1. R

    King's Ransom

    My brother just text me to say his eldest has been invited to spend two weeks on a yacht. They're on a two week holiday in Italy and flying to Dublin on a 737...his son is getting a private jet to Palma. Here's the yacht:
  2. uumode

    Mercedes-Benz Poised to Topple BMW as World’s Luxury-Car King

    "Relegating once-dominant BMW to the No. 2 rank for the first time in more than a decade, Mercedes is likely to sustain its strong delivery pace in 2017 thanks to a new version of the E-Class sedan rolled out last March." Bloomberg
  3. grober

    The Thrill is Gone-- B B King dies

    Lately we have been used to seeing him as a sort of Blues Patriach at prestigeous benefit concerts - but here's a little footage of him playing at Sing Sing prison and you get a little more feel for why he is forever part of the black man's struggle in America. LWLAAzOBoBI

    Idris Elba. King Of Speed.

    As stated. BBC2 20.15hrs today. Any petrol heads on here>:D
  5. Koolvin

    Silentnight 7-zone mattress - King Size

    Silentnight 7-zone mattress King size as sold on Amazon £180 brand new, factory sealed. Collection from Laleham, Staines-Upon-Thames
  6. markjay

    RAF Rescue Sea King at Regents Park

    Regents Park is often used for patient transfer between helicopter and ambulance. As I was walking by today I saw one such patent transfer and took a couple of photos. Not a rare sight as such, but still it is not often that members of the public get this close to these loud yet magnificent...
  7. grober

    “Many a true word hath been spoken in jest.” ― King Lear

    Rather liked this piece on "economists" by Court Jester Will Self. BBC iPlayer - A Point of View: Economics Priesthood Get past the fine language and there's a lot of truth in there---- almost Shakespearean. ;)
  8. Gareth

    Britax King Plus (Group 1) Child's Car Seat - Excellent Condition

    Britax King Plus (Group 1) Child's Car Seat Excellent condition, well looked after, cost approx £130 new. £50 collection only from Staines, Middlesex.
  9. M

    Rodney King, RIP

    BBC News - Los Angeles riots figure Rodney King found dead
  10. AMGry Man

    The king is dead, long live the king!

    Sold the C32 AMG Estate and am running around in a new C250 CDI AMG Sport Coupe! Silver, 7 speed auto, panoramic, leather, heated. The daily 8 mile start-stop commute through rat-runs raped me for 11mpg (in winter, 15mpg in summer) so common sense had to take over; now it's 27mpg on same run...

    King of the road<>thanks

    Just to say thank you to all the members of this forum who took time out to tell us about the wide variety of vehicles they have driven, or in some cases steered. Apart from the 'normal' type of vehicles we also had a couple of Monster trucks normally only seen by people who work with them. And...

    Who's the king of the road?

    With such a large membership, and such a varied age group, it would be interesting to discover what is the largest and heaviest vehicle you have ever driven on or off the Queens highway. To start off, the heaviest unladen vehicle I have driven is 62 Tons.?
  13. R

    Carole King and James Taylor

    on BBC 4 now. Great stuff.
  14. T

    Cheap Sadolin Wood preservative - King of wood preservers

    I have 5 cans of Sadolin Classic white base, 2.5l each These sell for over £45 in DIY stores, and £30+ online. Happy to sell my surplus for £15/tin:doh:, collection from SW London (Teddington). Please send me a PM! Collection on weekday evenings please.
  15. High-Lo

    3 x Lion King tickets for tonight 19:30 Lyceum London

    Gutted as my daughter has been looking forward to this for months but has been unwell for a week now. So we have 3 x tickets for The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre London up for grabs for tonights 07:30PM performance (sitting in the Royal Circle L32,L33,L34). £47.50 face value x 3 (£142.50...
  16. popuptoaster

    king cab pick up truck advice

    We are after a 5 seater pickup truck for the missus (she's always wanted a truck and its her money) of some sort, she has up to 3 grand to spend, not too worried about its spec other than it being a diesel, whats best to look at? obviously the jap stuff is everywhere but any of em any good in...
  17. A

    Cash is NOT king at Car Auctions.

    Last week i bought a car at auction (B.C.A Bedford) for £6k but was quite surprised at the extra charges they put on top for non traders. I ended up paying £352 extra, the most surprising to me was the 1.5% they charge if you buy with cash or C/C. I paid the minimim needed in cash (£1,200) to...
  18. Parrot of Doom

    Drift king loses his paper cracker crown heh heh heh :D Long read, but well worth it ;)
  19. Mambo

    XBOX 360 Core Pack + Project Gotham Racing & King Kong

    Not 100% yet but I may be able to get hold of one of these later today. PM me with (sensible :rolleyes: ) offers if interested
  20. mark.t

    king pot noodle rip off

    just having the king horny one when noticed the soy sauce sachet is the same size :eek: as the regular pot noodle :devil: :bannana: ...what's going on .....rant over ;)
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