1. J

    Sprinter 311 LWB

    Hi All, I have a sprinter 311 lwb and when in gear I can hear a grinding/whining noise coming from the middle/rear of the van. But when you push the clutch in the noise goes away. Any ideas what this can be?? help would be grateful. Cheers James
  2. S

    LWB Sprinter mixed symptoms. 350 miles away from home. Please help!!

    Hey folks, So, I've a Mercedes Sprinter lwb 2003, 2151cc, 3.5ton. It's a few odd symptoms that don't seem to make sense to me. Bought in Sept / Oct 2016 - Power was low, replaced the glowplugs and had a reconditioned turbo fitted in Dec. New oil & filter. loads of power. Drove 300 miles...
  3. P

    2003 Sprinter W903 T1N LWB 311 CDI Manuals/First timer help

    Hi guys, I picked up a 2003 W903 LWB 311 CDI OM611 2148cc Sprinter yesterday, I was wondering if there is a UK spec owners manual knocking around anywhere for this so I can get accustomed to it. I found the oil guide in the sticky but would like to know what viscositys to run depending...
  4. J

    Mercedes Sprinter LWB 2011 - Dipped Right Beam and Dipped Left Beam intermittent

    hi ive got a mercedese sprinter LWB 2001. I hit somebody straight on front impact around 3 months ago only doing about 5 - 10mph (not my fault). Just thought this impact may make a difference to the diagnostic of my fault. For the past few weeks, sometimes when i start the engine i get...
  5. F

    An W220 Facelift S320 CDI LWB

    Am looking for a W220 facelift S320 CDI LWB preferably in a dark colour with a cream interior but all will be considered. Budget of £3500
  6. m2287

    S320 cdi lwb

    Mercedes s320 CDI long wheelbase 2003, 53 plate Diesel Automatic 159k miles MOT 09/02/17 FULLY LOADED!!! Tonnes of Service history Full black leather interior including dashboard Front seats are electric, heated, air cooled, have auto bolster adjustment to hold you when cornering, and...
  7. R

    Vito V639 LWB internal step / sill cover part number?

    Hi I have just bought a 204 Vito and noticed the plastic moulded step inside the sliding door is broken. I am struggling to explain it to the parts people over the phone and can't find anything on the internet. Would anyone know the part number or point me in the direction of an online parts...
  8. M

    2008(08) mercedes r320l cdi estate sport v6 diesel automatic black r class lwb

    Full Details 2008(08) MERCEDES R320L CDI SPORT ESTATE AUTOMATIC BLACK 6 SEAT LWB - Mercland Mercedes R320L CDI Estate Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 3rd April 2008 – 08 Reg • Two Owners Only & Last Owner Since January 2009 • 23,106 miles only with Full Service...
  9. M

    2007(57) mercedes s320l cdi saloon 3.0 v6 diesel automatic tanzanite blue lwb

    Full Details 2007(57) MERCEDES S320L CDI SALOON 3.0 V6 DIESEL AUTOMATIC BLUE LWB - Mercland Mercedes S320L CDI Saloon Automatic Vehicle Specs: General • Registered 4th September 2007 – 57 Reg • Two Owners Only & Supplied By Us to Last Owner • 92,018 miles only with Full...
  10. C

    Help!!! 2008 s320 lwb cdi sudden hard ride

    Hi Ive got a problem with my 2008 S320 cdi LWB with sudden hard ride Ive recently got the anti roll bar links changed and lower rear track control arms after changing all of these parts couple of days in noticed hard ride as if the car is stuck in S Mode Ive had the car on Autologic...
  11. M

    Engine Issues On S500 Lwb 2006

    Hi Guys & Gals, What you think this is down to, so start my car engine management light flashes and engine judders feel like its losing power, then after a min engine light goes solid and this stops happening and car drives. Sent it to mechanic who said cylinder 4 was misfiring, he...
  12. U

    2001 170 CDi LWB 2DIN radio

    I recently upgraded from crapo Becker audio 30 APS to a 2DIN touch screen radio dvd, gps etc unit, not an easy job and requiring some handy craft but nice now it's done. Has anyone upgraded from early three spoke steering wheel (with airbag) to later model with remote buttons on and what would...
  13. DanMorgan

    600 sel lwb

    Not to everyone's taste, but I would love one of these (bar the wheels). Love the number plate aswell! mercedes benz 600 SEL 1992 V12 long wheelbase | eBay
  14. M

    Engine Issues On S500 Lwb 2006

    How common are they? Is it true the engine needs to be rebuilt timing belt etc on this model or that its a prone failure. Is the engine issues bad on this car?
  15. S

    S 320 cdi lwb w220 transmission judder

    Hi I am brand new to Mb forum & could I ask if anyone else has experienced the above my S has gone into Limp mode and having diagnosed through Star a blocked 2nd cat downstream which will either need replacing Or as a cheaper option could this be removed and an exhaust sleeve used to replace...
  16. rsvgreg

    The Wife's A210 LWB-Intermitant starter

    My good lady wife has had an intermittent niggle with her A210 for a little while. When she goes to start the car the dash lights all come on but nothing happens at the key. No clicking just dead. The solution she has employed is to put the car in gear and rock it gently, (she's only little)...
  17. P

    Tyres for a Sprinter 416CDI 4X4 LWB HR Crew Van

    I own a Sprinter 416CDI 4X4 LWB HR Crew Van which has 5" x 15" rims currently shod with 195/70 rubber (twin wheels on the rear). I want a higher profile tyre & want to know what tyre I can use? I need to consider: 1. The tallest tyre possible to give good ground clearance & slightly...
  18. R

    Headrests 2009 R Class LWB

    Hi looking for middle row headrests two outer seats in black. Thanks.
  19. C

    2004 A140 LWB Piccadilly. 65k Full MBMDSH

    Hi. Putting my A class up but not desperate to sell just not saving much running 2 cars over one and have a 202 nearly on the road if need be. 04 Piccadilly Top spec late model, LWB so practical with lots of rear leg room. 65k with full main dealer history. AUTO, A/C, front electric windows...
  20. E

    mercedes w114 lwb

    just got one of these lhd irish reg 1970 may have been embassy car in other life how can date of manufacture be found thanks erronagh new member
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