1. G

    cash or finance? how did you finance yours?

    So i recently picked up my c63 amg with performance pack plus - i felt proud paying it cash no finance required! wanted to know what did you get and how did you fund yours?
  2. m2287

    Finance options

    Finance isn't something I've ever done, I've never spent more than £10k on a car and always just paid cash/bank transfer! I'm looking at a 10year old second hand car at around £25k, what are my finance options? I'd have around 12k deposit so do I get a bank loan of £13k for the rest and...
  3. T

    Mercedes 0% finance

    Was a a dealer this week and noted 0% on new S class. I found that quite surprising to be honest. Do they often have 0% deals? Is this a function of "end of line"? Or something often seen on the big cars?
  4. T

    Buying on finance for discount then paying full amount

    I've read a few threads on here suggesting it's quite possible to negotiate a new car finance deal and once the car has been picked up, cancel, settle the full amount and effectively keep the discount. A few q's about this 1. Is this correct? 2. Presumably if the finance is via another...
  5. H

    Best way to sell car with outstanding finance

    Hello everyone, I have a high spec C350e that I would like to sell mainly to get out of the finance agreement as it's starting to be a bit too expensive for ourselves. The issue is that there is outstanding finance on it which makes it difficult to sell privately. (and I'm the worse...
  6. Red C220

    Supercar Finance

    I know we have a few owners on the forum and I wondered if any of you had a reliable contacts for Supercar Finance rather than me just Googling a random company. I've been to have a look at something today and the dealer has given me some numbers, I just need to make sure it's the going rate...
  7. T

    costing more to payoff finance than agreed.

    Bought my car last year. Had no interest in taking out finance. Dealer persuaded me to take it out £10K, would throw in 3 years servicing and discounted Supaguard (or whatever it's called). Long story short, the salesman told me that I would have a total outlay of £595 if I cancelled the...
  8. steve333

    Outstanding finance

    Hi all,a dealer has a car my wife is interested in and after asking all the usual questions before arranging to view and test drive the dealer explained he is selling the car for a friends wife who's owned from new(63 plate) and she owes £6 k on finance to mb which will be cleared by the dealer...
  9. D

    zero deposit, 0% finance alloy wheels site

    Don't know if anyones interested, but are doing zero deposit, 0% interest finance on all wheels. Used them before, always good service. Worth checking out. :thumb:
  10. B

    Not sure if quite understand the pro cons of agility finance?

    Basically I've done a search on past threads and I'm still not completely sure on the real benefits/cons of pcp and hire purchase I will be taking a bank loan out to cover the deposit as per say as I'll need to take out some anyway for home renovations and since on the market for a new car...
  11. B

    BMW admit to selling hidden PPI on their finance deals.

    Interesting story here about someone finding out that their car loan through BMW had a hidden PPI payment attached. The question is does this affect MB owners? BBC Radio 4 - Money Box, Car Finance and PPI
  12. C250BLUE

    Thinking of buying a New car, not sure how to finance it.

    Hi, I want to buy a brand new car but not sure how to finance it. Here the thing: My existing car is worth around £20k and the car I want to but is about £33k. I'm not sure if I should part ex my car for for the new car with some finance on top to complete the purchase, or I sell it...
  13. Robfen100

    Alternative to MB Finance PCP

    Hi all, Has anyone tried comparing a PCP on MB finance with another finance provider to influence the deal? I'm talking PCP specifically which appears to reduce it to very few options. A quick Google search: Capital Car Finance The Car Finance Company Zuto and such other creative /...
  14. merc85

    Vito Finance, Company or PCP

    Be gentle as im pretty new to all this sort of stuff. After some advice, I have a Small Motor Factor business of which i own 50% of and are Vat registered. My wfe has a Nissan Quashqui which the PCP is coming to a end soon, We do have enough to pay the vehilce off and keep if we wish. We are...
  15. Meldrew2

    A finance question?

    Does anyone know if Greece paid PPI on all their loans? If so, the reclaim should sort out their economy… .
  16. markjay

    Second hand car on business finance?

    I am thinking of replacing the W203 with a late (facelift) W204 - 2012 to 2014. Purchase (or lease) through VAT-Registered business. Any recommendations re the best way of doing it? E.g. via MB Finance etc?
  17. A

    New C63S Finance Deals

    Hi Guys, I have just sold my ML63 and I am eager to get into new C63S Estate Car. My question is my local dealer MB Stockton are not offering anything off the deals on Mercedes Website. I have noted on some posts people are saying they have managed a 7% discount. Have looked around...
  18. S

    Mods & Finance

    Hi all, I just wanted to get some opinions regarding modifying a car that is on a finance agreement such as PCP. I bought mine on this scheme, as I imagine many have, as quite honestly I didn't have £50k in cash ready to outlay and, with serious head on knowing that I change cars every...
  19. M

    Your MBUK Finance Journey...winding road

    Well, mine went just fine until handing the thing back. I had a E Class on straight lease for two years, used a broker as they were and astonishing £80pcm less than MB franchises. Amusingly the car was supplied by MB Wolverhampton and financed directly by MBUK.... go figure. Car faultless...
  20. markjay

    Advice on car finance deal (Business Lease)

    What do our resident experts say... does this look like a good deal? MERCEDES-BENZ C CLASS SALOON C200 AMG Line Premium 4dr Auto Any obvious pitfalls? Thanks you...
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