1. dokalj

    W203 AMG Front O/S Lower Fog Light Bumper Mesh Grill (A203 885 16 53)

    As per the title, I have a used bumper fog light grill, which may fit other models and not just the 203? It does have a few scratches with usual wear & tear. This is a rare item and one which commands almost £100.00 at the dealer. I would like £40.00 plus £5.00 postage. Thanks
  2. Justin1600

    W202 Bonnet, grill, front bumper wanted

    Wanted: W202 Facelift Sport 1) Front Bumper 2) Bonnet 3) Complete front panel 4) Offside Headlamp 5) Grill 6) Front Crossmember Preferably in Brilliant Silver 744 Many Thanks
  3. A

    W219 Grill

    I have my standard W219 grill in standard Silver colour. This is Original Grill from my CLS219 which is no longer needed so looking to free up some garage space. Paint is in good condition but would benefit from a respray. £125 delivered?
  4. andy27168

    CLS 219 Front Grill single bar type

    For Sale CLS 219 front grill, later single bar style bought brand new 3-4 months ago, replaced due to fitting distronic. PM me for more details, price etc. Pic of my CLS with the said grill fitted.
  5. G

    2008 clk350 w209 lower grill

    Hello list, I would like to replace my lower grill. Does any body know how to remove the lower grill. I have the WIS disc and there appears to be nothing there on how to do this on my CLK350. It shows how to remove the whole bumper? I'm thinking of adding the AMG style grill. Gavinbr:D
  6. kam09

    W207 c207 OEM sports grill

    In excellent condition, looking to sell in order to get another grill I've seen online.. Make me a sensible offer..
  7. B

    E250 Grill Change

    Hi all, Got a E250 coupe (C207) and want to change the grill. Just wondered if anyone has done this and how to do it without smashing the clips to bits? lol Anyone know of any step by step guides or DIY videos?
  8. TomMusa

    C204/W204 Sports C63 Grill

    after the sports/C63 grill if anyone is selling one for the facelift w204 or c204 Cheers, Tom
  9. W

    Wheels and Sports grill for W204

    Hello all, I am looking for a set of wheels with or without tyres for a W204 and a sports grill.......:D
  10. I

    CLS W219 AMG Grill - Black

    As title suggests, I have an AMG 3 slat grill for the w219 CLS. It has been painted matt black, not a professional job but looks the part. Couple little chips here and there. Comes complete with centre emblem. Could be re-sprayed silver, I was going to do this but im sticking with my...
  11. Deane x

    C350e grill

    I have seen pic of the car with a Chrome grill with Mercedes star but can't find option
  12. T

    W211 Avantgarde 2008 (Facelift) Radiator Grill

    Unfortunately my E220 had an altercation with a Pheasant on the A303 last Sunday. This lead to one dead bird, lots of feathers, some "crushed" fins on the rad and a severely damaged grill! I have patched it together using copious amounts of superglue so it looks halfway decent and will provide...
  13. C

    W204 C63 Carbon Grill

    Hi All, Does anyone know anywhere in the UK you can buy a Carbon Fibre grill for a C63? Something like this would be great -
  14. CAT220

    R129 'facelift' Front Grill

    Hi All, This facelift grill was on my SL and is now surplus to requirements. In good condition and is a direct replacement so easily fitted. Looking for £100 ono
  15. A

    CLC Front Grill Badge

    Hi there, I have a 60 plate CLC Kompressor that the front badge in the middle of the grill has broken/snapped, in fact it was cracked when I bought it, but now a piece has fallen off which looks terrible! Am I able to just buy the badge somewhere? I don't think it connects to anything else on...
  16. M

    Change W212 grill

    Hi Guys, i just changed my grill, made a big difference.
  17. Jay2512

    W204 AMG aftermarket Grill

    Removed from my W204 2013/62 model car. Fitted for approx a year. Item located in Cannock but can post for a fee. Looking for £65
  18. BAZ-500SL

    2001 w210 grill

    Ello guys just a question, can the chrome in the grill of my w210 '2001' be removed or do I have to mask out the black inserts, I plan to get it sprayed so feel it be easier if the chrome is of the grill so it will be neater finish thanks all help appreciated in advance
  19. 1

    grill change

    Hi guys I have just got myself a 2010 c350cdi elegance (264bhp) I would like to remove the star from the bonnet and change the grill to the sport type one.I have had a look around but cant find one that says it will fit my car,they say different hp etc does this make a difference. any ideas...
  20. W4E300

    W209 CLK front grill

    Hi there, Anybody need one of these...? Free if collected from West London or Luton or anywhere in between.... It's going in the bin otherwise. Cheers CH Sent from my iPad using MBClub UK
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