1. SoldierJohn

    Hello folks, old newbie here :)

    Hello and thanks to admins for admitting me to the forum. Im John in Motherwell Scotland. In the past I've owned a white 1979 V registration C200 Benziner whilst serving in Germany with the Army. It was 2 years old when I bought it and I drove it for 7 years, it had a blue leather...
  2. A

    Have a happy weekend folks Makes you feel good don't it, she's brilliant :cool:
  3. CrazyLeo

    Hello folks!

    Hi, new to the site so be gentle with me! I drive a 2003 CLK320 Avantgarde, live just outside Edinburgh :thumb:
  4. B

    Hi folks!

    I,ve just recently traded my c180 cgi for a 2012 E220 cdi se exec special edition estate ( what a mouthful) and have had a couple of w201 s in the past so it's about time I joined a club of like minded enthusiasts :cool:
  5. B

    Hey folks...

    Newbie in the house! I live in Bedfordshire and always wanted a Merc so I eventually got one, a black C180 Sport, manual and now with 140,000 ish miles on the clock. I've had her about 6 years, the last year off the road unfortunately with ignition trouble.....anyway, here's a couple of pics of...
  6. ShaunB

    Northern Ireland members

    Guys Do any of you local guys know much about Creevy Autos NI? Seen them mentioned on a thread a long time ago, just wondering if they're still good with Mercs. Cheers Shaun
  7. Jakerook

    Grille suggestions folks ....

    Looking to replace the grill on this , any suggestions ?
  8. B

    Hi folks

    Been lurking on this forum for a few months now having got an SLK, after being an S20000 owner for 5 years - enjoying the Merc so far! Lookin' forward to contributing where I can.
  9. G

    Hello there folks...

    Hello there boys and girls... A big fan of all things classic M-B here! My old man is a driver and over the years we've had W123's and W126's of all kinds... He moved on to other motors in recent years but we won't talk about that... I'd dearly love an old SLC or SEC one day but I'm just...
  10. Sp!ke

    update your home routers folks.

    80% of top routers vulnerable...
  11. H

    Hi folks

    Hi from a newbie W203 C220 CDI Sport owner. Recently become a parent, and decided to say bye bye to my sports car days, and act like a dad. It's my first Merc, and loving it so far. So solidly built, and very comfy to drive, but no slouch. I'll have so many questions in the coming weeks and...
  12. B

    Hello Folks

    Hi, I have been a Merc fan for many years and now that my retirement is here I am looking forward to having a practical classic ( I am handy with the spanners) or nearly old Merc to play with as our second car. Suggestions appreciated. Best wishes to all, Mike
  13. P

    what ya think folks pondering to buy this

    1998 MERCEDES C200 ESTATE SPORT AUTO BLUE C180 C230 C220 | eBay
  14. Dr-Nab

    Facelift W212 E220CDI SE lease deal may interest some folks

    Hey everyone thought I'd post this as it just got emailed through to me at work. Car Leasing Network have got 6 facelift E220 CDI SE, all silver with black leather & sat nav (doesn't state whether comand or not) but on 6+23 10k pa £249.99 + vat business or personal Seems pretty reasonable for...
  15. portal_96

    Back to the drawing board - model and spec ideas please folks...

    Evening, I've yet to get the official verdict but suspect my c250cdi sport plus may be written off... I'm not sure what to look at getting instead if its written off and wanted to call on some of your experiences and knowledge. I quite fancy the same car again but with a pano roof and...
  16. tonyc280

    Hi folks

    Just a quickie peeps. I want to post pic's of my new c280 on here but don't know how. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks, Tony
  17. Palfrem

    Pay your tax folks

    HM Revenue & Customs: Publishing deliberate tax defaulters I'll bet this makes for interesting reading as time goes by.
  18. The Boss

    Happy Diwali Folks

    Folks.. Diwali has come. and now nearly gone.. Happy Diwali to all and Saal Mubarak ... sorry if this is a repeat post, but did not see anything on this.. im sure there is somewhere though.. Have yourselves a great new year.
  19. HotJambalaya

    slightly sneaky multi car policy folks...

    I just bought a second car, the C63, which I was shopping around for quotes for, and called my current insurer Elephant, who insure my old A3. I didn't realise they were Admiral, so they offered me a multi car policy. My current policy runs out in January, they said "take out a new policy for...
  20. S

    Hi folks...

    anybody know where I can get a new aerial/antenna for 2002 sl55 amg (n/s rear location) some ruddy toerag has unscrewed it & nicked it!!!!!! any help would be great, many thanks in advance.
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