1. simbad

    milky oil filler cap & maybe too much oil?

    2 things worrying me. 1. i checked the oil and it was a little low about 1/3 on min/max- topped it up. read manual last night and it said that dipstick checks should be 10mins stopping after normal running temp. not sure i had done that, so i ran engine warm today and checked. seemed to be...
  2. pluggers

    Time filler

    Needed to fill a bit of time today so I bought a mercedes 1/24th scale 300sl metal kit.What do you all reckon,I love it :rock: This is the kit as it comes Chrome work added to the body Interior and engine kitted out Close up of the engine Interior now fitted to the chassis...
  3. Sp!ke

    W124 Boot filler panel

    Worth keeping an eye on this as it retails at about £100 ...
  4. janner

    Cheap G500 - needs some filler.

    I swear road rage is getting worse...
  5. Bugblatter

    Power Steering Reservoir Filler Cap

    I know this subject has been up before, but my power steering is making groaning noises when approaching full lock. However, the manual does not say anything about how to top up the reservoir and I can't locate the filler cap to check it. Where is it located??? (W203) :confused:
  6. G

    Wanted/Oil filler cap

    Wanted for 1993 190E 1.8 an engine oil filler cap.
  7. I

    How do I open Fuel filler cap on 190E

    Hi I have just bought my first mercedes which is a 190E but I cannot see any reference in the drivers handbook on how to open the fuel filler cap. Help please I'm getting low on fuel! many thanks if you can help
  8. M

    Fuel filler flap check it is locking

    I was cleaning the car today and noticed the fuel filler flap wasnt locked...tried locking and unlocking the car but the plunger didnt appear to be moving....a asquirt of oil and locking and unlocking the car a few times got the plunger moving freely eventually..just a warning to check it i had...
  9. T

    White/Yellow Gunk under Oil Filler Cap

    Morning all, I was looking at my engine just now and when I opened up the oil filler cap, I noticed that there was a small amount of pale coloured gunk under the filler cap - not a pretty sight! I always thought that this meant a blown head-gasket, allowing coolant into the oil and the...
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