1. dokalj

    (New) Genuine Mercedes ML Front Radiator Grill (A1638800985)

    Genuine Mercedes ML(W163) front radiator grill in black/ chrome most commonly found on the ML500. I never managed to fit this grill and it has been sitting in the box since it arrived. I will be happy to do it for MB Club members at £140+(p+p), although collection is preferred...
  2. bigdom1957

    220 front grill

    2015 220cdi front grill looks good in silver against black car , i had a look on ebay at differant grills and saw the new diamond type and wonderd if anyone had fitted one ,is it easy does all the clips match for fit , and the big star in the middle can they be replaced with the one the sell...
  3. Abdul

    Facelift W211 aftermarket grill (big star)

    Hi guys, This came on my car and i've reverted to the stock item. £50 collected from ilford, essex. If you want it posted pm me and i'll get a price! W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr W211 grill by Abdul Chowdhury, on Flickr As fitted to my car, fitment was very good and all tabs...
  4. J

    Facelift W207 Front Grill

    Not sure if anyone can help with regards to a part number for a facelift front grill for my E class coupe as it seems that the aftermarket crowd haven't caught up to the facelift model yet. Was looking for a black/ dark one instead of the current chrome silver single bar one. Any pointers...
  5. Abdul

    Facelift w211 sport grill (06 onwards)

    Hi guys, Anyone have one spare? My 211 came with an aftermarket grill with the big star in the middle which I'm not a fan of. It needs to be the sport item so black and chrome and close to mint condition. If no luck on here I'll buy from the stealers. Cheers
  6. C

    A-Class W176 Instant Sports Grill upgrade!

    I am in to car modifcations and didn't think it was worth paying the extra for the Sports Grill but really liked the look so I bought these Chrome Stickers which have a domed effect to stick on each of the 256 dots! Sticking the first couple were a bit tricky but got a lot easier and quicker as...
  7. R

    WANTED: W204 C63 Grill

    Hi, I'm looking for a W204 C63 Grill Thanks Roobler
  8. m.b-amg

    C43 W205 AMG Diamond Grill ( Genuine MB Part )

    Hi I have my AMG diamond grill up for grabs from my 2017 AMG. Comes with AMG front grill badge. MB star not included just use your own star. Only 2 months old no marks. Being removed this Friday. I will post in well packaged box or buyer can collect. Genuine part removed from my car. £160...
  9. D

    Clk w209 front grill mercedes star

    Wanted front grill star for my clk 2005 diameter 16 cm
  10. J

    W207 Grill / E class Coupe pre/post facelift

    Hi all, Just a quick question. Whilst sat in traffic last week, I had someone reverse into me in their warrior crew cab- apart from me being on the horn when they reversed they still made contact with the car. (For info, a car going in the opposite direction decided to overtake a parked...
  11. C

    W204 front grill - coupe/saloon/estate al interchangeable?

    As per title, can grills be swapped between the coupe and the saloon/estate (facelift)?
  12. RickyBurrows

    Thoughts on the 211 star badge grill? Yes or no?

    So I've recently updated the front of my car I was never convinced on the star badge grill but after I colour coded it and the theme of the car being silver and black it looked better than I thought I'm not sure putting the original grill back on painted gloss black (no chrome on the car) would...
  13. N

    01' C320 Saloon speaker grill replacement.

    Dear sirs! Having picked up my first Mercedes I am already investing in her future... One thing I cannot ignore is the speaker cover on passenger door, see photo. Please could someone advise where I could source a colour matched replacement ? Also how difficult is it to replace ? Is it a fixed...
  14. Campoos90

    w204 c63 grill on w204 c220 coupe?

    Hello everybody Does anyone of you tried to adapt the grill from a c63 in a standard c class coupe? If yes, have you paid one from ebay or MB official dealer? What is the difference in price? Will I notice the difference between them? Cheers Campoos90
  15. A

    W207 matt black grill

    Listed on ebay @ 29.99 Because listing on ebay takes me less time than uploading a piccy to Photobucket!:doh: Mercedes W207 E Class Coupe MATT BLACK Grill, Chrome Star AMG E63 | eBay
  16. Angus Skully

    2008 C Class sport coupe - grill star

    Hi everyone, I have a 2008 C Class sport coupe (Not sure if its a W203 or a CL 203) I want to take the grill off and paint it, but first remove the shiny star so it doesnt get mucked up. How do you remove the star from the grill? Thanks
  17. Cliffs


    Hi will be picking up a class as SLK to small now grille has diamond pattern but is black told you can get stickers silver to put over. But can not find them anyone have link u. K. Thanks Cliff
  18. P

    Blacked Out C63 w204 2013 front grill

    Hi guys. Is there a UK company or EU who has the above part. Looked at EBay but all I found is non AMG compatible. I would be happy even if its just the sorround in black and have the arrow and horizontal bar in chrome. This is what im looking for! Thanks Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
  19. Palmer

    Grill emblem?

    Where is the best place to source one? There is so much choice on ebay and i dont have the old one for measurments. For a W124 pre facelift grill.
  20. T

    Defacing / Restyling my W202 - big blingy w208 star grill

    Defacing / Restyling my W202 - big blingy w209 star grill Morning all, Apologies for opening the can and getting worms.... ....everywhere. I want to either do a w209 frameless grill conversion (with biiiig star) or Avantgarde/S600 grille on my W202. The stock grill has covered many miles...
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