1. Gbrowncls55

    2005 sl 350 command nav graphics

    I have a 2005 (55) sl350 with full command. I also have a cls55 with the same system and used to have a 2004 E500 also with the same system. However the nav graphics in both the E500 and cls were / are far far superior to the SL even thoughthey are the same system and the SL between the other...
  2. A

    Rear Window Graphics

    Does anyone have a recommendation for a company that does rear window graphics to please. My wife has the old shape A Class (06) and wants to advertise her business Many thanks
  3. Red C220

    Help needed producing simple graphics

    I have a few products for sale on eBay and I need to produce a simple graphic that will be the first "photograph/image" that appears in the search listings. It doesn't need to be complicated, in fact it can be quite simple, straight forward, some may say gaudy - but they work and I need to...
  4. A

    Various computer bits Laptop memory / H/D / Graphics card

    For Sale Laptop memory DDR 2 4 * samsung 512mb 5300 PC2 code on memory M470T6554E23 £5 per 2 sticks (1GB) posted second class ____________________ Laptop memory 1 * Samsung 512mb 4300 S code on memory M470T6554E23 - CD5 £4 posted _____________________ Laptop memory 1 *...
  5. Horrgakx

    Which graphics card?

    I'm looking for a replacement for my ATI-based 5870 graphics card (retailed at £200+ 9 months ago, selling for £120 now!). Do I go ATI or nVidia? And which one for a £250 budget??
  6. A

    Various Computer Bits for Sale (External H/D 500GB, Graphics Card, Dock)

    External 500GB H/D for sale USB powered. New and Sealed. £35 Posted Dock for Sata 3.5 and 2.5 Hard drives, with built in Card reader. £12 Posted Graphics Card. £12 Posted. PM me or make me an offer.
  7. A

    Computer parts bits for sale (USB DVD,Dock,Graphics card)

    Hard drive dock and USB hub / card reader. Both 2.5" sata and 3.5" sata £18 posted __________________________________________________________ 8400GS graphics card £18 Posted ___________________________________________________________ External DVD drive USB powered. Used a couple...
  8. Horrgakx

    Graphics card manufacturers (ATI 5870) - does it matter?

    I've narrowed down to these two cards; HIS ATI Radeon HD 5870 iCooler V 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card [H587FN1GD] Graphics and Video ATI HD 5870 Series and XFX ATI Radeon HD 5870 1024MB GDDR5 PCI-Express Graphics Card [HD-587X-ZNFC] Graphics and Video ATI HD 5870 Series Both exactly...
  9. R

    Graphics Card??

    Right following on my Java exploit problem, I have been cleaning out , tidying up and trying to make my computer go wizzier! I ran Windows 7 performance rating thingy and it said that my computer is 5 out of 7 for most things but 2 out of 7 for graphics (which do hang sometimes). It says on the...
  10. U

    Arcade PC VGA Graphics Card PCIe Retro Gaming!

    I have one PCIe Arcade VGA 3000 Graphics card from ultimarc for sale, its as brand new bought about a month ago for a project i was doing but never got used so now its up for grabs. Comes with all driver CDs and receipts. complete spec for the card can be found here: Welcome to Ultimarc, the...
  11. fabes

    Graphics card & PCIEXPRESS 1/2

    Hi hunting the tech forums, but hoping I get a quicker answer here. Looking to upgrade the 17" to a 22" screen However, the kids (and it must be said, me) like the odd gaming session and my current 7600GT is, I am afraid, not going to be upto the task (eg on Battlefield games) on the higher...
  12. MercFanUk

    Graphics card needed :)

    Hi all, I'm in need of a second graphics card - but it needs to be a PCI card, (note, NOT PCI-Express, or AGP). It also needs to be on the supported list of drivers for this release: GeForce/ION Driver Release 190 So Nvidia, PCI, and a 6100 or higher ;) If anyone has one in an old drawer...
  13. mercmanuk

    8600gt graphics card

    ive been given a 8600gt graphics card but dont have any drivers,box ,manuals etc.the ladel on the card itself just says 8600gt.ive fitted to my pc and it works but is poor quality due to no drivers,ive tried searching the net but it wont automatically pic anything up. any ideas cheers all
  14. A

    Computer bits having a sort out, Hard drive, memory, graphics, external Hard drive

    Hello Having a sort out and have some parts available for sale before I try flea bay. 1) Toshiba 250GB external USB 2.0 Hard drive, powered by USB so no need for extra power. New un used. £50 or offer plus postage 2) Sapphire HD 2600 pro ATI 512mb Graphics card dual DVI, can include...
  15. N

    Graphics card

    Looking to buy new graphics card for my desktop pc. Presently uses the motherboard graphics. PC has a 2800 + processor with 2mb memory and XP pro operating system. Want to be able to use for Google earth etc. What should i be looking for ? Thanks
  16. Satch

    AGP Graphics Card upgrade

    Been on a mission for a while to upgrade card on a three year+ old Dell which, with a 3.0 dual core Pentium and 2GB of memory, is still viable but suffered badly thanks to a naff graphics card. In the meantime PCIe Graphics Cards have become the norm and AGP was supposed to fade away. But it...
  17. Ratz

    Microsoft Vector Graphics Package - free download

    This is still under development and comes with no warranty but looks quite nice from an initial play.
  18. gurpz

    PC Parts Clearout - Graphics + Sound Card

    Just clearing some PC Parts that may be of use to someone: Power Color GameFX ATI X800 GTO RADEON 16-Pipe PCI-E Creative Technology Sound Blaster Audigy SE PCI Card
  19. BTB 500

    Graphics card help

    Need a bit of help/advice choosing a new graphics card for my PC. I don't do PC gaming, and my Dell PC (Pentium 4, 3 GHz, 1 GB RAM, XP Pro) just has the 'base' graphics card it shipped with: 128MB PCI Express ATI Radeon X300 SE. However, I do run a radio-control flight simulator. Performance of...
  20. pammy

    Nisis G6 Graphics Tablet

    Bit of a long shot but does anyone have the drivers for this graphics tablet? It belongs to darling daughter but she's lost the discs - just for a change! It's old and the company appears to no longer exist and searching the web has failed to find anything.:(
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