1. Ant-toe-knee

    Hit a Deer Broken Headlight mounts

    Hi all I hit a deer on my travels which has pushed back the headlight on my 57 W211. Is there anyway to repair the brackets as MB want £600 for a new one. Thanks
  2. markjay

    NHS England hit by 'cyber attack'

  3. Borys

    Hit and run advise please

    My sister was at church today. Once finished found a note behind wiper from a witness. Lady did hit her car and just drove off. Gentlemen left his mobile number and reg of the car which drove off. Car is not worth a lot and damage is not huge but at this case principal applies. We don't want to...
  4. David404

    Diesel drivers being lined up to take the hit.

    Folks, us diesel drives are being lined up to take the hit. Lets start fighting back, write to your MP, campaign for a reasoned debate, reasonable solutions, recognise the problem is one largely made by the Government and that they need to come up with a workable solution that produces real...
  5. M

    Hit n run = end of our CLC. CLK anyone ?

    Seething..... Girlfriend driving our CLC early December and was hit by a scumbag in a white van who didnt stop, with the result that the car has just been written off and an unsatisfactory cheque sent by the insurers. Handy hint: dont buy cheaper insurance without courtesy car - fortunately...
  6. RyanMuller

    Can you actually hit your cars 0-60 in real life?

    Tried to do a timed run on an empty stretch of road that leads to a dead end in the sticks, away from any other cars with good visibility. The 32 should hit 60 in about 4.6 seconds but there's no way I can reach that ! First run the wheels just spun for the first 2-3 seconds and it was like 7...
  7. M

    My car was hit whilst in a specialist

    Hi guys not a rant or a name shame scenario that's not my bag but I booked my car into a specialist to get it checked over, they had it for a week, I went to collect and it had been knocked whilst there. Very light damage to the front wing and bumper but still pretty devastated all the same...
  8. SpoonJar

    Hit and Run

    https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1490753/boy-four-fighting-for-his-life-after-being-run-over-in-hit-and-run-by-mercedes/ Hope the little fella makes it.
  9. AMGBlack

    Hit 10,000 miles and nearly killed myself..

    This might be a silly post, it might be too many late nights but is this possible.. Since changing my CL63 Bi-turbo, for my E63 AMG (S) I was slightly disappointed in the performance of the E. The CL always felt faster.. :confused: The CL at exchange had 32,000 miles and the E less than...
  10. Dave Richardson

    Today I hit a child at 20mph & realised the speed limit must be cut

    This was taken from the Skyuser site but makes you think In an impassioned appeal, Dr Nick Foreman remembers the near-fatal accident that convinced him of the need to stop motorists driving at 30mph in built-up areas This is what happens and this is how it feels. I was driving along a...
  11. LTD

    So my car was hit at the supermarket .....

    ... tonight after work :( Good news is that I have the details of the other driver, my car was parked and I wasn't in it and that it still drives fine. Details, registrations, photos etc. all obtained. Now the $64k questions ..... do I 1. Lob the entire thing at my insurers (Admiral)...
  12. C

    Someone hit me from the back , tail light misaligned.

    Hi, Someone went into the back of me when I was in stationary traffic a few days ago. After washing the car today I noticed that the rear tail light has unclipped itselt from the bumber as the tabs are visible. Is this a easy fix or do I have to take into the dealers to get it repaired? I...
  13. grumpyoldgit

    Thousands of M6 drivers hit by 50mph speeding fines.

    Another cash cow? Beware if using this stretch of motorway. M6 speed restrictions between junctions 10a & 13. Thousands of M6 drivers hit by 50mph speeding fines - but hundreds let off because of broken cameras « Express & Star
  14. W

    Estimated cost for damage caused by hit and run

    Hi All, As the title indicates, some moron's hit my parked car and driven off. The car is now at the stealership and I'm awaiting on a quote early next week. What do you guys think is a reasonable amount to pay for what seems to be damaged paintwork? I'm quite **** about any work...
  15. Swozza

    Hit and run

    Happened yesterday 5.50pm on Mossvalley roundabout in Sheffield I was going towards drakehouse. Other car cut straight in front of me at speed to take the exit towards the M1, made a mess of drivers side wheel arch, bumper and light. Never even attempted to stop. I saw red and gave chase...
  16. MancMike

    Why does this black series hit a speed wall (not the limiter)?

    Hi, Just saw this YT video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l900pOvnCuo The car accelerates strongly up to 307km/h (190mph) then stops. It's not ran out of revs, and looking at how it climbs in speed, it's not ran out of power either. Why does it stop accelerating so abruptly at...
  17. markjay

    Prince Albert Road, London - Prius hit Police rider escorting Prince Harry

  18. The _Don

    Teenage cancer patient Stephen Sutton life story online as donations hit £2.4m

    Amazing, I have donated. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/health/healthnews/10789577/Teenage-cancer-patient-Stephen-Sutton-posts-life-story-online-as-donations-hit-2.4m.html http://www.justgiving.com/stephen-sutton-TCT
  19. G

    wood fell off lorry & hit my merc

    I was on the way home from work today behind a big lorry with a tall trailor & it had rubbish piled up above the trailor. A large piece of wood came flying out & hit my merc, scratching/scuffing my front bumper, smashing the bumper grill & the plastic trim infront of the grill. i got the time...
  20. Gollom

    TalkTalk shares hit £3.00

    I have some of these (not a huge number) obtained at a much lower price! So tempting to sell and take the profit! What is the consensus? Some pundits reckon £4.00 not far away :eek: Focus is on improving my pension pot (7 years away) and the dividend is pretty good on these. Short term gain...
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