1. C

    Lowering springs w211

    Pm me with details. Thanks Sent from my SM-G935F using Tapatalk
  2. M

    W204 C230 lowering

    Some help please. I have a 2009 W204 C230 2.5V6 petrol estate Sport model. I would like to lower it a bit on springs. Either Eibach or H&R. Which ones should I go for and has anyone on here done similar? Also, anyone got pictures of the result if so? With it being the sport model I think...
  3. tomtoms

    Lowering springs W212 E-class?

    Gents, Anyone had the lowering springs on the E-class? If so, what's your verdict etc? I've seen the Eibach ones which I had on a previous car and I loved them. Car sat nicer on the wheels and handled slightly better IMO. I'm certainly not after that 'slammed' look people go for, just...
  4. B

    S212 E350cdi lowering

    Hi all, I'm one week into owning the car and it's great. Only thing I'm finding it after my B3 is that it rolls and wallows quite a bit, however I do also like the softer ride.... I'm willing to sacrifice a little comfort for a a sharper ride. It's a bigger heavier car so it's never going to...
  5. C

    cls 350 w210 non airmatic lowering alloys

    Hi, Been a long time since I posted on this forum, but have been an avid viewer! I own a CLS 350 W219 non airmatic silver, great car! Had it probably over a year. I went for my MOT couples of weeks back and found out one of the standard alloys was cracked. This led me to either get it...
  6. K

    lowering suspension

    hi all, looking for a garage Lancaster/preston area to lower my suspension.already have the springs just need a recommendation for good quality work cheers
  7. E

    Lowering springs

    Any recommendations on what springs and where to get decent lowering springs for a 2009 E-class coupe W207 from? Thanks
  8. B

    Vito Lowering and the Viano Grand Edition ride height?

    Hi guys, new on here and new to Vito ownership, I have a 2011 facelift 110 LWB. I'm currently looking at lowering the van on new wheels and need some advice. Ive been offered a set of the same wheels that come on the Viano Grand edition and think they look fantastic, the Viano Grand...
  9. merc85

    w211 lowering links

    I've seen a w211 e55k with lowering links, How does this work? can it be easily reversed and does it do any harm or help the Airmatic shocks?
  10. nickjonesn4

    E55 lowering options

    Evening all Would like to lower my car a little next year having decided to stick with 18" rims. As I see it the options are Lowering links Have it lowered on Star Buy the renntech module Any pluses/minuses with regard to ride quality and handling on the above options would be great. I tend...
  11. M

    w123 lowering and wheel/tyre set up

    hi could anyone recommend whats the best wheel set up for the 40mm h&r lowering springs ? im thinking 17" wheels but i dont know what j i should get the wheels in and what tyre choice is best for the car, Also will i need new shocks because of changing the springs ? any help would be much...
  12. M

    Eibach Pro-kit W204/ S204 Lowering Springs

    got a set of lowering springs which were on my 2012 mercedes c-class estate but will also suit any saloon or estate diesel c-class or a larger engine petrol. bought around christmas and was on my car for 6 months, selling as not needed anymore, very good condition, looking for £150 posted...
  13. L

    Advice on lowering CLS 320 cdi...

    Dear all, I have recently bought a CLS 320 cdi and want to lower it as it sits too high in particular at the rear. Thinking of either Eibach or H&R springs. Would be very interested in hearing from others who have lowered their car with these makes or others and their experiences with...
  14. zaen1

    W208 clk Bilstein B12 Pro lowering kit 97-02

    Brand new Bilstein/Eibach lowering kit for a w208 clk 200.97-02 Might fit w202 but im not really sure, lowering 30mm front and back but can lower upto 40mm depending on what pads your using. model number is Bilstein 46-181763. 4 Bilstein shock absorbers and 4 Eibach lowering springs...
  15. Growy16

    C63 Lowering

    I am looking to lower my standard C63. I have seen that CKS Performance offer springs that drop the car by 20mm. Is that the best route or are there better full suspension set ups which will give the drop without making the suspension too stiff? For me the standard suspension is ok, not too...
  16. zaen1

    H&R lowering springs W211 W204 W218

    Hi i have 2 Sets of H&R lowering springs H&R 29265-3 for W211 4matic,not sure if they will fit other models £75 H&R 29076-5 for W204 c class and W218 cls 250 cdi 350 cdi might fir other models but not sure £80 Both sets are brand new would prefer collection from Birmingham but might...
  17. S

    C124 H&R lowering springs for a E320 Coupe

    This might be a long shot but looking for the above please if someone has a set lying around they might wanna sell ?
  18. Abdul

    Lowering a W209 - Spring pads

    Hey guys I'm about to install Eibach springs on my CLK500. Now my question is, do W209's have Spring pads on the front axle like the old w208's did? I know they have them on the rear but I wanted to double check the front as my mechanic reckons they don't.. Any help appreciated...
  19. BlackC55

    Renntech lowering modules X 2 available at silly low price!

    Ok so we have 2 Renntech lowering modules available here at PCS at a special price of £850 fitted... these retail at around £1300 for the unit alone. Suitable models include: S Class with ABC or airmatic: CL 215/216 : SL With ABC : E55 211 : CLS55 219 : SL63/65 : E63 : Most cars that have...
  20. S

    Lowering w202 C230k

    Shocks and springs Just springs Coilovers Anything considered to sort the attitude & altitude out. Please dm with whatcha got, where you are and how much. :thumb:
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