1. BIRMA

    Deutsche Fest Brands Hatch 19/20th August

    Anyone from here going? I'm hoping to meet up with some members from the Private Lounge on Saturday, heading for Southbank marshall's permitting as there seems to be less dust and a good view.
  2. M

    2006(56) mercedes c180k kompressor se coupe 1.8 petrol automatic hatch silver

    Full Details http://mercland.com/car.html?id=3855 Mercedes C180 Kompressor SE Coupe Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 4th December 2006 – 56 Reg • Four Owners From New – Last Owner Since 2012 • 49,642 miles only with Full...
  3. P

    W212 Estate load cover lifting after hatch closes

    My W212 has started lifting the load cover to the upper position once the hatch has closed. Anyone else had this problem and know of a solution? Even if the cover isn't pulled across, the motor still runs and lifts the tracks up after the hatch is closed Sent from my A0001 using Tapatalk
  4. Audio Addict

    Brands Hatch 3rd Feb

    I was at Brands today in my black Megane and noticed a white C63 coupe and wondered if it was anyone here. I was hoping to bump into them to say hello but it didn't happen Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Audio Addict

    MSV Trackday @ Brands Hatch

    Just wondering if anyone from here is booked to do the Indy circuit at Brands on Saturday the 26th of November? :D
  6. T

    W140 Ski Hatch

    Hi, I have no ski hatch on my W140. But, I understand that all W140's have a plastic cover over a hole behind the rear armrest?. I was thinking of just making the hole so I poke my Ski's through in my Ski Bag?. Anyone else done it as a long load option? I know the Factory option was...
  7. John

    Rallying at Brands Hatch.

    Went and did their Rallying experience today (the more expensive one). For the first time ever when going to a driving event, I'm happy it was raining! What a great couple of hours learning how to flick and powerslide a GT86 round a muddy couple of tracks. Highly recommended and great...
  8. M

    Best Semi Auto or Auto Hot Hatch

    Hi All, In your opinon what is the best non manual Hot Hatch (apart from A45 Amg)?
  9. T

    Retrofit ski hatch into W210

    I have been looking at a 51 E320 saloon that is for sale locally to me. Is it possible to retrofit a ski hatch in the rear bulkhead? I have read that this car has the fuel tank behind the seats, but I also read that a ski hatch was an optional extra. I see that this guy did it to a W211...
  10. C

    CLC Rear Window / Hatch Trim Removal

    Hi, I'm looking for some guidance please on the correct way to remove the interior plastic trim around the rear window of the hatch back of a 2009 CLC. I have issues with radio reception and I want to gain access to all the heated rear window / aerial connections and the aerial amplifier...
  11. KillerHERTZ

    Very Hot Hatch - A45 AMG Bargain

    Yours for only: €9,500 - One owner, 19k km on the clock. https://home.mobile.de/RITTERBEX-MAASTRICHT#des_210704671
  12. C

    Goodwood Breakfast Club Hot Hatch Sunday 5th October

    Anybody going? My car has been accepted as part of the display on the motor circuit. Irony not lost on me:)
  13. m2287

    Polo decides to join on a live race at brands hatch

    Did This Guy Really Drive On The Track During A Live Race? :fail
  14. X

    W203 coupe Boot hatch struts

    Hi I have w203 c220 cdi. The boot is now struggling to open on its own. It needs that extra push which is a tad inconvenient. I was wondering if anyone had any suggestions on the replacement part. I see a pair used on ebay for £20 that seems promising. Mercedes C-Class Sport...
  15. Suky Sangha

    Modified live show at Brands Hatch 28th September

    Hello guys just wondering if anyone is interested in going to the modified show at Brands Hatch on the 28th September?? If we get enough of us to go we can probably get a club stand going too?? Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  16. C

    PREPT Showdown June 15th Brands Hatch

    Any one going to this? Brands Hatch - Race Event - Prept Showdown
  17. AndyPCD

    CLA 45amg at brands hatch

    Was at brands hatch today watching the dtm. Mercedes had the new cla45 on their stand Looks very nice but is quite expensive
  18. M

    s203 rear wiper hatch trim removal?

    Hi All I need to get to my rear wiper tomorrow to see if its got a supply to it as its not worked since I bought it but the switch lights up and the fuse in the rear number 14 is ok. I can see lots of very small screws around the edge of the hatch trim do I need to remove all these and does it...
  19. Wagon

    Brands Hatch 16th dec

    Anyone fancy doing Brands on 16th Dec , road cars only @£99 , a bunch of us IBers will be going , the C43 may make an outing if its tipping down though... http://www.clubmsv.co.uk/car-home/event-details.aspx?productid=1627&calType=roadcaronly
  20. C

    How can I get the rear hatch open

    Hi All, I've left my E350 estate unused for a month or so and the battery is now flat. I've managed to open the drivers door with the key and then all other doors but can't open the boot from inside to get the battery out to put it on charge. Is there another way to get the bootlid open ?
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