1. B

    Recommended Independent West London

    Can someone recommend an Independent in West London please? Car central locking playing up and needs to be fixed. And trying to avoid rip-offs. Many thanks.
  2. Scottk

    Recommended Independent Specialist

    Having just had some work carried out by the guys at Hampshire Service Centre, Winchfield, I wanted to share the experience with anyone looking for a decent independent Merc specialist in the South East UK I used them for the supply and fit of a SLK55 exhaust rear section, onto my SLK350...
  3. Chalpkin

    Merc independent in Dorset.

    Does anyone know of a good independent close to Bridport in Dorset?
  4. R

    West midlands independent specialists

    Hi guys, Just thought I would do a short write up on my recent experiences with 3 local indies. I bought an R129 Silver Arrow in June. Prior to restoring it, I wanted to make sure things were mechanically sound. I have used the SL Shop in Redditch, WDM in Perry Bar and MSL- Stratford...
  5. D

    Independent Specialist in S.E. London

    hi dose any body now Independent Specialist in S.E. London need to get my car put on a star tester
  6. Bobsta

    Independent servicing - Surrey/Hampshire

    Apologies if this is in the wrong place - I couldn't find an appropriate section for service-related queries. My 3.5yr old C63 is due quite a big service: Service B + air filter + diff oil + auto box oil. i.e. everything on here: ESS Guide for Service: A204077156985/V143MD136500 The quote...
  7. dresho

    independent Mercedes approved workshops in tyne and wear

    hi there anyone know any Mercedes approved garages in tyne and wear that will offer great bodywork but not at stealership prices?? thanks!any help appreciated!:thumb:
  8. J

    independent MB specialists in south yorkshire?

    Hi there I'm looking for a good/cheap garage near to Barnsley, any recommendations? Cheers John
  9. B

    E55 independent servicing - Kent

    Hi folks - my 2004 E55 is due for a service, and I am keen to avoid the franchise dealer pricing structure! Anyone recommend a good Indy with specialist mb/amg knowledge? I need a replacement wing mirror and the electric seat needs looking at. I'm after somewhere that genuinely knows the...
  10. grumpyoldgit

    Independent Mercedes & BMW Specialist In Stourbridge West Midlands.

    Stourbridge Automotive Gainsborough Trading Estate Rufford Road Stourbridge West Midlands DY9 7ND :thumb::thumb::thumb:
  11. R

    Independent Specialist in E Lancs Sought

    Can anyone recommend a good independent specialist in the Burnley area? I have an ABC warning light which comes on intermittently on my 2003 SL500. Sometimes the light is red:eek:, sometimes it doesn't come on at all. Can anyone help? Thanks
  12. Nastynick

    MB independent Specialists

    As you might have seen in another thread, I'm looking to buy a W/S202. Once I buy said car, I'll be wanting it serviced/MOT'd etc so I want to use an independent MB specialist in the Greater Manchester area. Are there any Mancunian members who can reccomend a specialist garage preferably in...
  13. Murff

    Independent recommendation

    Can anyone recommmend an indy around the the Liverpool area? Cheers
  14. B

    Independent Inspection in North Essex / Cambridge

    Hi There, Can anyone recommend me an Independent Specialist who would carry out a good inspection on an SL55 I plan on purchasing? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Rich
  15. S

    Independent in N London

    For those looking for a good, knowledgeable and honest family-run Mercedes specialist in North London (Kentish Town) may I suggest you give Cresta Motors a try. They resolved several long-standing issues with my car for a lot less than others were proposing to charge.
  16. MacCLS500

    I Recommend Independent (Coventry)

    Being a new member of this forum and very thanful for the advice I have been given regarding my first Mercedes CLS500 I have great pleasure to recommend the following Independent Garge to fellow members in the Midlands. They are based in Coventry. They have carried out a full major service on my...
  17. M

    Independent near Wigan

    Hi All, First post and all that :) Does anybody know of a good independent near Wigan? I've already searched the posts here and they came back with TH/Response Motors in Standish, but i cant find any contact details on the internet (eg. thanks in advance Marc
  18. A

    Independent servicing in Bristol

    Anybody got any experience of independent MB specialist in Bristol, specifically BG Griffiths? Car is booked-in for next Monday, so opinions very much welcomed. Adam
  19. M

    Independent In Sheffield ?

    Hi, any members use a Independent Mercedes dealer in Sheffield, that are good, any feed back welcome.
  20. GlenQ

    Independent around Derby

    Can anyone recommend an independent MB workshop in the Derby or surrounding area please. GlenQ
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