1. Doodle

    Part number lottery

    I need to put a new steering damper on the 129, and the EPC provides me with 2 equivalent part numbers for the same part; A1244630432 & A0004635332 However, on the Inchcape site the A000 number is half the cost of the A124, and for the life of me I can't work out why? :confused:
  2. Calcifer

    Need a lottery win.

    Lots of nice classic Mercedes up for auction this weekend. Wish I could afford one of the classics. :( Bonhams : The Mercedes-Benz Sale
  3. abecketts

    I think i'll need to win the lottery CLS Brabus

    Must be unbelievably fast It's in Keighley which is not quite Bradford 2007 MERCEDES-BENZ CLS 6.3 SV12-R BI TURBO 750 BRABUS ROCKET ONLY 1 IN UK
  4. M

    Oh I Wish I Could Win The Lottery

    If I won the lottery I would go for this Mercedes Benz s Class Emerald Edition | eBay
  5. MD5

    National Lottery changes

    I'm loving the spin on the changes coming up in October, from when they will use an extra ten numbers; "More numbers to choose from" - yay! I don't know how that will decrease the odds of winning, I've read by about a factor of three, at about 45 million to one, but there are other "benefits"...
  6. R

    He should do the lottery this week...

    Motorcyclist crashes, flips and sticks a perfect landing on a car's roof
  7. skyline pete

    lottery rip off..

    checking my raffle numbers on 2 tickets...the ones with the colours and 8 numbers.....WHAT :devil: found that 2 of the colours that i had wasnt even on the check list..????? HOW CAN YOU WIN THAT THEN..:dk: ZERO CHANCE....:eek:
  8. Dave Richardson

    Postcode Lottery

    Here in the SW, there seems to have been a TV advertising campaign to join the National Post Code Lottery. I appreciate this may or may not be down to chance in the same way as other lotteries so my questions are has any other member joined in & secondly has any member ever won anything ? David
  9. mymini007

    So you have won the Lottery......

    Its easy to say if I won the lottery I would buy an Aston, a range Rover and a E55 Estate and a Ferrari but if you had to chose 1 just 1 car and only 1, to be a sports, everyday, shopping, kids to school car what would it be.
  10. M

    Lottery winners

    News today of a group of twelve bus drivers that jointly won a lottery payout amounting to around £3m each. Seems at least half of the group resigned with immediate effect by phone, while one of them is reported to have parked up his bus mid-route and ordered his passengers to disembark. What...
  11. Nastynick

    Lottery Win MB Shopping List.....

    As its a £40Million+ jackpot tonight (Fri 24th Feb), I thought I'd throw a debate out there to see what would be on members list of cars they'd have in their stable once the check had cleared and the very large garage/small hangar had been constructed. I'll kick off with: 300SL "Gullwing"...
  12. ringway

    Lottery winners receive benefits despite £10.2 million win

    :doh: Source: The Telegraph. Mick and Jean O'Shea won the huge EuroMillions sum in 2005, but Mr O'Shea still receives £500 a month disability allowance because it is not means-tested, according to The Sun newspaper. The former builder said: "I worked for 40 years and I'm entitled to...
  13. Palfrem

    Just getting some ideas for my lottery win

    Goodwood auction attracts big spenders - Telegraph
  14. T

    couple give away lottery win

    BBC News - Canadian couple give away millions in lottery winnings Nice to see there are still some genuinely philanthropic people out there in the world. I'd like to say I would have done the same but, I think I'd have to indulge in a fantasy garage and some choice real estate first...:rolleyes:
  15. Druk

    Lottery win

    No, not me:(. But what would you do if you suddenly found you had £45.000.000 in the bank? Where would you put it and who would you give some to etc, etc?
  16. Gucci

    Lottery millions...I nearly lost!

    Ok, so I didn't win, but I double checked my 'continuos direct debit' online - only to find it was stopped! My bank card expired, but it appears you need to register your new one. It was alway set up as a Direct Debit from my account, not my card. To re-register, you don't even type in a card...
  17. chriswt

    Lottery win - cheapest car you'd buy?

    I was just thinking, what the cheapest car I'd buy would be if I were to win the lottery. Considering that the car has to been in good to mint condition to sit beside all the other exotics that you'll buy for your stable, what is the cheapest car you'd hunt for when the 'big win' hit your...
  18. Godot

    When I have won the Lottery!!! :bannana::rock::):rolleyes:
  19. A

    Where's that lottery ticket !!! £650K !!!
  20. Bobby Dazzler

    Child seat lottery

    Just cleaned Jnr Dazzlers child seat... much money do you think I found beneath the cover?
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