1. Braincrank

    124 ignition leads cover wanted

    Hello , I'm after a ignition leads cover for my 124.
  2. russwagg

    Media Interface leads

    Set of 3 from a 2010 C Class, probably fits several. Item numberA 001 827 93 04 Ipod, USB, DIN leads that plug into the glove box. Any interest?
  3. S

    Apple interface leads x3

    Hey folks, Have amassed these through buying various merc's and no longer need them There are 3 for sale and have the following part numbers A0018278404 A0028272104 A0038270204 Looking for 22.50 delivered (each) Thanks Steve
  4. C

    560 sec ht leads

    Looking to replace mine with standard Beru items, maybe magnecor 7mm leads. Any experience or recommendation out there? Cheers Shirish
  5. W

    Silicone HT Leads such as Magnecor

    Has any one tried the Magnecore HT leads, or similar product, were they any good or waste of money, I know they are popular with engine tuners, just very different to original leads ?
  6. Hawkwind

    CLK320 Spark Plugs and Bosch Leads

    Changed the spark plugs and leads today, all twelve of them! Top tip for anyone thinking of doing this job themselves, is to get one of your children to do it! :D The clearances are tiny so it took me about 3 hours to do all of them, small hands would be an advantage. Seriously though, I used...
  7. K

    S211 E55 ignition leads anyone used Prospark or Bbt

    Anyone used ht leads from Prospark of Bbt. They are supplied from eurocarparts or gsf parts. Average price is around £100 for the set. I was looking at Beru or Bremi which are the Merc oem supplier but they seem to be hard to find in the UK. Any advice? Regards
  8. Grovsie31

    C55 ignition leads

    Just ordered 16 bosch spark plugs from ECP, I was going to do the leads as well, where can I get hold of bosch leads for less than silly money? Or do I have to go to Merc and bend over?
  9. U

    recommended coils & leads for r170 slk 230

    Hi all, Been searching for past few weeks and struggling. Want to change the coils and leads/boots on the wife's slk as they old and she gets the odd misfire on cylinder 1. Anyone have any recommendations of which to (Or not to) get and from where? Found several places for the coils, but...
  10. N

    Which country leads the way in Merc V8 tuning

    I've noticed a lot of aftermarket products originate from the US, there is a lot of choice. Is this because the yanks have decades of experience racing/tuning V8's? What about the Aussies down under? Or the Germans...?
  11. R

    W124 Replacing ignition leads only

    Hi, does anyone have experience replacing only the ignition leads and internal metal pin, while reusing the boots and suppressor plugs? In the attached image (LHS) I'm talking about reusing parts 89 and 74 while replacing 71 and 65 only. Doing this will save about $400. Thanks.
  12. 24karrat

    560 SEL HT leads

    Hi Guys, I need some advise on HT leads for my 1989 560 sel, whats the difference between the red coloured high performance HT leads and the black HT leads. And wheres the best place to buy them seen some made in the UK. Kind Regards, Manny
  13. abecketts

    HT Leads

    Car related but not a merc, i'm needing to replace the ht leads on the v8 disco, do the magnecor leads make such a difference or is it another snake oil myth? car is running on lpg. thanks RPi Engineering - V8 Engine - Electrical
  14. C

    Ignition HT Leads W208 CLK 320

    Hi all, need to get some new leads for my W208 clk 320 does anyone know what the complete sets are like from euro car parts for £83 or closer to £63 with a discount. Thanks
  15. M

    w124 300e 24v Ignition Leads

    I managed to damage one of the ignition leads (ht leads) on my w124 300e 24v. Would someone be able to advise me on whether the 24 valve m104 engine requires different leads to the 12v engines? Some cheap sets on ebay suggest they fit both types whereas eurocarparts and gsf suggest the m104...
  16. S

    HT Leads

    I want to treat my SLK to a new set of quality HT Leads, Can someone recommend a good performance set and where to buy. Don't want a cheap set. Thanks
  17. B

    55 AMG HT Leads Correct order

    Does anyone have the correct layout for the HT Leads from the coil pack to the Spark plugs, just want to double check mine, and as a ref when I pull the cam covers and replace the gaskets, may even powder coat the covers when off
  18. KillerHERTZ

    W209 & W203 CD Auto Changer + Leads

    For sale is my CD Auto Changer from my Audio10 Headunit which I removed when I facelifted my interior. Included is the fibre optic cable, and all other leads power/headunit. £60 + Postage
  19. horgantrevor

    What upgrade HT LEADS for w202

    Hi just wondering what would be the best HT lead upgrade for a w202 I remember a while ago olly changed his cant remember what make And help would be great thx Sent from my iPhone using MBClub UK
  20. A

    Original cls55 merc HT leads

    I have a 15 instead of x 16 ones gone missing, used but all good offers
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