1. J

    Ea52 osj ford fiesta

    The above fiesta is parked on a road with no insurance or mot it is taxed and has not moved for months The police and dvla say it's a council issue the council say there is nothing they can do because it has tax, any idea how/who is responsible for removing the vehicle from the public highway...
  2. ringway

    Ford Fiesta Zetec Turdo.

    Saw this a while ago.
  3. S

    2007 Ford Fiesta 1.25

    Apologies for posting this here. Unfortunately the Ford forums are not very helpful, so I require the assistance of someone with some actual knowledge. My daughter has a 2007 1.25 Ford Fiesta. It's got 70k on the clock. As the mornings got colder and wetter, when starting, the engine would...
  4. Conquistador

    Ford Fiesta - fuel pump fuse regularly blowing. Why?

    Hi all, To save me joining a Fiesta forum and asking the question there, I thought I'd ask it here first and I'm sure I'll get the answer... I have a T-reg Fiesta (1.25 petrol). Very reliable, nothing major has gone wrong in the 100,000 miles I've done in it. But 3 times recently the 10amp...
  5. KillerHERTZ

    Chris Harris on Cars: Fiesta ST Vs G63 AMG

    5Ea7k3VAdi8& Towing at 100Mph+ :D
  6. John

    Ford Fiesta clutch price...

    Does anyone happen to know the cost of a replacement clutch for a 2007 1.4 Ford Fiesta petrol? Looking at OEM and non-OEM prices ideally? Also - is it a big job as I've heard they can be a 6 hour job...
  7. GordonTarling

    2003 Ford Fiesta 1.4 Ghia

    My son is working in the USA for 18 months, so Dad has been tasked with selling his car. :rolleyes: It's a 2003 Fiesta 1.4 Ghia in silver. Has aircon, alloys and has done 93,600 miles. Some service history, MOT and tax to August. Ideal car for the younger driver. £1650 ono. Located in Uxbridge...
  8. G

    2004 ford fiesta flame 1.4 - low mileage, 1 year m.o.t, full service history - £3000

    2004 Silver Ford Fiesta 1. 4 Flame (AC) . Immaculate low mileage example. Rare/Limited Edition vehicle. Great first car for a young family member or as a reliable little run around. UK car. Only 4 former keepers. Full service history. Ford and specialist. Recent major service. All service...
  9. M

    2006 Ford Fiesta ST FOR SALE

    Afternoon again! Just another quick posting to let you know I have also listed a 2006 Ford Fiesta ST for a friend. FULL DETAILS can be found HERE: Ford : 2006 Ford Fiesta ST - Low Mileage & Excellent Condition If you would like any further information, please PM me so I can put in touch...
  10. U


    Just got a new toy for the misses, had a little go out in it the weekend, have to say it was quite a fun car to drive - nice and responsive and quick for what it is. She is very pleased with it, plus being totally different to her old corsa c of 9 years!!
  11. 300CE

    Lovely Ford Fiesta 1300 Supersport

    Not many of these left nowadays: ford fiesta supersport on eBay (end time 22-Dec-10 15:13:25 GMT)
  12. M

    Ford Fiesta for sale 51 plate 35k

    I have 51 Fiesta for sale , thought i'd ask on here before i ebay it. Its a 1.3 5 speed in rather nice metallic Pacific Green, sunroof , central locking, PAS, alloys, MOT till June 2011. 35K miles from new and in really good nick . I havent driven it much as I bought it off a neighbour but it...
  13. chrisbrad66

    Non Mercedes fiesta zetec

    Hi all, got a problem with a clients car and it's got me stuck, it's a 1997 fiesta 1250cc zetec, if you slowly press the accelerator it will rev fine albeit with a little delay, if you stab the pedal right down fast it will only rev to approx half speed and it just will not rev any higher, it's...
  14. R

    1994 - L reg - Ford Fiesta 1.8D

    I'll put photos up on the weekend. 1994 L Reg 5 door hatch back. Ford Fiesta 1.8D Dark Green Around 90k Bad Points Been sitting since July 2009, through pure laziness. Front bumper drivers corner, driver side front indicator, and possibly mountings for headlight ALL damaged in a...
  15. LeighW

    '02 Fiesta 1.3 Fun 39000 miles

    As per title, my girlfriend's Fiesta 1.3 Fun, 2002 02 reg. Genuine 39k miles on the clock. Very cheap to run and insure, 3 previous owners; the previous owner was my girlfriend's grandmother, and before that, her grandad's company. It's up for sale as I've just bought her a new Mitsi Colt. It...
  16. BTB 500

    93 year old driver hits two Porsches while parking Fiesta

    Another "parking mishap" Lucky it was just parked cars and not people.
  17. rajinder_1

    Ford Fiesta rear wiper

    Hi Guys Still have the MB's but mums got a 2002 Ford Fiesta 1.25 zetec. The rear wiper has stopped working altogether and is stuck in middle of the rear screen. Does anyone know what could be the cause of this and what i need to do to fix it please. Thanks Raj
  18. F

    2004 Fiesta Odour Filter

    Could someone please provide info or one of those technical diagrams that show where exactly the odour filter (basically a pollen filter) is located on a 2004 Fiesta. I know that it is located or is accessed somewhere in the passenger foot well area but would like to be sure before anything is...
  19. BaldGuy

    Ford Fiesta Freestyle 5 Door 4 Sale

    Due to upgrading my wifes car I now have a Fiesta Freestyle for sale... The spec is as follows..... Ford Fiesta 1.25 Freestyle 5dr in Aqua Frost (01/51 plate) If your not familiar what the Freestyle is, its kind of the sporty looking Fiesta without the Insurance.... i.e Front Fogs, Rear...
  20. P

    Nice Fiesta at the right price....

    Does anyone wnat a nice Fiesta 1.3 Encore, 46000 miles, 1998 on a 'R' plate? Ideal shopping car or to take to those many places where you wouldn't want to leave the MB without an armed guard. I am looking for £1600 ono, the car is taxed and tested for 6 months. If anyone is interested, PM...
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