1. brucemillar

    Adrian Flux - Help

    Folks I have been with Adrian Flux for many happy years on all of my cars. This includes a C55 Estate, 3.5 V6 Pajero and Uber Rare Agreed Valuation W124 4-Matic Estate. Up until now I also had BMW 528i Estate insured with them. Now I have asked them to insure a BMW X5. This is 2005 car and...
  2. D

    Adrian Flux Spring Static 19th May

    COME AND HELP US GET THE SHOW SEASON STARTED IN STYLE! Adrian Flux has teamed up with some local car clubs and our friends at the Adrian Flux Arena (Norfolk Arena) to bring you an evening of automotive fun. This is our first time hosting such an event, being a specialist and modified...
  3. D

    Adrian Flux - Roadhalo

    Hi all, Just a quick note to let you all know about a new product Adrian Flux Insurance is now offering – it’s called “Roadhalo”. It costs just £19.99 and provides expert legal assistance and advice in the event of you being prosecuted of a driving conviction. For lesser driving offences...
  4. D

    Adrian Flux Spring Forum Competition

    Adrian Flux Spring Forum Competition Hello We feel it’s time for another competition for April and May, but this time with a very unique prize up for grabs for all you car fans out there. Chances are if you’ve been to a car show or event in the last few years, you would have seen Ian...
  5. afflier

    Track Day Insurance

    I found a very old thread on this subject but nothing since. As it says in the title, Im looking in to getting some Track Day Insurance for the C63. Actually only thinking of TV4 drag as opposed to full Track Day (future maybe!) I found this page from Adrian Flux Adrian Flux Track Day...
  6. Tim203

    Adrian Flux ( rob dog) insurance.

    I know this has been on a previous thread but can't work the search thing. My camper's been insured for two months( total cost paying on the drip £240) and they want £142 to cancel the policy. They can't freeze the insurance and 6 months was never an option. Must be such hard work to cancel a...
  7. grober

    Jonny's Flux Capacitor

    Some footage of 5th Gear's Jonny Smith's resurrected Enfield 8000 electric car. [email protected] mph Used to have 8hp--- now 500 ! more details here Jonny's Flux Capacitor [YOUTUBE HD]_o6igJGsBoM[/YOUTUBE HD]
  8. brucemillar

    Insurance Help - Adrian Flux

    Folks Is anybody on here working with/for Adrian Flux or knows somebody there that can help me with an issue that I have with them.
  9. Cleggmeister

    Flux and Twilight - useful applications

    My way of thanking those who've helped me on here... Try F.Lux on the PC and Twilight on the Android - both very useful applications for automatically adjusting your screen colour temperature and brightness dependent on daylight hours. Net result - a more pleasant experience using screens...
  10. Borys

    Big thanx to member DANAF from Adrian Flux insurance

    Would like to thank Dan for helping me out with my policy with Adrian Flux. Would highly recomend him for anyones future assistance with car insurance. Great customer service, was treated very kindly and with respect. Thank you again DAN :D
  11. J

    Remap insurance: Chris Knott v Adrian Flux

    My current insurer is Chris Knott (with Highway). Renewal time has come around and AF have quoted me £30 lower (with Red Star Equity). I've read some poor online reviews of AF, but then again if they are much of a muchness I may as well save a few ££. Anyone any experience with either of the...
  12. janner

    Adrian Flux insurance MBClub discount

    I just got an insurance quote from Adrian Flux. I answered "no" when asked if I was a member of any owner's clubs. When she gave me the quote I said "Oh, actually I am a member of an owner's club, MBClub, do I get a discount?". "Sorry sir, that quote is the best we can offer" Says lady. How...
  13. K

    Adrian Flux Insurance

    My insurance ends this month and decided to get few new quotes online. Tried that meerkat:cool: site and was ok . After that remembered Adrian Flux. Went on their website and ...shocked. Their quote was the highest one ! £ 945 Dear god ! Called HSBC and bang ! £ 486.12.... HALF ! Is...
  14. Wil

    Adrian Flux - Beware

    I just had my renewal through and to my surprise I had zero NCB (no claims were ever made). OK I though maybe it was a error, so I rang them to explain and was shocked to hear that my policy does not accumalate NCB and that my premium will be the same as last year! I was not informed of this...
  15. Iyse

    Adrian Flux Insurance

    I turned 20 in November, I drive a '98 W202 with a few mods, I was with Direct Line insurance. Naturally I was paying a ridiculous premium of £1900 a year and they only knew partially about my mods, and even said some of the mods I wanted to do would cause me to be uninsurable because I was...
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