1. I

    Bell & Ross Heritage BR 03 92 Automatic Watch

    As new being only 6 months old - boxed with all accessories, warranty card etc. Full details here. Looking for £1850. Can email more photos if required.
  2. KennyN

    Local dealer selling his Heritage collection

    As above , i looked at some of them when we were looking at a car for the wife as they are kept at a local dealership. petervardyheritage | eBay Cant believe the price of the type 2 vans :eek: I will have the SL if anyone is buying , certainly not the Nova at £4k. Kenny
  3. MicB

    Bicester Heritage January Scramble

    My Dad and I will be attending. Anyone else fancy this? Bicester Heritage January Scramble Events - Bicester Heritage Mic
  4. st13phil

    FlyWheel Festival - Bicester Heritage

    Anyone going to the FlyWheel Festival at Bicester Heritage this weekend? It's almost in my backyard, so I'll be there on Sunday...
  5. Charles Morgan

    New car quote from Norton Heritage Fleet cover

    My new car arrives today and of course, I just remembered it needed insurance. So I ring Norton Heritage who handle all my classics and my absurd fleet. Jayne Devey there has looked after me for years, she is unfailingly sweet and delightful to deal with and their policies are normally...
  6. Charles Morgan

    Heritage from Norton Fleet Insurance - Highly recommended

    I rarely have the opportunity to sing the praises of most companies I deal with, not because I don't get good service, but simply because most of the time I deal with someone in a call centre to whom I am unlikely to speak again. However, I wanted specifically to highlight a firm that has given...
  7. 300CE

    1959 Morris Mini.Motor Heritage 572 of The Line

    How much do we reckon this'll go for: 1959 Morris Mini.Motor Heritage 572 of The Line | eBay
  8. Charles Morgan

    Heritage (Norton Insurance) Classic Fleet insurance

    I know most don't have a fleet of cars let alone classic cars, but Heritage have recently launched a fleet policy and I have to say they have been a joy to deal with. The BMW 02, two other classics not yet named, but between them insured at agreed value and for 13,00 social miles a year (too...
  9. carnut

    Aston Martin Heritage

    Visited the home of AMOC and their heritage collection yesterday. If you are ever near Oxford on a Wednesday afternoon pop in and take a look http://www.amoc.org/index.php?Itemid=257&id=421&option=com_content&task=view
  10. Gollom

    Gaydon Heritage Centre - Sunday 7th December 2008

    Come on people - lets make this a big one! Gaydon Heritage Centre - Sunday 7th December 2008 *** + sat room + GTG Gollom & Suzy Cute - GTG + Sat Room + GTG MattC & Partner - GTG only Bobby Dazzler - GTG only Whitenemesis - GTG only Crockers - GTG only NW_Merc + Mrs. NW_Merc - GTG + Sat Room...
  11. Satch


    A lot bigger than I thought. Perhaps given the content of other threads the money could perhaps be far, far better spent elsewhere?? http://www.elmbridge.gov.uk/services/planprop/BrooklandsApplication.htm
  12. Satch

    Mercedes Benz Heritage and Technology Centre, Brooklands

    This is springing up quickly. Article from local press http://www.woking.co.uk/business/article/article_id=13199.html
  13. Satch

    Mercedes-Benz Heritage and Technology Centre

    With the new McClaren visitor centre in Woking opening in the next few months, residents in this part of Surrey seem well sorted in terms of things MB related. Brooklands is already well worth a visit. http://www.woking.co.uk/business/article/article_id=13199.html
  14. M

    MB Heritage & Technical Centre

    The old Brooklands race circuit in Weybridge, Surrey is likely to soon become the 'Mercedes Benz UK Heritage and Technical Centre' if plans are approved. (See link below) Could be a good place for future GTG's! (Some car clubs already use the existing Brooklands Race Circuit Museum site &...
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