1. MervC

    W203 engine cuts out and ignition lights come on

    Hi, My beloved W230 (2005) has recently started showing signs of problems: About once a week, whilst driving at any speed, all of the ignition lights came on, the engine briefly cut out, and then within a second the lights went out and the engine kicked back in, almost as if nothing had...
  2. Braincrank

    ignition problem

    Good morning all ! Actually for me it's just morning , not a good one ! Just wanted to head out and when I put the key in the ignition and turned it there was no resistance , the key turned all the way , all the lights came on but the car didn't start. I turned the key back and took it out...
  3. T

    R107 ignition barrel

    I have a 280sl 1983, Sunday neither of the two keys would turn in the barrel, apparently a common problem, however unless you can turn the key to the A position you can't remove the barrel, leaving you no alternative but to take off the complete steering lock. After an hour or so I did get a...
  4. K

    W124 230TE ignition coil help needed

    Need some help as I replaced the coil on my W124 230 TE year 1986 but did not mark all the wires. Is there someone who has a similar coil that can check where these connect or else send me a photo of their coil? Thanks all.
  5. M.A.94

    Car stereo 12v ignition current draw

    How safe is it to share the cig lighters power with my car stereo 12v ignition power without an additional fuse. Am I correct in thinking that the 12v ignition (red wire) is effectively like a remote turn on lead on an amp and therefore the current draw is very little. And the constant...
  6. S

    Ignition coil

    Hi, The picture below is one of the ignition coils that was removed from my W208 CLK 320 as cylinder 6 was throwing a random misfire code. Coil replaced and issue with the car now sorted, I'm wondering however if the blue residue (presumably oxidisation of the copper) could've caused the...
  7. C

    E320 w211 ignition squib

    Working order and bought to fit to my car but recently sold it. Its a second hand part and part number is A0004640518. £45.
  8. R

    Ignition key won't turn

    Morning All, new fish here. Tremendous resource this site, wish I'd thought to look for it 5 years ago! I've a gremlin with an intermittent twist that might just cause heart failure if I cant get some quality advice...hence my joining the forum. I have an 02 plate C270 estate which has...
  9. UtterPiffle

    w210 e430 possible EIS fault. Key does nothing in ignition...

    Hi all, Hopefully someone can point me in the right direction here. I have an old w210 e430 in the barn. I left the key in the ignition when the car was in the barn for about 3 months, and the battery obviously went flat. Put on a new battery (fully charged), and the key now does...
  10. Fidge

    Ignition switch surround

    Hi, the chrome ring around the ignition switch is very scratched and it lets the rest of the immaculate interior down. Is there anyway to replace it?
  11. A

    Is this the start of the dreaded ignition failure?

    Sat having a cuppa in my dressing gown and slippers this morning after waving the wife of to work for the day when all of a sudden she re appears at the back door. CAR WONT START!!! Off I go, turn the key, nothing. Out with the jump leads, still nothing. Hmm strange. It was then I...
  12. A

    R230 SL - Ignition Switch Problem?

    Hi All, Firstly, this is my first post, I've had a search and can't find anything definitive... and I'm not sure if I'm posting in the right section. We have a 2003 R230 SL350 in the family - my father owned the car for 12 years. Recently, we've had an issue with certain electronic parts...
  13. Braincrank

    124 ignition leads cover wanted

    Hello , I'm after a ignition leads cover for my 124.
  14. anfieldassasin

    C124 ignition surround trim wanted

    Hey guys I need an unbroken ignition trim surround for. My 1988 300ce if anyone has one for sale pm me please.
  15. MancMike

    Is this the start of the W204 ignition issue?

    Hi, This morning, I put the key in the ignition and the normal noise of it disengaging the steering lock didn't happen. When turning to position 2, the dash didn't react (no lights, just the mileage on the screen) and then nothing at all when attempting to start. Just several faint relay...
  16. G

    W203 C240 Ignition Problem

    My W203 C240 Estate has developed a random ignition problem over the last coupe of weeks. Sometimes the engine does not start, ignition lights will come on in Position 1 & 2 but nothing happens when I turn to start the engine. Engine does not crank. It will not start for 6 or 7 times then...
  17. B

    PMS ignition Module Siemens / Bosch in W124 E200 1995 M111 Engjne

    Hola seniors and to all Merc owners I need to understand what is the main function of PMS system in some of the W124 series/years. And what are other components related to this PMS unit. How to ensure life of this PMS unit prolong ...do and dont's. Is PMS better than HFM equipped...
  18. T

    W202 c200 ignition problems

    Hi everyone new member here in desperate need for your help. I have a 96 c200. It all started by it just cutting off while on idle and now it wont start at all and the red/green lights on the rear view mirror are flashing at times and times they dont i have checked, fuel is there, injectors...
  19. F

    Help - cannot remove ignition key

    Just returned from from quick supermarket shop and ignition key will not come out. It seems that on the final turn prior to pulling key out, it feels slightly 'sloppy' and not reaching a final click position. Today is Sunday so will return to garage tomorrow but if key is still in ignition can...
  20. M

    Ignition key jamming

    Hi all, New member and owner of 2009 c250 bluetec. Both ignition keys are very difficult to remove from the ignition lock. They require a very good wiggle and pull. If the ignition is just turned to 1 or 2 then before the key can be removed, the engine has to be started and turned off and the...
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