to offer me £150.00 in compensation for my problems, i.e. £50 for each...
  4. M

    Smashed Window Fiasco

    The start to the New Year was going so well, until.... Wednesday C Class Sports Coupe W203 car passenger side window smashed by yobs. Thursday Called local Mercedes Benz garage to arrange repair. Was told window part would have to be ordered from Mercedes Milton Keynes and would...
  5. robert.saunders

    Red faces over yellow line fiasco Unbelievable! :rolleyes: :mad:
  6. B

    Service Plus Fiasco!!

    Has anybody had serious issues with Mercedes honouring Service Plus contracts?? I am simply getting fed up with the level of service from Mercedes. My car went into the local dealership to have the window regulators replaced on both the front doors and now Service Plus are saying this item is...
  7. Venomous

    Parrot Fiasco

    On the back of the Maple Trim thread, comes a more potentially nasty one for this sub forum. I supplied my local Indie with - Parrot CK3100 Black Parrot Multican Adapter Parrot ISO CableAll should have been straight forward. The car went away on Friday, and was still being worked on during...
  8. marc777

    New number plate - fiasco?

    Is it me? Took my 18 month old E 270 for first service today (25,000 miles by the way!) and asked the dealer to fit a new rear number plate as the one they supplied with the car (which I bought from them brand new) had somehow leaked and gone opaque in places. "Can't do that - not...
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