1. Bobby Dazzler

    AMG Type III 7.5jx17 ET37 alloy wheels - ideal for winter tyres (W203, R170)

    I bought this set of four AMG Style III alloy wheels brand new, as an additional set for my W203 C32 AMG. They are the correct 7.5jx17 ET37 (un-staggered) fitment for winter tyres. Mercedes-Benz recommends this specific (un-staggered) fitment both at the front and rear for winter tyres, even...
  2. OneTwoNine

    19" CLS AMG Type III wheels

    Selling the original type 3 wheels that came fitted on my CLS as I am now running 20" BBS CI-R. The wheels over all are in good condition but, could do with a refurb. Faces are silver and I've sprayed the insides matt black due to the paint flaking etc. They do have a few bits of curb rashing...
  3. I

    19" AMG III Wheels for CLS W219

    As I have not had much luck selling my CLS so far, I have decided to sell the 2nd set of wheels that I had for it. I was planning on getting these fully refurbished as they do require it. 2 x Rear Wheels A219 401 16 02 9 1/2"J X 19 ET28 3 X Front Wheels A219 401 15 02 8 1/2"J X 19...
  4. BIG_G_1979

    wanted: brabus d5 III tuning box

    Guys been looking for a tuning box for my w211 e280cdi I need box with the following identification markings... The correct performance-kit for the W211-E280CDI is the D5-III version, Brabus article-no. 211-735-00 Please pm me if u have one for sale
  5. KillerHERTZ

    19" AMG Style III REAR Alloy for W219 CLS

    One of mine is cracked beyond repair :( Anyone got a spare? doesn't have to be in good nick but needs to be weld free, crack/dentless Cheers!
  6. K

    Brabus D6 III Tuning box. Anyone fitted one?

    As per the title really. Just bought one on ebay (maybe from someone on here!) and need a copy of the fitting instructions.....preferrably relating to a W164 ML 320. Closest I've got is a German copy but my German is non-existant, apart from "Zwei Bier Bitte", so an English copy would...
  7. N

    Brabus D6 (III) kit

    for W209 :thumb:
  8. A

    Launch X431 Diagun III don t work again on mercedes transmission Mercedes benz W163 M

    My launch Diagun III don t work again on mercedes transmission Mercedes benz W163 ML for 1999 to 2006 on transmission function.:wallbash: Anyone had the same problem and solved it finally?:confused:
  9. developer

    Top Gear Now BBC III

    A proper man's car...
  10. A

    19" Genuine AMG III Wheels from CL500

    4 x Genuine AMG Mercedes 19" Staggered Alloy Wheels and Tyres Part Nos: A2154010302 & A2154010002 These wheels were from a 2000 W215 CL500 Front: 8.5J x 19" PCD 112, ET44 Part no. A2154010002 Rears: 9.5J x 19" PCD 112, ET 46 Part no. A2154010302 These are genuine 19" AMG wheels made for...
  11. M

    Brabus Monoblock iii 20"x9.5"

    I am after a set of the split rim Brabus Monoblock iii wheels. Anything considered. Thanks
  12. I

    Brabus d6 III + chipexpress box

    Hi, I have brabus d6 III AND CHIPEXPRESS CHIP BOX. Both removed from cls 350 Mercedes. If any one interested, let me know, very cheap if it's go out today. Brabus d6 III , cls 320/350 cdi, .
  13. C

    A45 AMG Version III?

    Having recently been attracted to the A45 AMG I read, via Auto Express in June, that there is likely to be a new, 400bhp, model coming. Does anyone think this is likely to be soon i.e. by next spring time? I appreciate I could add a tuning box to the FL 380bhp version and achieve 400+ easily...
  14. D

    Vmax Hypermax III

    Hi All, Anyone going to VMax on September 26th off here? I will start a list: 1) CraigWesitecC63 2) Justin Chapman 3) Luke Joyner - Not on forum
  15. X

    Powerxtra D6 (III) c 320 cdi w/s 204

    Hi guys, I've just bought one of these D6's off eBay and it didn't come with any fitting instructions. I've spent the last 2 days searching all over the internet and the only instructions I can find have 5 plugs and an earth lead, mine has 4 plugs an earth and a power (with fuse in it). I...
  16. A

    Spare 19" AMG III 8.5 or 9

    Looking for a cheap spare 19" alloy (5 spoke AMG III design from CLS range) in average condition. I don't like the idea of no spare so this will be my spare alloy. Many thanks
  17. S

    18" Wheels AMG III IV, Brabus Mono Q - poss swap

    Looking for a set of 18" wheels ideally Brabus Monoblock Q or AMG III or IV but will consider others. Have these if interested in p/x:
  18. F

    20" AMG III Alloys

    I have a set of the rarer AMG III alloys that I had fitted to my CLS (W219) for sale. The wheels are in good shape, no kirbing although on a couple of the wheels some of the paint has chipped around the circumference. Tyres on the fronts are Pirelli Corsa's and have 4-5mm tread. Rears are...
  19. M

    18" brabus monoblock iii 3 3-piece split rims

    freshly refurbished. mirror polished lips, grey centre's polished bolts. square set up. looking for 1350.00 o.v.n.o thanks martin
  20. grober

    Kepler Orrery III

    Saw this last night on Horizon. Visual depiction of the relative sizes of the orbits and planets in the multi-transiting planetary systems discovered by Kepler up to Nov. 2013. The colors simply go by order from the star (the most colorful is the 7-planet system KOI-351). The terrestrial...
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