1. pstock

    Half shaft removal on a 2001 CL500

    I have a split inner CV boot on my driver side rear axle, a couple of questions, (2001 CL500) 1/ is the half shaft a simple pull out from the rear diff or has the diff cover to be removed as i've read in some other threads ? 2/ What grade oil would be recommended for the diff (if i have to...
  2. astamir

    w208 bird eye half wooden wheel

    Hi guys Looking for bird eye color wooden steering wheel if you have one drop me a line please Thanks
  3. M

    Top half tank

    Why is it that the top half tank always gives more miles than the bottom? All my cars have done this..
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Google NEXUS 7 Tablet Half Price £99

    Just picked up one of these for myself Buy Google Nexus 7 by Asus - 32GB at Argos.co.uk - Your Online Shop for Tablets, iPads, tablets and E readers, Limited stock Technology. Half price at £99 from Argos Will run the latest Android OS 4.4 Kitkat. Its the 2012 edition, but a...
  5. SmartMAC

    Half Price MOT from Mercedes. Is it possible?

    My beloved C250 CDI Coupe is coming to his first MOT after three years of trouble free motoring. I keep getting half price MOT offers from the likes of Halfords but I would like to take it to Mercedes if at all possible. Anybody has had any luck getting Mercedes to price match this offer...
  6. A

    Any pics of 2009 cdi250 estate with tinted back half

    In not sure if this is right section , looking for pictures of any of the above with the back half tinted? I have a new born and looking to maybe tint back half so sun ( on rare occasion it's out) doesn't blind her! But don't want to do so if doesn't look good, Cheers guys great site!
  7. D

    De-chrome or not??? half done with comparison pics

    Last night I decided to have ago at de chroming my black cl55 and I managed half before it was to dark to finish. what's peoples thoughts? The blacked out side Chromed side Half and half on the front (main badge will be done too) Another thing the (not to everyone's...
  8. E

    How to improve the other half's driving...

    Could use some input here... tricky marital / motoring situation. When the wife & I go anywhere in the car together then we almost always go in my car & I drive. Three reasons - I've got the nicer / more comfortable car, I like driving, and her driving scares me at times. I often forget...
  9. Prof.C.Benz

    W124 Half Shaft for Traction Control model required

    1991 300CE with Traction Control has a broken half shaft. Need to find replacement urgently.
  10. T

    R129 antenna half way

    Hi all, I am the new VERY pleased owner of an R129 SL500 from 1999 (last facelift - M113 engine) and I am loving every bit of it! ;) The radio is the stock MB Audio 30 unit and the radio (FM) also seems to work fine although the reception is not always crystal clear (when driving around...
  11. Dazkeirle

    W209 CLK Drivers half and half seat base

    As title, W209 half and half seat base with MBLUX (vinyl) outer and upholstery inner.
  12. I

    Wanted : Drivers seat : Black half leather to fit 07 w203 c180k.

  13. N

    w209 Help! can only get rear side panel half way off

    I have a 2003 (sept build) w209 coupe that i want to get to the seatbelt guide, as it have popped off. I have the pdf for sidepanel removal and i have gotten the part where i have unlocked the locking strip and cant get the panel off as its stuck further in,, step 11 it says remove srs cap...
  14. Stratman

    Halfords Pro socket sets half price

    Just a quick heads up. Halfords' website is offering some Professional socket sets at half price.
  15. mymini007

    Suggestions for the fussy half

    Its time to think about a new car for SWMBO It needs to be small and economical but have all the toys as well as 5 seats. She currently has my old 06 plate mondeo Ghia X 2.2, its now getting a bit leggy 160k on the clock and a ding or dent in every panel. Mandatory items (her list)...
  16. c180081c

    W204 AMG Half Leather, Could be a bargain for someone?

    Mercedes C Class W204 AMG half leather Interior coupe | eBay Just spotted them while having my usual troll through ebay.
  17. E

    My Sat Nav seems to be a half wit!!!!

    Hi. I was using my Command NAV system (W211 53 plate 55 AMG) quite heavily this weekend but it kept coming up with various issues: "Cannot read disc - please check" then it would decide to work again... It regularly takes 10 minutes (minimum) to calculate a (relatively simple) route...
  18. B

    Leather, Fabric or Half n' half?

    What are the pros and cons of each type folks? I have had one of each but would like the views of others, based on the fact that I am searching for an "older" ( sub£2000 ) practical(ly) a classic merc.:confused: Mike
  19. S

    W169 a class half leather seats

    As per thge title i have the front and rear seats in half black leather and cloth from an A class W169 57 Pl model in excellent condition. £295
  20. I

    Half price Nilfisk C110

    Not eBay, but near enough half Amazon price, thought some folks might be interested. See: C110 4-5 X-TRA - NILFISK ALTO - PRESSURE WASHER, 110BAR | CPC
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