1. C

    Engine check light not illuminating

    Hello All, this is my first post so please be gentle !! I bought an S500 W221 almost a year ago and never noticed at the time of purchase, that the engine warning light did not illuminate at start up. As I work away a lot, this was only pointed out to me recently when I took the car for...
  2. C

    190E 2.6 oil warning light illuminating

    Tl;dr - would an oil level ~4/10ths of the way up the dipstick cause the oil warning light to illuminate, or is something else wrong? Hi everyone, When driving home yesterday in my 190E 2.6, to my horror the oil light came on. As quickly as I could, I stopped the car and shut down the engine...
  3. X

    Illuminating Star Retro-Fit - C Class W204 Sport

    Hi, Can't find any threads relating to this topic so it must be relatively new retro fit job. I ordered the illuminating star, control module and wiring harness from the US cost approx £250 The wiring harness consists of a black connector, and 3 loose wires, red and 2 brown. One brown...
  4. TCADY

    Where's the inverter for drivers door sill

    The illuminating door sill on the drivers side doesnt work. Which is annoying as the passanger side looks great. Both sills work when connected to the passenger side. Which leads me to believe it is a faulty inverter. BUT I cant locate it.:confused: Any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
  5. OneCarefulOwner

    "Bulb failed" light illuminating when no bulbs are out, S124

    The "bulb blown" light keeps coming on in my S124 when I turn on the sidelights, but all 6* bulbs I can see as belonging to that circuit are illuminating. If I use the P< or >P switch positions, the bulb warning light doesn't come on. Any ideas? * front n/s, front o/s, rear n/s, rear o/s, 2x...
  6. D

    Retrofitting illuminating door sills on W211

    Hi Guys, Does anyone have any experience on retrofitting illuminating sills to a W211? I'm thinkin about getting hold of some but before i do, was wondering how difficult it is to fit or if there is anyone in the buckinghamshire/oxfordshire area i could ask to do it. Thanks
  7. gurpz

    W123 Illuminating Sun Visors

    Any W123 owners with a black interior fancy a mod ?
  8. Hartzpartz

    R129 SL - ADS switch not illuminating.

    Has anyone removed any of the console switches on their R129 SL? The night-time illumination of my ADS switch doesn't appear to work so I assume there is a small bulb unit in the switch itself? Does the wooden trim have to be removed? (and if so, how is it secured?). Looks expensive so I...
  9. High-Lo

    Bulb not illuminating in instrument cluster

    Hi guys, I have a bulb that isn't illuminating behind the petrol gauge which is annoying me. I bought 2 replacement 12v 1.2w bulbs today (with blue base) from the MB dealer and tried to fit it just now but its still not working :confused: I even tried the 2nd new bulb just in case but...
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