1. WDB124066

    124 Half Drive Shafts.

    What is the conventional wisdom re length of remaining service in the half drive shafts (diff to rear wheels) once they start to click on drive after reversing and after firm-ish braking to a standstill when moving away again. And, do they tend to fall apart when worn with no warning other...
  2. 300CE

    mercedes w124 genuine half wooden and leather very rare W124 W201 R129 W126

    mercedes w124 genuine half wooden and leather very rare W124 W201 R129 W126 | eBay
  3. shaunk_22

    W124 anti roll bar bracket keeps snapping in half?

    W124 230CE, last week the front anti roll bar bracket on the drivers side snapped clean in the middle. Any idea as to why this happened? As its abit of a mystery to me. Could it be that the tracking is off and the wheels are toed out?
  4. N

    Bought half a dozen eggs, one is cracked!

    Well, you could have knocked me down with a bleedin' feather! Amongst other things, I bought half a dozen eggs at the local Waitrose a couple of days ago. Tonight, after deciding on a bacon, onion & cheddar omelette I discovered on opening the egg carton that one egg is cracked! How this...
  5. D

    Other Half's bloopers

    Not seen a thread on this - thought I'd kick it off.. Step-son had his tonsils removed last year. Other half tonight - "Dan's doing really well - he's not had tonsillitis since his tonsils were taken out. "
  6. E

    W124 230ce Half shaft?

    Hi there, I've just aquired an Immaculate 1990 230ce.. with a problem. Its snapped a Half shaft. I'm trying to get hold of one, but to no luck. However, I have a 190e aswell.. Both are Automatics, I'm sure this has been asked before at some point.. But will a rear half shaft fit from one...
  7. P

    Half price Genuine Mercedes Gliebtpaste

    Hi guys Clearing out my garage Mercedes Benz Glietpaste 500g A 001 989 46 51 BRAND NEW FAST UK POSTAGE | eBay Is this of use to anyone : the only grease for sunroofs etc and half price Cheers
  8. jaymanek

    Half Wood Steering Wheel for R129 Wanted

    Hi, After a half wood steering wheel please, 1997 car, dark grey with the standard walnut wood. Thanks Jay
  9. Palfrem

    Anyone got a million and a half to spare?

    100mph 1928 Mercedes found after 60 years of rusting away in a garage, worth £1.5m | Mail Online Looks to be in remarkable condition.
  10. R

    124 half orange indicators????

    124 euro style half orange indicators???? does anyone know where i can get some half orange indicators from??????
  11. 300CE

    mercedes e class w124 centre console arm rest storage blue half wood

    mercedes e class w124 centre console arm rest storage blue half wood | eBay
  12. The _Don

    Solar subsidies to be cut by more than half

    Solar subsidies to be cut by more than half | Environment | The Guardian
  13. Rob77

    Half leather steering wheel for a W124

    Don't often see them in zebrano either: Mercedes Holz Leder lenkrad 190e w201 w124 E-Klasse | eBay
  14. R

    Half rpice W204 Brabus kit [not eBay but ...]

    On Euromerc there is a W204 Brabus front spoiler, side skirts, rear apron, fog lights etc rather nicely priced. If I had a W204 ... euromercwebstore: Brabus Kit W204 R
  15. A160DSB

    A Class Half Leather Seats

    A Class Half Leather Seats on eBay (end time 30-May-11 17:00:05 BST) On ebay, £120 Or best offer.
  16. DSLiverpool

    The ultimate iPod iPhone docking clock radio is half price

    Currys £160 Dixons £79 Amazon £75 Plays ipod videos on the screen - a real bargain at £75 its one of the best gadgets I have bought recently and I thought I would share. :)
  17. D

    Half defecting

    Pick up a new motor tomorrow, will still have the Mrs SLK320 so only half a defection. Actually I defected 2.5 years ago to a 3 series estate for a few months but kept it quiet - seemed to have got away with it! Really looking forward to a new (to me) car and might even give it a clean...
  18. G

    Retrofit Comand 2.5 to W220 with audio 10 - half complete and Help needed

    I have recently upgraded my Audio 10 cassette stereo in my 1999 w220 to a Comand 2.5 and have completed most of the wiring. So far the radio, CD boot changer both work, but, the TV and Navigation do not. The reason is quite simple as I don't have the C1 connector wired up for the TV and I have...
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Cutting Sideskirts in half!

    I might have found a set of C43 Sideskirts in a far off land :D To cut down postage costs they have suggested cutting them in half :eek: Although this sounds like the worst thing known to man, surely any bodyshop could patch them together good as new...? Its not like they weigh alot, or...
  20. The _Don

    Half price mot

    MOT Centre | Half Price MOT Test | MOT Price
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