1. A

    W205 Glovebox Handle & Lock Replacement

    Is it possible to remove and replace the handle and lock on a W205 glovebox or from what I've been able to establish on line is it a whole new glove box? Also is the lock universal or specific to your key? Removal instructions for the handle and lock would be most appreciated.
  2. B

    W164 Fuse board by glovebox

    Hi All, I am stuck with no access to wiring diagrams or even a multimeter, only got internet on the iPhone! The fuse board by the glove box on a W164, fuse board F3? The main power that feeds this board, is it a permanent live or a switched live once the something else powers up...
  3. C

    Glovebox trim screw for 2011 c220 CDI?

    Hi, does anyone know what size the screw to hold the glovebox trim "up" in the passenger footwell in a 2011 c220 is? It's the screw nearest to the centre of the vehicle. I got my car this week and have noticed the screw is missing whilst working out how to route the aux cable so the trim hangs...
  4. N

    W140 Clicking Noise Glovebox Area

    Hi, I've had my W140 for two years and ever since buying it there has been a faint clicking noise coming from the glove box or passenger foot well area. I've timed the gap between each click and it is exactly once every 20 seconds. When the climate control system is off it makes the noise. If...
  5. C

    Reversed audio through glovebox socket (2011 S212)

    Hi All, I recently discovered that the left and right audio channels are reversed (left channel content comes out of the right channel & vice versa) when playing music from my iPhone. I've had my car over a year and never noticed until I added a track with very noticeable placement of...
  6. G

    Uneven gap between the dash and the glovebox cover

    Not huge, but noticeable nonetheless - about 2mm difference between the left and right hand sides: I looked at glovebox removal WIS page - AR68.10-P-1400AK - but there's nothing about adjusting the hinges, which I presume, and hope, is possible? Adjusting the little rubber buffers on...
  7. Trickythemerc

    Switched Live in Glovebox

    I need to fit a 12v socket in the glovebox to power my dashcam,anyone done this little mod? I do have the CD changer fitted and wonder if there may be a switched live already present :dk:
  8. flying banana

    Fitting 5V power to a 211 glovebox

    Afternoon all. So I am in the process of sorting out a couple of Raspberry PIs to act as 1) Bluetooth audio receiver (my car doesn't have Bluetooth audio fitted) and 2) An in-car media centre - wifi based so the kids can stream movies from the PI to their iPads on long journeys. I have a...
  9. E

    W204 Glovebox is broken

    The glovebox in my 2008 C Class hasnt worked properly for ages and I need to get it fixed. As my car is with the dealer just now for another bit I asked them to look at the glovebox. They wanted £800 to fit a new one so I have politely declined. The problem is that instad of the lid gliding...
  10. ioweddie

    What other sat nav plugs in to the becker slot in glovebox

    Is there any other sat nav that can plug straight in the socket in my glove box other than becker map pilot? :dk: 62 reg sport plus saloon. Thanks!
  11. J

    R170 SLK Glovebox

    Hi all, need a little advice on some things here, the glovebox won't close on our SlK, we have had a look and it seems to be the lock itself.. Any ideas where I can source this? And the interior light works but won't turn on automatically when the doors open .. No idea why it's been like this...
  12. B

    CD changer MC3010 with fibre cable & glovebox bracket. D2B

    CD changer MC3010 with fibre cable & glovebox bracket. D2B. Selling on ebay, see link.. Mercedes C class W203 CD changer MC3010 with fibre cable & glovebox bracket. D2B | eBay
  13. C

    W209 glovebox and armrest storage lights

    Evening all, Yet another question about my 'new' '04 CLK. As the mornings and evenings get darker I've noticed that there is a light inside the centre armrest. However, all it emits is a sort of dim amber glow once the ignition is on. Is this right? Also the glovebox light doesn't seem to be...
  14. Z

    wanted- clk w209 black glovebox lid

    as title, pm me if you have this part
  15. I

    Connection in Glovebox - What is it?

    Hello, I have a 2007 CLS 500 and in the glovebox is a usb connection, an ipod connection and then there is this other black box with a switch on it and what looks like a phono red and white sockets? There is also the standard 3mm jack built into the glovebox at the top. I have figured out how...
  16. 6

    W204 : Glovebox damping broken

    The damping on my glovebox lid is broken. Opens and closes ok. I've found some info on how it works on a W203, but not on a W204. Any one have access to the MB workshop manual that can give me some hints on how I can fix it ? Thanks W203 glovebox damping info ...
  17. S

    Glovebox not closing C209

    I can no longer close my glove-box and not sure why i have taken a photo. has a bit broken off (I'm assuming)? Anyone know any good websites for getting parts like this or is it off to the main dealer. trouble is it's a 30 mile drive to our nearest one. Don't MB supply parts by post. Thanks...
  18. cptrck

    Ipod holder for glovebox

    Looking for an ipod holder for in the glovebox as the title suggests. Preferably for a bit less than the £14 + p&p MB are quoting. Cheers.
  19. I

    Trying put some stuff on glovebox AV socket

    Hi I'm trying to get a decent iPhone solution for music in my w221, there's no jack in positions or streamed audio, just the av in the glovebox. I've tried a Belkin iPod AV connector (9 quid) with 'command' in video and music aux mode. The sound is great, I couldn't get the iPod video to...
  20. sssammm

    Spider in the glovebox

    Not actually a spider, but a bunch of cables, USB, SD, IPOD, + another one?? any ideas what ive to use them for, stuch a memory stick in the usb, nothing came up anywhere? help? sam SLS
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