1. M

    W204 black grill

    W204 black grill £120ono
  2. R

    W204 Front grill

    Does anyone know if w204 (c class) 2013 front grill will fit in 2010/11 w204 c class. Grill looks different but shape looks similar to me. Thanks Sent from my FRD-L09 using Tapatalk
  3. Palmer

    W124 Grill pre facelift

    Message me!!
  4. Palmer

    W124 grill

    I like the avantgarde style but cant seem to find any for a pre facelift. Anyone know anywhere? Or any other grill styles?
  5. Cymruambyth

    Black grill.

    Not a massive fan of chrome bits. The trim around the windows isn`t too annoying but the grill.........Have many changed out their chrome one for a black one? Either all black or black with the emblem still chrome. Any recommendations appreciated :thumb: Pics would be cool too ;)
  6. Dannyallen89

    Aftermarket grill fitting wrong?

    Hey so I bought a grill off somebody online to go on my s204 tried to fit it and it looked crooked on my car but was fine on there's. They have a 2012 w204 mines a 2013 s204 is there anything different or was the grill maybe bent in transit. Thanks all Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk
  7. I

    front grill

    I have 2007 a class w169 Elegance the front grill has chrome effect plastic sections that just slide in, i have just one missing, are the pieces available separately as its just one thats gone missing. if anyone is breaking/or broke one of these cars and you have any front end parts (mainly...
  8. R

    C Class Front Grill

    Hi Anyone know where in the UK I can get a gloss black front grill for my C Class 220d estate (W205), ideally a AMG grill but a normal one would be fine
  9. vijilants

    Sports Grill for Mercedes W204 S204 C Class Matt Flat Black C63 AMG Look

    I purchased the grill below three weeks ago for £137.75 from a German supplier. It is matt black with a genuine Mercedes chrome star It fits the W204 C Class, however after fitting it, the look didn't work with the colour of my car. The grill was then never used. It is fitted...
  10. mattc200d

    W176 bumper grill removal

    Hi all, Now that I have my Vehicle back from the dealers after the air vent mod I wish to prepare it for sale, can anyone tell me how to remove the grills from the front and rear AMG sport bumpers. Thanks in advance. Matt
  11. KillerHERTZ

    W202 Avantgarde Grill Insert

    A must for any W202 as it completely updates the front of the car. getting rare these days. Good condition, easy to fit with my HOWTO Guide from 10 years ago: £40 (delivery included)
  12. T5R+

    W204 Facelift Saloon Sport(s) Grill

    Seeking a replacement please. Needs to be intact with all lugs and no visible damage. Car is 2013 saloon. May be little slow to respond but promise to come back to you.
  13. lfckeeper

    W203 grill for sale

    eBay link Mercedes w203 C class original grill | eBay
  14. N

    Can I fit an SLC 'Diamond' grill on an a 2016 SLK ?

    I have a 2016 SLK, and would like to ift the grill from an SLC, the one with diamond shape insets in circular patterns. From the parts list, the bracket behind the grill is a slightly different shape, and the tabs appear to be in a different place. Has anyone here seen or done the conversion...
  15. A

    Grill red strip

    Went and ordered this when I was drunk the other night Looks a mare to fit, has anyone fitted one of these:confused: Must of been off my box :p cost me £34 for a bit of red 3M tape:wallbash::D I thought it was a plastic trim :D that'll teach me for going on Ebay drunk
  16. Dogbreath

    W211 Facelift aftermarket front Grill x2

    Hi I've finally settled on a grill for my E55 so have these 2 for sale. They are for W211 facelift 06 onwards or anyone with the E63 front end conversion. One is chrome the other gloss black.. the chrome one has a tiny crack on the edge (see pic) but doesn't effect fitting. Could easily be...
  17. b1g1an

    CLS55 lower grill

    Bit of a random question but is the lower front grill, the metal mesh one, meant to be gloss or matte black?
  18. I

    How much labour to replace front emblem on grill

    Hi all, The Mercedes emblem on the grill of my W216 needs to be replaced as it become fogged up or otherwise very scruffy. I am due a service shortly and my local MB garage has the part in stock. They said by phone that they would charge labour of "up to one hour" although "it wouldn't likely...
  19. EDDIE12

    Facelift c63 amg grill & drl trims

    Hi, I'll be removing the full front grill & DRL trims from my 2014 C63 AMG hopefully this weekend. :thumb: FRONT GRILL (& optional AMG Badge) - £200.00 Delivered DRL TRIMS - £60.00 Delivered Picture off my C63 with the above parts fitted for reference
  20. B

    C63 facelift grill

    Seen so many c63 like or style but not ones that actually fit Genuine one is wanted Will be painted so not bothered to much about looks as long as it's decent and able for to be painted
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