1. aquanaut

    Nice AMG GTr....

    Picking up my C63 from service yesterday from local dealer and saw this...fantastic looking car. Not totally sure about the colour though
  2. Felstmiester

    Would any of you consider changing your car for a gtr

    I've got the dreaded itch. Don't know much about the Nissan scene apart from they're fast and I like the look of them. Some of you guys must of thought about swapping out your c63 for one of these. Would't be able to stretch budget to a late one so would be around 35k budget. Wouldn't be used as...
  3. clk320x

    2017 amg gtr wow

    On M1 today spotted a 2017 AMG GTR Heard these are quite rare in the U.K.? What a beast
  4. N

    AMG GTR Fastest lap in Nurburgring...

    Hi folks, Just found a new video of the amazing AMG GTR performing a hot lap in Nurburgring in just 7:10:92! The grip this car has in corners is simply outstanding and the sound it makes is simply awesome... The tyres they used were Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 (in case anyone wants to...
  5. M

    Mercedes AMG GTC Roadster And GTR Unveiling At Paris Motor Show - Video

    Mercedes AMG GTC Roadster And GTR Unveiling At Paris Motor Show [YOUTUBE HD]Kk7Nf2nhpgk[/YOUTUBE HD]
  6. M

    2017 Mercedes AMG GTR At Nurburgring

    2017 Mercedes AMG GTR At Nurburgring [YOUTUBE HD]MpOG-LT18iE[/YOUTUBE HD]
  7. S

    First post! Just sold 2013 GT-R, now looking for c63

    Hi guys , Just sold my 2013 GT-R (stage 4.25 with 665bhp) and looking for a C63 AMG , have a budget of around 35k-40k . Are there any "must have" options ?
  8. F

    Custom Tuned 700bhp Nissan GT-R
  9. M

    Mercedes AMG GTR Unveiling - Video

    Mercedes AMG GTR Unveiling I0GStw-SLxs
  10. Lennox

    Nice dilemma - GTR replacement

    So as the title asks, what do you replace a 2010 Nissan GTR with??? Not me but a good friend is trying to work out what to replace his 5 year old daily driver, that he's had since new. We were at the local dealer reveal of the 2017 GTR, that's the default purchase but I threw in the 2016 Audi...
  11. M

    This is how you damage a super Rare Mercedes CLK GTR – Video

    From the article: Successful businessman and entrepreneur Ben Chen is no stranger to the supercar community. The super car driving businessman has carved out a serious street cred for being a major car enthusiast. Photos and video - This is how you damage a super Rare Mercedes CLK GTR .
  12. 1stmbc180

    Clk gtr

    One of the greats im sure you will agree! Saw this and thought I'd share...
  13. stwat

    Nissan GT-R Flips Into Crowd At Nürburgring Race, One Dead

    Nissan GT-R Flips Into Crowd At Nürburgring Race, One Dead [UPDATED]
  14. Boss55

    My 676bhp R33 GT-R skyline For sale

    For sale is my 1996 SKYLINE R33 GT-R in the best colour midnight purple dyno'd at 676.8HP with 548.8Ftlb Spec follows... RB26 from an R34 HKS 2.8 stroker-capable of 1000bhp HKS Race cams HKS 2530 turbos HKS pipe work very big diameter Splitfire coil packs ARC oil catch tank Tein...
  15. astamir

    e63s 4matic vs gtr vs bmw m6

    E63S 4matic Renntech st.VIP vs GTR st.2+ vs M6 PP…:
  16. The _Don

    C63 black series vs gt-r nismo
  17. R

    there goes my GTR and modding money!

    Wifey stumbled across this during the week, and there today goes my GTR dreaming, and any major modding for the 55K for the foreseeable future!:( On the other hand, wife has new car, I have spare track day car,:pLOL, well in my dreams anyway!
  18. AnilS

    Gtr (r35)

    Well, I've been saving up and the time has come to unleash my funds. I've often admired many cars but only ever desired a few. If I desire them, then I have to do what I can to secure them ;) I've looked long and hard into the frightening running costs and whether I had any talent left in my...
  19. Felstmiester

    C63 or gtr??

    Been looking at the nissan gtr 3.8's lately and they're going down in price a lot. I'm not at all bored with the merc yet but just wondered what pros and cons would be between the two??
  20. Mike C63

    E63s amg v nissan gtr. A quarter mile drag race at the Palm Beach raceway, Florida.
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