1. S

    NTG 3 / 3.5 - USB & SD Card format & Max. Size

    Hi Guys, Does anyone know what the drive format should be for SD cards and USB for the NTG 3 / 3.5 system, which is basically the S-class version of the NTG 4 system? I'm guessing its probably the same as that used in the NTG 4 anyway. I've tried exFAT and NTFS, neither of which seem to...
  2. J

    R129 Owners Manuals - PDF format

    Hi All I am getting closer to purchasing an R129 SL 500 (deposit paid). In the meantime I am continuing with my due diligence about the car and thought I'd share my findings in the form of PDF owner manuals. The manuals range from 1990 to 2002 and includes radio manuals. Regards...
  3. S

    2015 W205 comand online mp3 format issue

    Hi everyone. I've looked online and can't find any definitive information. I've just my car and it's my first Mercedes so I have no experience of their little foibles. Great car but I'm playing my music via a USB stick and I'm getting multiple instances of the same albums coming up when...
  4. Charles Morgan

    Guess the new car - Twenty Question format in 18

    So just bought a new car. As once again no one has collected the bottle of wine from previous competitions, it will be the prize for this (conditions apply). Usual format of 20 questions reduced to 18 because it is obviously mineral and a car. I will answer either yes or no to a specific...
  5. cinek

    Video file format

    Which files can be played on the command?
  6. RTaylor

    USB Stick Size and format

    Hi All, can people please share their experiences using USB sticks in Audio 20 systems. I have a 2012 B180 and have so far managed to get an 8gb MicroSD in adaptor working with ntfs even though manual says fat/fat32 file system only. I want to get a larger stick as 8gb is pretty limited. Note...
  7. Willsco

    2001 R129 User Manual in pdf format required

    Hi all I am looking for a pdf version of the SL Owner's Manual for my 2001 R129 I have searched the web and forums and can find many examples of the Owner's Manual for 1998 - 2002 models - but can't find the same version as the hard-copy version that came with my car All the ones I have found...
  8. E

    cd changer format?

    Bit of a past one here, havnt used the cd changer for ages so decided to make new cd's to use but it refuses to play the 2 i made which i think is because there in mp3's, what format should they be to play? im asking so i dont waste more cd's:o TIA
  9. A

    Any users with a Nextbase DVD trying to get films on an SD card - what format?

    Hello I have recently upgraded from one nextbase unit to another. The new one has the ability to store films on an SD card or USB pen. I'm trying to copy films to an SD card (2gb one) and its not reading the format? I've tried Mpeg4, DivX and Avi. The instructions are not very helpful...
  10. stwat

    USB2 Problems Since Disc Format

    Why since I formatted my hard disc does my PC no longer recognise that I have USB2 ports? I get the massage that, 'this device can perform faster when connected to a USB2 connection'. But they already are fitted to the bank of USB2 ports that l fitted myself. The devices are indeed...
  11. D

    wmf format

    I need to convert a work logo into a wmf file format for a piece of rather annoying web software which will not work with giff or jpeg. Would anyone be able to help with this? Windows 7 seems to have done away with any software that will do this unless I am being very dense. Cheers David
  12. crockers

    What format for movie files

    I am trying to convert a file of a film to play on a dvd - what format should it be in? Keep getting back unable to read disc etc but it works ok on the iMac. Should it be Mpeg 1 , 2 or 4? Or should it be something different? Spent half a day so far and no luck.. Am using iSkysoft iMedia...
  13. BTB 500

    .AVI movie file format question (frames per second)

    I have a little (tiny) video camera, which is supposed to shoot 30 frames per second (fps). It records .avi format files. The properties tab in Windows says 30 fps. If I import the file into Windows Movie Maker and check the properties it says 30.99 frames per second. But ... if I step...
  14. B

    Audio/Video Format Unknown error with PCMCIA

    Hi there. Have a UK 2006 W221 with Comand. Have recently experienced the PCMCIA slot playing up (not sure if this is because it's coincided with me adding some more MP3's to my SD card). I manually create folders on the SD card while it is in my PC and then copy the MP3 tracks I want from my...
  15. A

    2008 E Class Brochure/Price List in PDF format

    Anyone happen to have one of these on file that would apply to an E320 CDi Sport registered in Dec 08 ?
  16. jonnyboy

    camcorder format advice?

    hi all under pressure due to an unexpected event, i need to replace our defunct mini DV Camcorder. Budget is £250 to £500 and I am no expert. Any thoughts on which format is now best? DV, DVD, Hard Drive, Card etc etc? Cheers
  17. Piff

    Format hard disc questions

    I built my current pc a couple of months ago and you may remember I had problems as I tried to include old components (additional hard disc) from a previous machine, leading to conflicts. The old hard disc has subsequently been removed, leaving my new hard disc labled 'I' and occasionally I...
  18. Piff

    Hard disk format

    I've just built a new pc and thought I would incorporate an old spare hard disk to use for storing accounts backups. Pc is working fine except: 1) on start up it asks to chose wich operating system to use - it will not start of the old disk (Win ME) so the only option is the new disk (Win...
  19. R129mine

    license plate format

    hi i work in central london and have recently seen quite a few cars with license plates that i cannot place the format is always 3 numbers 1 letter (always D) 3 numbers on yellow plates, no country information today i saw 269D470 on an audi A8 quattro 4.2, the letter is almost always D. I...
  20. kjay

    File format Question

    Hi, The GF's been sent a file that she can't open. It's an lwp. document - lotus word pad ??? Any advice on how we can change it to open in MS Word (2003)? Any help appreciated. Jay.
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