1. markjay

    Fire Engine 'Joy Riders'
  2. E

    My new joy

    Just thought id share my new purchase with you guys:thumb: BMW 330D M Sport Individual paint work & white leather, more pics coming soon once i give it a proper clean.
  3. merc85

    s211 Steering Shimmy Deep joy lol

    Recently had both forward front arms changed, the brands were different, the car has developed a steering shimmy 48 -56 mph, just feel it when i have a light touch on the steering wheel. Ive also been getting a creaking from the nsf which im thinking is the forward lower arm agian which was...
  4. Felstmiester

    Driving your pride and joy in the winter

    I've always had the work van, a family car ( what I call the Mrs car ) and a weekend car. At the moment the c63 sits on the drive all clean and if I run the kids to school or football I jump in the wife's car or van. I always walk past the merc and think I'd love to take it but always decide...
  5. N

    cdi 220, 2355-002 fault code air mass to large. replaced everything and still no joy

    Hi guys ive got a cdi 220 55 plate c class. driving at 70mph the car puts its self in to limp mode. ive replaced the turbo, egr valve and inlet. with still no joy. i was looking at another side and some said to use a cdi3 erg mod? has an heard of this and will it work and where can i get one...
  6. shrimo

    My CLS 500, my new pride and joy

    Here is my new pride and joy, well I've had her a couple of months now. Just fitted a new grille, LED bulbs all round and a viseeo adaptor so now I can play music from phone to stereo I'll get pics of the led strip light I fitted for the boot, it has made an amazing transformation
  7. N

    My pride & joy AMG

    Been on this forum few months now and learnt a lot about AMG's thanks to this great site. Having owned few Merc's before a 203,208 & 209 this is my first AMG. Loving every min of it and started doing few mods to it.. Since purchasing it back in August, started doing few bits and bobs to it...
  8. Felstmiester

    Trusting main dealers with your pride and joy

    My c63 is going in for a service on sat. Not a biggie just oil filters and diff fluid change. As I've mentioned before I have the means and ways to carry out the work myself due to the fact my father owns a garage and does services etc. But due to the fact I want to keep the main dealer history...
  9. Harrythedog

    A salesman's joy

    So you've left the dealership having agreed a price and left the deposit on a car, ever thought of what happens when you leave? They do things a little differently at this Hyundai dealership... [VIDEO]
  10. dubsR33

    Thought id share my other pride and joy

    Okay chaps im relatively new here but not new to forums and cars :thumb: I used to be the Southwest area rep on and have owned my R33 GTST for 8 years now and its locked away in a secure lock up and only comes out in the sunshine :D The car was completely stock when i...
  11. B

    Bumpy Roads what a joy !

    Hit a bloody pothole in my old 1998 CL now cannot get my ABS light out on dashboard, been told by garage that the sensor has split on the driveshaft ( think he said that - he did take a photo to show me ) . More investigations required - has this happened to anyone ? ( I am a new Merc owner...
  12. F

    My pride & joy with pnp

    w211 E320 petrol avant-garde. (BEHR RAD). FMBSH. 58000mls. Including my private No. plate JE----. Taxed & MOT, end of July. Next serv. due Nov.13. Recent new rear springs Shock absorber & front ball joints done In the last 3000mls. The car is in immaculate condition. & only used on long runs...
  13. s4rap

    joy of owning a clk430

    best weekend weather wise here in bolton out all weekend in my clk430 collected a speeding ticket yesterday going over belmont sneaky motorbike cop on plain white bike,up early this morning wash and polish just parked car up and then had to move it,all normal lights are on dash but battery wont...
  14. tombadino

    CL600 AMG Joy

    Thought I would give you an update of my ownership of the beloved CL600 (2001 vintage) I bought this car at the beginning of July after watching the infamous Top Gear prog where they bought the two luxury used vehicles for the price of a cheap new car. Fell in love with the one I bought, had a...
  15. S

    The joy of oversteer, not on the public road

    On Saturday some friends and I decided we would go and watch some rallying which was going on in Perthshire. Here is the full album 2nd October, Aberfeldy Colin MacRae Rally | Facebook Two of my mates are very big on rallying, its not something I know an awful lot about other than it...
  16. abueloeddie

    Watch where you park your pride and joy in Vilnius

    Cycle lane offender has car crushed | ETACycle lane offender has car crushed | ETA Mr Mayor drumming up trade for the MB body shop?:D
  17. rockinfreakshow

    My Pride & Joy!!!

  18. soundsource

    First Merc joy and pain!

    Hi folks, I've been lurking around mbclub looking for advice on a merc to buy for years now. After definitely deciding on a W124 E-series I was offered a 1997 W210 E300 td Estate with 165,000 on the clock for £1300. After spotting a few cosmetic issues and because the seller's a friend of a...
  19. AANDYY

    Mixmeister Fusion, my joy!

    Hello, I just wanted to share my joy of acquiring this amazing software. I always wanted to mix tunes on my PC, years ago I did it with 2 sound cards and a manual mixer, I never really took to it, I'm from the old school twin deck SL 1200's I have about 30 GB's of music and so much I didn't...
  20. J

    Post write off joy

    New member after purchase of new (to me) mercedes. I had a 2001 E240 which was written off when a young lad drove into the back of me while I was in a queue for a roundabout. After a lot of thinkiing and with the permission of SWIMBO I decided to be completely stupid and bought a S600 V12...
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