1. G

    SALE: Gearshift Handle for W169 W245 W202 W220

    Following my recent carbon fibre / perforated leather interior upgrade, I now have two gearshift handles for sale. These will fit many automatic gear selectors (without a leather gaiter) - W169 / W245 for sure, but also, as far as I know - W202, W220 and others. I have also tried one on a...
  2. BillyW124

    what's this thumb wheel on the gearshift W211.

  3. H

    Gearshift Module A Class

    Hi am looking for a gearshift module for a class, part number 1683701309????? Thanks
  4. D

    2005 e320 gearshift prob[wont shift up under acceleration

    hi,i have a 2005 e320 av 3.0 v6 diesel,and under acceleration it starts to jerk about whilst changing gear as if it wont change up and it can be quite servere at slow speeds has anyone had this before it is a 7g auto box . ta:dk:
  5. R

    SL500 (R230) gearshift playing up.

    My 70K mile 2003 SL500 (R230) is having severe problems with gear selection and I'd be grateful for any pointers or suggestions. I first noticed this a couple of weeks back. I was in stop/start traffic in a city centre when pulling away from a set of traffic lights the car didn't shift into...
  6. Scott 320

    Wanted w211 advantgarde Brushed alloy gearshift surround

    Brushed alloy gearshift surround also interior N/S/F door handle
  7. Scott 320

    auto gearshift surround

    Has anyone got any ideas where i can get a replacement ...My grandson dented mine and its annoying to look at... Mercs are expensive ...Its brushed alloy and my trim is advantgarde ...E320 cdi 55 plate
  8. S

    W124 Auto gearshift removal

    Hello,I hope someone may be able to tell me how to remove the nasty plastic wood gearstick on my car and put the original back on.Its an auto and the thread is at the the bottom of the shaft-would I have take the surround and veneer centre panel out and if so where do I start? Thank you:dk:
  9. Z

    W124 - Gearshift problem, 5 speed autotr.

    My current problem applies to a 1993, E280 with M104 engine and 722.5, 5speed auto box. Auto box is misbehaving - Missing the 4. gear 1. Starts fine, up changes quite smoothly and at correct speeds. 2. At the 3 to 4 up-change point, it engages 4th for about half a second then changes to 5th...
  10. M

    E300 Turbodiesel gearshift not working

    Hi as a new member could anyone advise me? I have a 1997 E300 The key got stuck in ignition, I followed advice from forum by jiggling shift lever to make sure it was fully in park. This worked and key came out. Went out this morning and car wont move shift lever moving but nothing happening...
  11. D

    W203/C32 Gearshift knob

    Wanted the above for a 2002 C32, in black leather with silver metal centre part. Must be in good condition TIA
  12. vijilants

    Wanted - w202 folding mirror switch, loom, and carbon fibre gearshift trim

    Hi folks, No prizes for guessing what I am up to :D I have managed to get hold of some facelift w210 heated ,folding ,auto-dimming door mirrors ...seems a shame not to fit them :) I need the following so if anyone has these parts or anything is spotted on Ebay, could you please let me know...
  13. SilverSaloon

    Wooden gearshift surround i'm open to offers from anyone on here - PM me thanks Derek
  14. SilverSaloon

    Chrome gearshift surround.

    if no one wants this by thursday, then its going on ebay. I'll probably make a profit!!
  15. J

    c220 cdi and gearshift

    does anyone out there understand how the auto gearshift works ; D + & - ? can you explain it to me and when to use it. for one thing, does it change gear or change the "range", or both ?? I've read the book and am more confused.
  16. NW_Merc

    Chrome Gearshift surround

    Right, where do I get a hold of one of these as recently sold on ebay? I know there are loads on ebay but this one slots into the existing holes where the old plastic insert is meant to go....
  17. 3

    W202 c200 saloon gearshift wood surround

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can get the wood panel which surrounds the gear selector and holds the electric window switches on the c200 and at what price? Many Thanks Joe
  18. C

    SL walnut & Leather gearshift lever for sale

    Hi all Clearing out the garage and have some more Mercedes items for sale on ebay Wood & Leather gear selector Also an ML cargo guard net
  19. T

    SLK320 Manual Gear-shift

    I was wondering if anyone has suffered poor gear change on this particular model? My wife has serious trouble shifting from 2nd down to 1st (in traffic queues etc). It take an enormous amount of pressure to make the shift if the car is rolling even fractionally (NB I checked the clutch for...
  20. Pietre

    Burr Walnut Auto Gearshift W210

    Any guidance as to where I can get the Burr Walnut auto gearshift surround, and chrome surround for E280 W210 Elegance 1999. Have managed to get matcvhing gear knob and want to give it the finishing touch. Have seen a few on ebay but they are all l/h drive. :bannana:
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