1. Gurd63

    Lowering W212 E63

    Im looking to lower the E63 when I get it back from Merc. Mainly for aesthetic reasons but any handling improvements are a bonus. I've seen H&R front springs and rear lowering links. Does anyone have any experience with H&R springs, or recommend any other alternatives? Regards.
  2. E

    E class coupe lowering springs required

    Hello all I am looking to lower my e350 coupe cdi, if anyone has any lowering springs, please do get in touch. Thanks
  3. Leeroy

    lowering springs

    As maybe folk have read, I am currently looking for some new wheels ( for my 350 W212) and going for 20" would I be able to lower it 30pm all round without any problems or I take it 19" would be better if I were to lower it??.. also does anyone have pics of an e-class with 19" and lowered or...
  4. O

    Lowering a vito sport x

    got a 08 vito sport x, dont like how high it is especially the back Have found a couple of threads but neither come to a final outcome of how much to lower by Just had a tape measure out and to get a 2" gap above wheel to arch front and rear i would need the gap to reduce by the...
  5. T

    Mercedes 190 W201 40mm FK Lowering Springs - As new

    Hi all, Bought these last year for my 190d but only used them for around 100 miles as went for a different setup, so they're in as new condition. FK 40mm FKS91 VA lowering springs for 190s, might fit others but thats for you to check! £60 plus postage, can be collected from...
  6. Pfinix

    W126 lowering rear

    Hi there, I bought some time ago lowering spring ( lesjofors) set for my 420 SEC , I replace myself front over year ago (easy job with telescopic tool set), but as far I know this tools are only for front springs , how easy and safe replace rear one? It is a job what I can do myself? Thanks.
  7. J

    lowering springs for a w124 coupe?

    Hi guys, im after a set of lowering springs for my w124 coupe. Any recommendations or is it a case of just order ebay spring kit? Thanks James
  8. BIG_G_1979

    lowering my w211 e280cdi sport

    Hi guys I have bought myself some lowering springs and need advice and what to look out for when doing the job in hand, I think the rears are tricky and people have different methods so please advise on easiest way of doing the job thanks
  9. L

    Lowering Module For SL600 2004

    As title. If you have one or know where to bet one from. Thanks Paul
  10. M

    Lowering S204 Advice please

    hi, looking to lower my C220 CDI estate. I wanted to get any advice on the matter... 1) what springs are the best (h&r or Eibach etc.) 2) how low should i go? 3) should i roll and pull the arches first? 4) what size wheels fit the best? (looking for 18's) cheers, jon
  11. legonutter

    W203 lowering springs and sport pack brakes

    I'm looking for some advice on what springs to buy for my w203 C270 cdi and if anyone has the sport calipers for sale
  12. 1

    cls 55 lowering

    I was looking to lowermy cls 55 through star. Any suggestions of anyone that can do this in scotland or better near glasgow?
  13. G

    Sl55 programa lowering module

    Looking to buy one of these on us eBay for $549 , sent them a quick email as in there listing it says cars with air suspension only , they have replied and said they don't fit cars with ABC ?? In there listing it says it fits 230,216 etc which only has ABC ? I'm confused anyone have one on there...
  14. A

    lowering a 2002 s class

    Hi I'm new on here and I'm sorry if you always get asked this but is it right that all you need to lower an s class is adjustable/ lowering drop links? Also is there anywhere in the UK I can buy some good quality ones?
  15. W

    W209 lowering springs

    Anyone got a set of lowering springs for a 2002 w209 240 Thanks
  16. W

    Lowering springs

    Just wondering would lowering springs from a w208 fit a w209 Thanks Will
  17. M

    what lowering spring do I need

    I have a c250cdi sports so it's lowered a bit already but want to lower it bit more. Which lowering spring will I need as car is already lowered.
  18. R

    New C63 W205 Lowering Kit - Help

    Hello all, I recently took delivery of a W205 C63 and I'm keen to lower it ever so slightly and then add 10-15 mm spacers to 'beef' up the overall stance a little. I can't seem to find any kits available. Also the cars come with an adjustable ride function but it doesn't actually lover the...
  19. Charles Morgan

    W114 lowering question

    I now have the larger wheel size and trims for my coupe. I am keen to lower it a bit as it will improve both the appearance and the handling. H&R make lowering springs that produce a 5.5cm drop - which is possibly a bit much. However, the Bilstein B4 shocks available (and OEM) will only cope...
  20. F

    Lowering on hold.

    Today my Clk 240 w209 (2004) Advantage was to have lowering springs fitted (35mm drop) but the work has been put back for a week. I'm now thinking 'should I have up rated shockers fitted' at the same time or will the springs work ok with the original shockers. I have already purchased the H&R...
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