1. AngryDog

    Any Bucks / Herts / Beds / Berks meets?

    Any meets happening in these areas? Would be good to meet up at some point if so?
  2. M

    Any decent MB restorers in the Herts area?

    Before they fall off altogether I figure it's worth getting the front spring hangers on my W210 rewelded. I could do the job myself but it's a safety-critical area, and besides if I get them slightly wonky it'll affect the wheel camber / alignment and therefore the handling. I don't want to...
  3. D

    Non Merc servicing in North Herts

    Having only once used an independent garage for servicing, who subsequently adjusted my accelerator cable and washed my car rather than service it I have not used one in the 15 years since. I have serviced all my own cars since with the exception of my old W202 that went to Merc because it...
  4. F

    New Member in Herts Area

    Hey everyone, Ordered a new CLA 45 AMG. Should be able to collect the keys for it around October. Will be interested in tuning it and getting some work done on it :) Looking forward to meeting some of you at the events! Cheers, Frank
  5. bpsorrel

    Detailer in Beds, Herts or Bucks

    Does anyone know a good detailer in the Three Counties area, Mobile or static? Thanks!
  6. S

    Paint/ Body shop recommended in Herts

    Hi all, usually don't post but felt I need to share. I have a Silver 2006 E63 which is my pride and joy. It was suffering from quite a few stone chips etc from a couple of overseas runs. I used the paint guy (no names mentioned) I had known for a number of years to paint the front bumper...
  7. clarea

    Bodywork recommendations Herts please

    My mum went shopping first thing this morning, parked miles away from anyone and when she returned some lovely person had smacked into the side of her car. Obviously they've just driven off not leaving insurance details or anything. There is a fair bit of damage to the near side rear...
  8. A

    Spotted – C63 AMG Black Series in Herts

    Hadn’t seen one before in the flesh, was blown away by how it looked. Was following it between St Albans & Welwyn Garden City this morning. Reg: xx COY. Is it anyone on here? Didn’t really get to hear it properly due to traffic & road conditions, but boy it looked awesome. Always nice...
  9. A

    Very impressed by MercTech, Hoddesdon, Herts

    Great job & customer services by Tony & his team at AA MercTech in Hoddesdon, Herts. Correctly diagnosed a problem (following an incorrect diagnosis by another garage), gave me a courtesy car FOC at no-notice. Impressive repair work, very good price. Friendly & enthusiastic service. Best...
  10. A

    New Cats required on E55 W211... Or not...!

    My W211 E55AMG started making strange exhaust noises - much louder and throater than before. Took it into a Mercedes Specialist in St Albans who promptly diagnosed it as the primary cats breaking up, and gave me a price of £3600 for MB genuine parts & labour to fit. Funnily enough I decided...
  11. BenJames

    Shows in herts, beds or bucks?

    Hi, I'm a newbie here. Are there any shows in herts, beds or bucks tomorrow? Cheers Ben
  12. D

    Hi all from Herts

    Hi All, My name is Derek. I do not have a Merc yet but am keen to get an S class CDI. maybe 2003 to 2005 model (maybe you know of someone selling one?). Been into bikes for a long time and have restored a few. Have an aircooled Yamaha RD 250 and a Harley Sportster up and running and a...
  13. baxlin

    New member in West Herts

    Hi all, in the next couple of days I'll be taking delivery of a new C220 Exec SE, it's my first experience of Mercedes, and I'm looking forward to it. I'm a relatively "senior" person, age-wise at least, I enjoy looking after my cars; the C-Class is replacing a rather brightly coloured Saab...
  14. chriswt

    Recommend wheel refurbishment in Herts / North London

    I need to get my wheels refurbished which I plan on doing when its time to swap my winter tyres for the summer tyres (Feb/March). Can anyone recommend a decent wheel refurbishment company in Hertfordshire or North London? Thanks
  15. chriswt

    Recommended valeter in Herts / North London

    Hi, I need to get my car's paintwork cut back and polished as it is solid black and has swirl marks all over it. Can anyone recommend a good valeting company in the area?
  16. Mblinko

    Another newbie in herts

    Hi there Last weekend, i picked up my first Merc, 560sec, 83k, 1987, AMG alloys and bespoke Kish Interiors magnolia leather interior :bannana: I have to say it's sublime. It's not perfect, but then what is after 24 years. It's been looked after but there are just a few minor things to do...
  17. T

    New member from Herts

    Hi all, I have just joined the forum, I'm picking up my SLK 350 next week! Regards, David
  18. scottishman2

    Indy in Herts

    Has anyone had dealings with Chambers & Gillies, in Welwyn??
  19. scottishman2

    New member in Herts.

    Hi - new member in Herts. Had a couple of E Class Mercs (220 CDI) before and did love them although last one (2005) had a few issues - and local Merc dealers were unbelievably bad (badly scratched the car while in for service - said it was like that when they had it - the guy who valeted it...
  20. Wreford

    Hello - W129 electric help in Herts, required

    Hello All, My lovely year 2000 SL 320 SL Edition has the SRS light on and a few other annoying odds and sods! Searching the Internet I came across you all and a post by J4GG4 who is close to J10 of the M1 - I can't yet PM as I not posted 30 but would be interested in contacting them or...
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