1. MWCLS

    New silver size large dislock clam style,

    Brand new, padded inside fits CLS. E, CLK and S, many other models, 3 keys unused cost me £134.99 £90 Collection from IG3 Essex due to weight. Michael 07912 284996
  2. P

    Large clearout, various W124/W201/W202/W210/R129/W140 parts inc AMG

    Having a clearout, ask if you need pictures of anything specifically. M103 AMG rocker cover for a 3.2 AMG - £300 W124 E36 AMG Stainless twin pipe center exhaust section, new old stock - £400 W124 AMG saloon/estate gen 2 side skirts - £400 W124 saloon/coupe rear bumper - £400 W124 coupe...
  3. M

    large heat exchanger

    bolted on to the car , lets hope the bumper goes back on
  4. KillerHERTZ

    Large Scratch DIY Repair

    This happened last week - I have 2 cm clearance each side of my garage door frame and after 2 1/2 years the inevitable happened: I was gutted, however after around an hour of elbow grease + Meguiars Ultimate Cut Compound I have removed 98%: Amazingly it there are no dents at...
  5. A

    Giant Road Bike OCR Large

    Selling my trusted Giant OCR road bike - large Alumxx forks Alumxx chasis Sora/shimano 14 speed gears Specialized lightweight handlebar Specialized stem 6% lightweight New rear brake pads Red Vittoria tyres I am looking for £150 as the tyres alone owe me £50 I bought the bike for a charity...
  6. M

    Talk talk fibre - medium or large

    Hi I'm currently on a non fibre virgin media line. Switching to a fibre line in my new home. Would it be worth going for the large option for extra £5 a month or is it money in the pan?
  7. Cyclone1

    Large Villa in Greek Islands 2016

    Hi All, I am on the search for a large villa preferably in the Greek Islands to rent in August 2016. It needs to have the following please: Large pool 8 bedrooms / sleep 17 Be walking distance to the beach / bar / restaurant. Budget is up to £7k for two weeks. If anyone has one...
  8. stwat

    Chernobyl forest fires may result in large scale re-release of radiation

    Blimey :eek:
  9. kalvin928

    cls (w209) e63 (w211) large paddle shift steering wheel

    was going to fit to car but other plans now. Complete wheel with airbag. excellent order; no wear. was from cls 63 but gather its the same as e63.... but I might be wrong!! looking around £450 collected
  10. 91dm

    Large Trailer Wanted

    Hello, Not exactly Mercedes related but I'm looking for a large trailer. Doesn’t matter if it’s a flat bed/livestock/horse trailer, ideally twin axel and 10ft+ long. Private message me with any details. Thanks
  11. N

    cdi 220, 2355-002 fault code air mass to large. replaced everything and still no joy

    Hi guys ive got a cdi 220 55 plate c class. driving at 70mph the car puts its self in to limp mode. ive replaced the turbo, egr valve and inlet. with still no joy. i was looking at another side and some said to use a cdi3 erg mod? has an heard of this and will it work and where can i get one...
  12. gunning

    Best place to buy a large shed (for the w124)

    I'm running out of room at home so I need a large shed to put in my yard, around 20x10 to put the 300ce in. Does anyone know the cheapest online company that does just a cheap shed. I just want it to be dry from the harsh English weather. I've had a look around on Google but sometimes it's worth...
  13. GregDaisley

    Alpinestars Andes Drystar Motorcycle Jacket & Trousers - LARGE

    Alpinestars Andes Drystar Motorcycle Jacket & Trousers - LARGE Used once, no longer needed as I've now sold my bike... Mint, as new condition. RRP Jacket £190, Trousers £160. Best kit on the market. Both size Large. Further info: Jacket The technically advanced...
  14. Spinal

    Large Rugged Storage (for videos)

    Here's a question that I'm struggling to answer... I'm planning on bringing a few cameras onto the mongol, at least one of which will be a dash cam recording 24/7. I don't want it to loop, and would rather keep all the videos so that I can do a stop-motion thing later (and keep track of how...
  15. s500colin

    Thinking about buying a large 4x4

    Hi I'm thinking about buying a big 4x4 as a week end mess around vehicle. should have 7 seats. The only one that seams to fit the bill is a Toyota Landcruiser 4.7 petrol or 4.2 diesel. I have seen a 4.7 petrol one with a LPG conversion but don't know much about LPG.I don't want a Discovery or...
  16. S

    Large galvanised trailer wanted please

    Wanted: Large galvanised (Ifor Williams type) trailer, ideally with dropsides, brakes & tidy condition Thank you
  17. V

    Large Parasitic Draw on Battery

    Hi My car is a 2001 S210 E320 cdi estate Last week the garage diagnosed a large 18Amp draw on the battery when the car was shut down and after tess concluded it was the Alternator. The Alternator was replaced and the car was picked up at 6pm yesterday. At 9pm yesterday the alarm went off...
  18. Doodle

    Still large, still silver

    The E-class is gone (to another member of this parish), and in its place has arrived...
  19. O

    Polishing advice for a large area

    Hi Folks This is a bit different. I need some advice on an electric polisher – not for my car but for my narrow boat. It is a relatively new boat and was painted to a gloss automotive type finish about 8 years ago. The paintwork is looking a bit tired after being out in the sunlight all this...
  20. Howard

    Large gilt framed overmantle mirror

    I'll link you to the Ebay listing , to save me having to type it all out and upload pictures , but if anyone on here wants it , contact me and we can work something out. Gilt framed overmantle mirror | eBay
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