1. S

    Idiots guide to posting photos needed!

    For me please!
  2. Geezer

    Dummies guide to what went wrong.....

    Helga is the proprietor of a bar. She realizes that virtually all of her customers are unemployed alcoholics and, as such, can no longer afford to patronize her bar. To solve this problem, she comes up with a new marketing plan that allows her customers to drink now, but pay later...
  3. W

    Is there a motorbike equivalent of Parker's Guide?

    As per the title, does anyone know of a motorbike equivalent of Parker's Guide? I'm looking for power AND torque figures for bike engines maybe 5-10 years old. Thanks.
  4. The Boss

    guide / assistance on building an iphone APP

    Hi need assistance on building a standalone app for the iphone. I know i will need a mac, understand objective C.. and need to download software development kit / x-code.. but what else will i need anyone gone through it? MBCLUB ADMINS.. how was the development for your app undertaken? any...
  5. R

    c63 amg buyers guide / known issues

    Hi, new to the forum and thinking about buying a c63 amg. Would welcome some help around what to look out for when buying second hand as well as any known issues (had a huge bill last year when the liner split on the porker). Thanks Rez
  6. V

    S Class - 2003+ buying guide

    HI to everyone. I'm new to this website I would like to buy an 2003 or newer (diesel). can anyone help with what i should look for positives and negative. what to look out for, what models or equipemet should be a must? your help would be most appreciated. Vim
  7. J

    w140 buyer's guide

    I have seen a w140 that I like, but I know virtually nothing about them! Can anybody point me towards a buyer's guide for the model? Thanks John
  8. P

    anyone got a glass guide

    can anyone tell me the part exchange value of a vauxhaul astra club easy tronic 2004 0n a 54 plate with 83,000 on the clock from the glass guide please. my little sis wants to px hers. many thanks.
  9. Pottering

    Seat belt extender guide replacement issue

    My driver's side seat belt extender guide (the triangular plastic thing) eventually wore through. Purchased a replacement, unbolted the belt at the floor, removed the old one, slipped on the new one and all is fine, almost. There's a cover that clips on at the base of the belt that goes...
  10. grober

    ENGLISH guide to Russian EPC

    Found this site where a guy in the US ?? has compiled an English guide to one of the Russian parts sites. Possibly been posted before --but if not??? Index to Mercedes EPC Parts Info and Diagrams | Everything Benz
  11. A

    CLK Price guide

    Hi all, I have been offered a W209 CLK200K elegance from a friend. It is a 2003 car in good condition(few niggles, kerbed wheels, few minor scratchs- nothing major,) it has covered 90,000 miles and has a FMSH. It is finished in Black with cream leather interior. Can anyone give me a rough...
  12. R

    W164 Buying guide?

    Hi all, Its been a while since I've posted on here, but I'm hoping the wealth of knowledge will be able to help out :) A friend has asked me if I knew of anything specific to look out for when buying a used ML280, '07 reg. He doesn't have a particular one in mind, he and his wife just like...
  13. S

    does anyone have a step by step guide on how to remove a wing mirror cover ??

    hi guys, wondering if any1 could help me remove the cover of my wing mirror to get to the "loose" wire that is resulting to the dash showing the indicator bulb to be faulty, (but is not) many thanks again, James
  14. D

    Guide Lines On Reversing Camera

    i currently own a April 2010 E350 CDI Cabriolet, a friend of mine has just picked up his E350 CDI Cab last week. we both have reversing camera feature although his 6months newer vehicle has reversing guidelines on the display when he puts it into reverse. does anyone know if there is a s/w...
  15. R

    C220-CDI does anybody have a step by step guide for replacing front disc brakes

    Need to replace front disc brakes. Just bought a new c220 CDI and wanted to check before I started playing with it. Any tips would be helpful.. Thanks. Much appreciated.
  16. E

    Mercedes service indicator reset guide

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  17. Howard

    Can someone point me towards Wills guide to the air con panel diagnostic

    As above I remember Will posted up a guide on how to interogate your climate control panel on the w208 to get various info. I can't find it for the life of me.
  18. tmaoahthfte

    A class buying guide?

    Hi all, my youngest daughter has decided she would like an A class after managing to turn the engine in her little Hyundia into a lump of molten slag.. Reading about the A class on here doesn't fill me with confidence though, especially as she is talking about buying one of the early cars. Is...
  19. Tan

    Interior detailing guide

    Hi Does anyone have a detailing guide for cleaning the car interior? I am also particularly interested in the best way to get chewing gum off of the carpets. Many thanks Tan
  20. smoothcoupe

    W124 lowering guide

    Does anyone have a step by step guide or how to for fitting lowering springs to a 1995 w124 . Thanxs
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