1. M

    W211 Fuel filler flap "emergency" release access...

    If the actuator or motor that releases the fuel filler flap were to fail, you have the option of releasing it by accessing the release knob (which is not a knob but rather looks like a key) and turning it clockwise. Its located hidden away behind the trunk lining on the right side. All this info...
  2. O

    Can't fit fuel filler cap !!!

    Hi, I've got a CLK W209. Filled up today but couldn't get the fuel filler cap back on. I guess it's common to many models. Pleeeeeeeeease...anyone got any ideas? Do I need to "re-set" it or something? Thanks
  3. J

    Fuel Filler Flap Lock

    Anyone know how to remove the petrol filler flap lock on a 2001 CLK200 coupe? There's a plastic housing in the filler cavity with a rubber grommet but not sure if this twists, pulls off or what and don't wanna break it. Can't seem to remove it from inside the boot either. There is a...
  4. J

    2001 CLK Petrol Filler Flap Lock

    Hi Guys Anyone know how to remove the petrol filler flap lock on a 2001 CLK200 coupe? There's a plastic housing in the filler cavity with a rubber grommet but not sure if this twists, pulls off or what and don't wanna break it. Can't seem to remove it from inside the boot either. There is a...
  5. Druk

    What filler for bumper

    As the title. Got facelift Sport rear bumper to upgrade the 211 but it came with some superficial damage, deep scratches etc. Rub down with wet-n-dry and surface fill with what? Ta.
  6. kps70

    S500 - residue on oil filler cap?

    Hi - I hope I can pick someone's brain. Went to look at a 2001 S500 for sale today. It has just over 100k on the engine. When I had a look at the oil filler cap, there was a faint hint of yellowish/white on the inside of the cap. I've seen much worse in the past on other cars. This was just...
  7. Rob77

    Fuel Filler Flap Frozen

    My fuel filler flap seems to be frozen shut. I've never heard of this happening before, anyone have any ideas for opening it as I have a 200 plus mile journey to make tomorrow. Incidentally, this is my W124 diesel estate I'm talking about.
  8. W

    124 300e oil filler cap

    The oil filler cap is leaking on my 124 300e. Is the only place to get a replacement a main dealer or are they available elswhere?
  9. D

    W203 - Oil leak around filler cap

    Hi, I have a W203 C Class Sports Coupe 220CDI (2004, facelifted edn). Took it for a long journey today, after about 1 1/2 hours I smelled burning oil, pulled over and lifted the bonnet. All around the filler cap area, and splashed over the engine cover and up onto the 'lining' of the bonnet...
  10. M

    W124 fuel filler flap question

    For those of you with a W124 4-door saloon, can you answer this question: does your car have an extra 'space' for a fuel filler opening under the filler flap? Like the extra circular shape on this one: I'm wondering if it would be usable as an LPG filler - to avoid the typical (and awfully...
  11. Dave Richardson

    What size gearbox filler key

    Could someone assist please? I'm about to change the oil in my manual 6 speed g/box fitted in my 2002 c class coupe, I need to purchase a filler plug key, does anyone know the size required 17mm ? 14mm? I know that I could take the covers off & have a look but it would be so much easier if...
  12. C

    Filler cap. Which side of the car ?

    I read this recently while abroad. If you look at your petrol gauge , you will see a small icon of a petrol pump. The handle of the petrol pump will extend out on either the left or right side of the gas pump. If your fuel tank filler cap is on the left of the car, the handle will be on the...
  13. Londonscottish

    Fuel Filler Cap - Buy Online?

    Hi All, My wife recently left he fuel filler cap for my W202 at a filling station. To save me schlepping down to a dealer is there a way I can order one on line? Thanks
  14. imadoofus

    High Temp Metal Filler?

    I need a metal filler product that can withstand high temperatures. The only products I can find have a max of 150deg, with a constant operating limit of 100. I need something that can withstand continual temperatures of more than that. Welding isn't an option. Any ideas? TIA PJ
  15. T

    SLK - Rust Inside the Fuel Filler Pipe

    I have recently purchased a 2000 SLK and notice that there is a small amount of rust on the inside of the petrol filler cap, and quite a lot of rust on the inside of the fuel filler pipe to the petrol tank. Not sure whether this has been caused by a clumsy previous owner, or whether it is just...
  16. M

    SLK 320 What is this filler cap for?

    I have just bought a 2001-SLK 320 with Manual Gearbox and while routinely checking levels, I noticed a filler cap set behind the radiator slightly right of centre down a bit next to a black plastic cylinder thing with grips like the end of an oil filter. There are no marks on it, but when I...
  17. PaulE230

    w210 Filler cap wont fit and Ive tried a new one

    I pressume theres something wrong with the neck of the filler pipe. Every time I buy a new fuel filler cap It fits fine but then it wont remove unless a lot of force is used and then the cap is damaged.
  18. C

    Diff Filler Plug. Will not budge.

    Tried to loosen Diff filler plug and drain plugs today to change oil. Neither will budge. Absolutely solid. The 14 mm hex tool I am using is a perfect fit in the drain plugs. An 8mm socket / ring spanner is used to fit on the hex tool. Result, 2 x 8mm 3/8 drive sockets broken under leverage, 1...
  19. Fady

    W211 Fuel Filler Cap Attachment

    When I picked up the replacement mirror indicator from the parts dept last week (as detailed in a previous post), the chap serving me said "anything else Sir". Off the top of my head, I mentioned that my fuel cap was detached from it's fixing, so he came out with me and had a look. It's been...
  20. grober

    fuel filler flap guide

    Last time filling up with petrol found this plastic guide for the petrol filler flap had broken. :( (A) I think I found it in the parts section listed as GUIDE Part no- 1248000179 Can any one confirm this and is it just a push fit in or do you have to dismantle the actuator as well?:confused:
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