1. ringway

    Fonejacker - Internet Relationship Providings.

    Its a long time since I've watched Fonejacker, but they are fun! :D There are plenty to choose from on YouTube. Here's one of my favourites. zQSY98g1sA4
  2. D

    Using onboard internet services

    Hi all, Has anybody any idea how to get internet/internet radio to work? I have a April 2017 C63s and every time I try to use(doesn't matter where) it comes up with unable to connect to data at this time. I have an iPhone 7 fully connected to car as well just in case it uses that for internet...
  3. S

    Mercedes InCar Internet (NOT WiFi Hotspot! As in Online functions for NTG 3/3.5)

    Hi Guys, I have a copy of ASRA and WIS and I have found instructions on there to retrofit InCar Internet - which is not and nothing to do with incar hotspot; Internet in your car It is operation item 82-7569-02 on ASRA (1.8hrs work) and its document number AZ82.85-P-0005SC I wonder...
  4. Rosso1

    Internet traffic company Dyn

    I am sure now some of you have had issues connecting to your favorite sites. Hopefully we are going to be ok here though. What site have you had issues with? How bad do you see this issue getting?
  5. ioweddie

    How do I connect to the cars internet

    Hi all, plugged my phone in the usb port to charge the other day, played around with it whilst waiting for the boss(wife) to come out, and found the mercedes network but I could not connect as I don't know where to find the password. Anyone any idea. The car is a 2016 model S205 C220 sport line...
  6. R

    Best internet

    Hey guys little off topic subject. I currently have Virgin top broadband 200MB but in evenings it struggles to manage when everyone home with wifi games console etc. What would be better alternative ok I wont get 200MB but at least I can browse web easily.
  7. D

    Internet Detective Required to catch UK Parts Scammer [email protected]

    Internet Detective Required to catch UK Parts Scammer I buy loads of eBay and in the past 10 years haven't had a single issue. That was until recently when I purchased various bits and bobs from a breaker. Unfortunately for me the seller [Chris] encouraged me to send the money via PayPal...
  8. BTB 500

    Slow internet connection - ethernet card problem??

    The internet connection speed (download) has suddenly dropped on my main PC at home - is currently showing 4.69 Mbps download and 9.31 Mbps upload. If I plug the network cable into my old HP netbook instead then Speedtest on that gives a much more reasonable 38 Mbps download speed...
  9. Horrgakx

    Connecting the car to the Internet

    It really isn't clear how to do this and I'm struggling with it. Can the car connect on its own (like the BMW system) or do I have to use my iPhone 5 somehow? By the way I tried setting up a personal hotspot but after a couple of minutes the car fails to connect.
  10. Branchman

    Problems conecting internet with Phone

    having taken delivery of New C Class (205) can not get it to conect with internet, I am using a Samsung S5 (with latest firmware/software) and am on O2 Network any help /experiance with this problem would be useful message shown on car screen is Data not available
  11. noogieman

    Best internet price for motorcycle brakedisc?

    who has the best internet price for motorcycle brakediscs? can you link a motorcycle webshop? i'm looking for front brakediscs for a 1997 Suzuki TL1000s i don't know where to find discs cheap besides ebay? are these TRW/Lucas discs any good? TRW Lucas Bremsscheibe Starr Vorne MST246...
  12. W

    How to get Internet access on COMAND

    As a bit of a geek, I'm ashamed to admit I had to turn to the internet to try and work out how to hook up my COMAND NTG5 to the web via my mobile phone. Alas, there's not a lot of information on it, so I'll attempt to rectify it, mainly because someone was reporting how easy BMW's system works...
  13. ioweddie

    IOW family new unexpected internet stars A FAMILY on the Isle of Wight have become unexpected internet stars after a video of them lip-syncing to hit songs became a Facebook favourite. From the Frozen smash hit Let it Go and the Spongebob Squarepants’ theme, to Michael Jackson’s Thriller and...
  14. D

    Comand internet

    If i buy the lightning connector for iphone6 will it enable me to use the comand internet Merc app etc.
  15. 1

    Access to internet iphone6+ and Command

    Hi I have paired my phone via Bluetooth to the Command system in my new E220. Everything works except Internet access - do I need to turn on the personal hotspot? Is this the same thing as tethering? What is the downside of leaving the hotspot turned on? All help with my questions...
  16. G

    Internet connection in new C Class with iPhone and LED light settings

    Hi all, I got my new 205 C-Class just before Christmas. Overall a lovely car and I'm very happy. There have been a few niggles which are (hopefully!!) in hand (a rattly speaker and a bit of damage to a trim from new) but I have a couple of questions that I'd appreciate an opinion on. 1...
  17. grober

    The Internet is Broken!

    I impart grave news for all Microsoft Xboxand Sony PlayStation owners who were unable to use their "alternative reality" boxes yesterday. The internet was broken. Customers will have to make do with reality till its mended. Still there's always Strictly Come Dancing. Downton Abbey or...
  18. Dieselman

    YouTube, no sound using Internet Explorer

    When using ie 11 to view YouTube videos there is no sound. Sounds are on and working on computer, other video sites, such as vimeo and Bing work ok, as does using Firefox. Does anyone know the fix. Windows 8.1 operating system.
  19. E

    Connect to the internet

    I have windows phone, and need to know whats the best way to connect Command to internet? I have just acquired the E-Class and cracked every other mystery except going online. how does one get the thing on the internet? With our without phone.
  20. W

    Satellite internet

    Hi all, Does anyone have any experience of satellite internet? Living in the middle of nowhere I'm getting increasingly fed up with poor speeds and was thinking of taking the plunge, but am concerned primarily about voip and whether it is unworkable due to the time delay. Some people I have...
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