1. E

    Happy Birthday Terry Gates

    Believe it or not, Terry is 40 years old today. Happy birthday, Terry, and don't believe the people who says it's all downhill from here on; it's not all downhill - just mostly...
  2. merc85

    Automated driveway Gates any suggestions?

    Need some advice on this one, We would like some automated gates for our driveway, But the Path/road runs very close to the end of the drive, we also need abit of space for the gates to open. The opening/width of the Drive is 4.5mtrs 14.76 ft. Some i'm thinking Bi folding gates? Here is a...
  3. GordonTarling

    Thanks to Wayne Gates

    I just want to say a big thank you to Terry at Wayne Gates for pulling out the stops and getting my car back to me for the weekend, following a complete gearbox failure. Having to take the gearbox in and out twice because of faulty parts must have caused a few words to be said.:D Terry, you're...
  4. markjay

    (Yet another) Big Thank You to Terry at Wayne Gates

    Asked Terry to give my new (to me) W204 a Health Check. Conclusion? She's a keeper :thumb: Thank you Terry!
  5. Mrhanky

    M113K Aux Belt Gates 6PK2448

    Brand new Aux / Serp belt for M113K engine. £13 including postage
  6. C

    Sapphire autos and Wayne Gates

    Stay away, that's all I got to say....poor
  7. D

    E500 tapping noise - solved by Wayne Gates!

    MY E500 had a problem that ruined it for me: a low pitched tapping noise only heard on acceleration. I’d had a couple of very experienced people look at it, including the fantastic Terry from Wayne Gates. Terry eliminated lifter noise, transmission or cat noise and eventually suspected the worst...
  8. D

    Wayne Gates - Mercedes specialist

    Following a suggestion from a couple of the guys from this forum I took my E500 to Wayne Gates of Harrow. Terry looked after my car and diagnosed a suspension problem as well as giving the car a major service. Nice to have knowledgable specialists like Wayne Gates around.
  9. yojay

    Great experience at Wayne Gates

    I'm fairly competent with a spanner but without easy access to a ramp and a trip to Le Mans coming up, I had to turn to a garage to help me on a few jobs. Having not taken my W140 to a specialist before, I thought I'd share my experience of Wayne Gates. I had spoken to Terry on the phone and...
  10. R

    Wayne gates harrow.

    My trusty c180 wagon needed some expert help and after reading all the glowing recommendations about Wayne gates thought I would take the plunge. All I can say is all the glowing reports are well deserved was given a time and date to bring the car in and a...
  11. Calcifer

    Wooden House Gates

    Morning. I've been looking into some solid wooden gates for the house for some time now. Anyone had some done, electric or non electric. I have a double drive way with a 2.5m opening on either side. Possibly a forum member here in the trade. I'm based in Manchester area. There seem...
  12. markjay

    Bill Gates
  13. L

    Wayne Gates, Harrow

    I would like to express my gratitude to Terry at Wayne Gates for fitting me on short notice to replace the lock mechanism on the tail gate of my S211. Called Terry in the morning and he managed to get the part for lunchtime. Popped in and Terry had it swapped over in a jiffy. Once again...
  14. S

    Wayne Gates in North Harrow

    Just had the dreaded steering lock fault on my s204 c220 cdi, rung Terry at Wayne Gates and arranged for fitment of new lock and coding, all I can say is what a superb service, took it in at 2pm today and all done by 3.15pm, must say he moved heaven and earth to accommodate me and the service...
  15. The Boss

    Great Job at Wayne Gates (Terry)

    so my w212 has come to 5 years and needed a major B service (apparently according to the dash notice) anyway decided to get Terry to sort it out this morning and what a great Job all the filters, oils etc.. and took near 5 hours to complete, but totally happy and learning curve for me...
  16. G

    Wayne Gates - Harrow

    My S class broke down on Saturday evening on the m25 due to an electrical failure and I needed someone who could pin point the fault without having to spend ££££££ on changing parts as most mechanics do. Terry found the fault and fixed it with no hassle whatsoever. Great service once...
  17. Y

    Wayne Gates

    Hi Everyone. First time poster here...just purchased a lovely 320 clk coupe 209. Took it along to the infamous garage above and I have to agree with you all here. This garage is how they all should be. Thanks for the great work on the motor Terry and see you soon for the last few bits and maybe...
  18. A

    Wayne Gates - Harrow Wayne Gates

    Thanks to Terry at Wayne Gates who quickly diagnosed and fixed a broken camber arm on our R171 this weekend:thumb:
  19. F

    Wayne Gates Harrow

    Just wanted to say many thanks to Terry and his crew for the great service. They have done a full gearbox service on my car and I gotto say the gear changes are much smoother now. They were really patient with me as I was constantly asking them questions through out the service. :) I wanted to...
  20. T

    Wayne Gates mercedes

    Wayne Gates - Specializing in mercedes benz Unit F3, Phoenix Industrial Estate Rosslyn Crescent Harrow HA1 2SP Tel: 020 8863 9233 Mob: 07989 321638 This garage has saved me 3 times Terry the owner friendly easy to talk to all garage staff there are easy to talk to to be honest,me never...
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