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    Gemclean Detailing-MBClub Member Maffs Eurocopter-Interior nano protection detail.

    Hi guys, After member 'Maff' purchased his new Eurocopter he was really wanting to go all out on protections. This was going to get a serious attacking with weather, speed and UV rays. It was an instant decision to go down the full crystal lacquer route with the eurocopter, to give it the...
  2. M

    Gemclean Detailing-Single day detail on Maffs F12 Berlinetta

    Hi guys, Here is a couple of shots of mbclub member Maffs Ferrari F12 Berlinetta after a single day decontamination detail. There was alot of contaminates on the exterior, so the aim was just to remove them, prep and give it a good coat of wax. Process was: -Wheels cleaned using bilberry...
  3. M

    Here it is! Maffs 2011 Ferrari California detail.

    Hello and welcome to this detail on a rather special car. I was contacted by the owner after he had made a bit of journey in his new Ferrari California. It had been drove to Scotland and back on a driving break and was in desperate need of some attention. So the car was booked in and work...
  4. scumbag

    Maffs Mota

    Its about time you bought a sensible motor! Have you no idea that there is a credit crunch on and nobody has any money?:D Nice Fiat tho.:devil:
  5. kikkthecat

    Maffs New Aston

    Showing Off !!! That looks the dogs do dah's. I'm really looking forward to seeing/hearing it in August and suspect I'm not the only one. Cue John......
  6. Dieselman

    Maffs CL AMG

    Maff The car looks gorgeous and I love the double hinged doors, but I'm not too sure about the 16 MPG....still :cool:
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