1. markjay

    Stolen Post Fraud There has been an epidemic of stolen letters containing bank cards in our area.... but sadly the police do not seem to have the resources to deal with low-level bank fraud. Anyone else affected by stolen post fraud?
  2. lisa110rry

    Anyone else experiencing an upsurge in 'CEO Fraud'?

    Recently, I've been receiving CEO Fraud emails which, on first glance, appear to come from the MD of my company asking me to be ready to do a bank transfer urgently from the company account. Initially, the emails came with the 'name' field being my MD, but the email domain wasn't ours...
  3. L

    2009 E350 MPG....Mercedes fraud

    well maybe that headline grabber is a bit unfair as we all know that manufacturers' MPG statistics and 'real-world' statistics are two different things. However, I have been doing my own MPG experiment for a few months now and I'm quite appalled to report that the Merc quoted stats for my car...
  4. D

    Anti Fraud Tech

    I just called my bank and before "going through the security questions" I was told that they had already authenticated my voice and what could they do for me? I was dumbstruck but also a little impressed. I did ask what if I had a cold or a sore throat either of which they claim to be able to...
  5. W

    Internet fraud

    Has anyone had the pleasure in dealing with Mega Thailand the company that is supposed to be a shirt wholesaler? I had bought some Mercedes Brabus shirt x3 for a road trip and they took my money but never sent the product. They sent email after email saying they ran out of stock and would send...
  6. T

    Avis Car Rental - nasty little e-rate scam

    I have just sent the mail below to Avis Customer services. Not happy! Hello, I am a frequent traveller and have used Avis cars on my company contract. I made a private booking with Avis from Catania Airport, details as follows: Rental Agreement No. xxxxx Start: xx/4/12 End [7 days later]...
  7. billywhiz

    Insurance Fraud - In detail - Don't be a victim

    Just seen a very interesting thread posted on another forum about insurance scammers and fraudulent claims. Its a very interesting and informative insight by an ex copper who worked as private investigator. I will copy and paste the post here but the original thread can be found here...
  8. ringway

    Theft & fraud in the Workplace.

    I've seen and heard a lot of things in my time about theft and fraud in the workplace. I can think of at least 6, instances and I'll start with this one. Around 12 years ago, a lady I know worked in the reception area at one of the Manchester Airport hotels. One day a large truck...
  9. d w124


    Just spoke to the owner and informed him.A big thank you to our club 1998 Mercedes-Benz Sl Class Sl60 Amg 2dr Auto 5 Convertible London Cars for sale £2001-10,000 London:bannana::bannana::bannana:
  10. Dieselman

    Credit card fraud.

    I received a letter this morning from my card provider asking me to contact them urgently at their fraud department as a result of their fraud detection systems.. Uh, oh... Having tried to check the balance online and finding the card no longer showing on my account I rang my bank and was...
  11. pammy

    Credit crad fraud - scum

    Just had a phone call from my bank's credit card fraud prevention team. Have I placed an online order with Carphone Warehouse for £0.01? - erm no - I'm sat at my desk working. "That's fine madam - the transaction has not been approved. We do however need to stop your card and issue you with a...
  12. Satch

    Credit card fraud

    Well I could rant but it would be pointless really. Mastercard statement shows about £175 going to TrenItalia. Not alone it seems: Called CC company, explained transparent and seemingly well known fraud. Gormless...
  13. D


    Someone was trying to use my address to apply for a bank account. What should I do? Report it to the bank, police or do nothing?
  14. Spinal

    Possible Fraud Letter

    I just got a letter from an "Elite Collections International Ltd", which does seem to be a real debt collection agency from what I find online (the Company No. 04989661 checks out with the address on the companies house). Now, the thing that puzzles me is that this is a debt collection for...
  15. C

    Possible fraud?

    Just a query, Im selling a phone on ebay and its only worth about 20 quid. I recieved an e-mail from someone thats wants to purchase it.... Dear seller, I'm interested in immediate purchase of your item.Can i offer you £130.00 GBP for the item and for the shipping cost?,I'm paying this...
  16. Mudster

    Credit Card Fraud

    I stopped a fraudulent transaction through my business yesterday, it wasn't the most complex of cons as Paddy O'Murphy gave me an American company name at an irish address with a Nigerian phone number and was fundamentally illiterate...but hey ho... So I called Streamline (my card service...
  17. chriswt

    WARNING - DVLA online car tax fraud

    I needed to renew my car tax two weeks ago and a work colleague warned me not to use the DVLA on line system because he had heard that some dishonest employees at the DVLA were selling on credit card details from online transactions. He explained that once a credit card company realises...
  18. O

    Fraud Auction on Some Brabus Wheels! These were originally on my brother's C43 here in California, and these were his pics from his ebay auction two years ago. Don't fall for it!
  19. chriswt

    Warning - card fraud after buying a car stereo

    I bought a new car stereo from and a couple of days later my card was used Fraudulently a few days later at an online store and Amazon (steer clear of Amazon). Luckily the bank rang me to ask if I'd used my card to make a high value internet purchase and I said "no"...
  20. chriswt

    Car fraud

    I'm trying to sell my car at the moment on Autotrader and Pistonheads and am shocked by the amount of people trying to defraud me. 10 years ago the only problems you encountered were the odd telesales company trying to sell you space on there website but now everyone is trying to con you...
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