1. rockits

    Any Builders in/around Hertfordshire? Garage Roof Truss mod for 4 post lift

    Do we have any builders or anyone able to look at modifying the trusses in my garage so I can get enough height for a 4 post lift? Or any recommendations of someone that could look at if this is possible and to do the work. I have the roof height but have 4 trusses that will need to be...
  2. lxi

    R230 roof / boot lift failure

    My boot hydraulic lift has been a bit iffy for some time - works fine most of the time (opening) and all of the time (closing). So, with the weather brilliant, it decides not to play (opening) at all. That also means the roof wont play either. My keyless driver's handle is u/s - passengers...
  3. E

    2012 face lift c63 headlight ballast

    As above looking for the ballast or complete light for the passenger side front if possible cheers:thumb:
  4. merc85

    Face lift conversion 2004 w211

    Well Tuesday was a busy evening, Helped a good friend and forum member do a facelift conversion to his w211 e320 cdi. Here are some pic's After He ordered it off ebay, Complete with fog's and colour coded. It took us 6 1/2hours due to having to transfer and glue the PDC's sensor's in...
  5. Palfrem

    W124 window lift switches

    Does anyone know what bulb I need to replace the dead one in my window switch please? Maybe look at LED? Many thanks
  6. M

    4 Post Lift for Hire in the South East

    Does anyone know of any garages based in the South East that hire out 4 post lifts? I want to set up my suspension as the heights in each corner are all over the place.
  7. J

    New Member London E250 CDI Coupe C207 2013 preface lift

    Hi All, I am new a member of the forum, I bought a Mercedes E250 CDI from car giant 3 months ago & have done a few upgrades too. I am the type of person that likes to keep things as stock as possible. I would like to thank everybody on this forum (MBclub community) for their advice as I...
  8. E

    Vito lift kit for offroad

    Hi, I recently bought a Mercedes Vito cargo van and wanted to see if anyone knew what lift kit was used on the van for the Aicha des gazelles rally. Here is a picture. Thank you. Eric
  9. P

    Car lift

    Mid rise scissor type lift wanted (low ceiling) waiting and can collect....anything out there?
  10. sarah.grandon

    Boot lift with fob

    Hello.. my CLK 320 boot lift doesn't always work with key fob?? It unlocks but doesn't always lift. Does it just need oiling?? Or could it be fob?? [emoji848]...xx Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. AdeR

    Wanted - W210 (face lift) front passenger side wing

    Looking for a W210 front passenger side wing facelift (without indicator). Mine has taken up religion and become holy!! In a perfect world, colour - desert silver. But anything considered. I'm near Andover, so anything I could cash & collect be great. Thanks.
  12. Palfrem

    W124 window lift switches

    Quick question, The bulb has gone in one of the window switches. Does it just carefully lever out or do I remove the whole wooden panel and get to it from behind? Any idea what bulb type I need too please? Many thanks
  13. P

    Face Lift Conversion W207 to C207

    Hi All, I am new to this forum and looking around seems like a nice place. I have an E Class convert and have been thinking of doing a face lift conversion. i have tried to find someone on this forum that has already done it but had no joy. I have found a bumper and a pair of headlights going...
  14. T

    Axle Stand positions for a CLK C209

    Hi, Does anyone know the best position to place Axle Stands when lifting the front of the car? One site describes placing them under the front chassis for the W210, is the approach for the C209 the same? Is there any way to identify the most appropriate place to position them on each side? Thanks
  15. Yugguy

    Do you even lift?

    So, anyone on here do any weight training, power-lifting, body-building, strongman, olympic? I'm an old garage rat myself, I have a set up in my garage I've constructed down the years, I do power-lifting and compound strength work. I work in IT and stare at a computer all day and I like...
  16. V

    W204 preface lift dipped beams

    Hi guys, just wanted a bit of help in deciding what option to go for, peoples opinions are welcome! currently have a w204 preface lift c class saloon with stock dipped beam bulbs and i believe i have projector headlights. firstly i find the look of the car rather old compared to the...
  17. Ultrarep

    Climate control from face lift S211

    Hi all. I am sorry if this has been done befor. But I have anS211 2004 that I love. Is it possiblr to swap out the dials and knobs of the standard climate controls just under the centre vents for the face lift type with the lsc display? If possiblr is this easy? The car does not have 4 zone...
  18. K

    w204 face lift n/s passenger wing mirror glass lost against a tree

    Hi all, I hit a tree earlier today and in doing so my passenger wing mirror broke to pieces. Luckily I managed to put it all back together but the glass of the mirror is smashed. Can anyone please help me find a replacement. Ebay only offers what i have found in the past to be very low...
  19. E

    R170 SLK- does face lift bumper fit pre face lift ?

    I'm having bumper painted and wondering if the facelift bumpers and side skirts are a direct fit. Think they look much better
  20. M

    Need access to four post lift

    Don't know if this is the best place to post but here goes. The gearbox on my E320 CDI (W211) - it's a 722.6 - is misbehaving. I've done lot of research and I'm reasonably confident that I can fix this myself - I'll at least do a better job than the garages that have looked at it to...
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