1. BTB 500

    Best option for (free) 3rd party image hosting now?

    OK since PhotoBucket has just committed suicide, what the best equivalent service for someone like me who wants to upload pictures now and again for display in forum threads?? I know a few options have been mentioned in the PB thread but I thought it might be useful to have alternatives listed here.
  2. KillerHERTZ

    Photobucket Now Charging $399 Per Year for 3rd Party Hosting

    With no warning at all.- see my Sig image. All my 14 years worth of photos will need to be re-hosted. Countless threads on forums across the net will be ruined as it has millions of users Good work Photobucket :wallbash...
  3. Charles Morgan

    Email hosting

    I have my own domain for personal email and it is currently hosted by Godaddy. I am on auto renewal and noticed they have whacked up the price to $79 a year, which I think is taking the proverbial. Does anyone have a good host at a more sensible price?
  4. martyp87

    Looking for a FTP Hosting Company

    Hi all, I'm a competent computer user but when it comes to online services I have absolutely no idea on what I am looking for. :dk: Basically, I have a company whereby I am now looking to share files with clients via a FTP server. I have a domain name (no website as yet) which I use to...
  5. poormansporsche

    best free image hosting site ????

    Used to use imageshack but they now want me to upgrade. Only want to post pics on the forum. Any suggestions !!! Cheers Brett
  6. Spinal

    File Hosting (redux)

    A query... more of testing the ground to see what people would do. I have a large number of files that I use for work. These range from sanitised versions of old reports and presentations, to manuals, diagrams, etc. Basically, it's my reference base. Up until now, I've been lugging these...
  7. janner

    Cheap web hosting

    I need to move my website. Does this look any good for a simple site? Cheap Web Hosting - No Hidden Costs, Money Back Guarantee Any other recommendations?
  8. Tan

    Web hosting

    Hi I am looking for a good value for money Web hosting for my new business website, there is an offer on at Fast hosts at the moment but are they any good? Also is it best to host with your web developer? Regards Tan
  9. proser

    exchange hosting

    Current setup: SBS2003 running at home with my domain on a static IP. exchange used mainly for me so that where ever I am (and what ever I use ) I can have all my email, contacts, calendar sync'd up. I was thinking of looking at having the exchange part hosted, but would like to be able to...
  10. B

    Hosting recommendation

    I'm looking for a host for images. Not huge traffic requirements right now. I'll continue to host the bones of the website but I want to speed it up by hosting the images elsewhere Right now I don't need bells & whistles - just a few hundred Mb of space & a fast webserver. I run domains & DNS...
  11. jaymanek

    Photo hosting?

    Hi Guys, Im having issues with ebay motors pro (dealer website) at the moment as when uploading photos of cars, they come out at a lesser quality on the actual website. Also they are a set size and i feel its too small. What I want to do is put a link in every ebay/pistonheads advert to an...
  12. esox

    Sound clip hosting.

    Hello,i am looking for a free file host that i can upload small sound clips to. What i would like is to link to the URL of the hosted clip and the file will play using the PC`s default media player rather than being directed to the host`s site and having it play it from there. I did find a...
  13. Thmsshaun

    Domain Registration and hosting

    Been looking for web hosting and domain registration. A friends website is using this for their hosting 10GB of webspace, 100GB bandwidth per month. Seems a pretty good deal to me at £19.99 per year. However there domain is registered...
  14. Madferrit

    Which picture hosting website?

    Just got back from Italy.. n need to share some pics with family across the world. Can anyone recommend any picture hosting websites? Not necessarily looking for any freebie, but something thats good value for money etc
  15. MikeL

    Image hosting

    Okay, Gals & Guys, Ruminations please on the best image hosting sights Thanks in advance Mike :rolleyes:
  16. SilverSaloon

    Free image hosting with thumnails etc and link-friendly :rock: just upload the image and link to it, ie:
  17. scotth_uk

    Image Hosting

    Hi Guys, I have been using for picture hosting recently, but I am having trouble with them at the moment..... At work the page formatting is broken, and at home the upload features aren't working very well. I cannot be bothered to manually process, host or play with the...
  18. pammy

    Web site design, hosting, domain name

    I know there are a fair few members involved with a wide range of IT. I'm looking for help for my son's school web-site. The current free-service offered via the County Council is not very user friendly or accessible for visitors either - so they are thinking of going it alone. Any ideas...
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