spare key fiasco

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reggie musson

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Feb 13, 2011
CLK 2.7 Diesel
When I purchased my lovely 2004 CLK from a garage it came with a spare key but did not work, OK I thought it just needs new batteries which I renewed, but still no good, would not lock or unlock the car.
I decided to send it off for repair which cost £25.50 on ebay, and parked it at a friends house as the key was not in my possession, and a few days later the key arrived in the post all fully working `great`.
I tried to unlock the car and guess what it would not, so I tried it in the ignition (which I never tried before) and it would not even turn. I removed and compaired the key blades with the key that works and its the WRONG DAMED KEY and would fit someone elses Merc but not mine.:confused:
I phoned the garage where I got the car from with no luck on the right spare key.
So if you buy a car and it has more than one key just make sure they are the correct keys for the car.
I wonder how much a new spare would be ?
A new remote key with the emergency metal blade for opening the doors is anywhere between £195-230 fro a MB dealer.There are people offering cheaper deals but I have no idea how good or trustworthy they are.

You will need the registratiion document and usually another form of i.d. when ordering but you may also be able to have the current remote coded to your car although the metal key will of course not work. A new metal blank costs around £30.

It would also be wise to get the remote that you do not have removed from the car's list of accepted keys. A dealer or good independant can do this
I emailed 5 companies last week through their websites regarding a replacement key for my R129 SL.

Not one got back to me. They all said on their websites they could do it as well! I guess the autolocksmiths are more interested in pulling down the pants of people locked out their cars as opposed to selling keys etc.
does anyone know how its done?

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