1. gr1nch

    Uber and the rise of fleet managed drivers

    Just for back from Portugal and after getting ripped off by a taxi driver in Porto, tried Uber later. Chatting with the driver, he explained that he worked (wage + commission + full use of car) for a boss who had a fleet of 10 cars all fully maintained. All the driver had to do was clean the...
  2. saorbust

    Secure Managed Car Storage in London or Essex?

    Hi, Hope everyone is well. I wondered if any of you had any recommendations on car storage facilities. I used to use one near Chelmsford - but I cannot recall the name! Auto barn or similar!! I would need the service to include the normal battery conditioning, rolling of wheels and tyres...
  3. RTaylor

    W246 Change KPH to outside temp om UK model car - anyone managed a recode ?

    Hi All, I took delivery of a B180 CDI Sport on monday and am very happy with it apart from the pointless KPH display in top right on instrument display, the manual states it cant be changed on UK model but given european models can have outside temp and there is a much larger option for speed...
  4. S

    So I have finally managed to get my grubby mitts on it...

    Dads S350 Blutech.:thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb::thumb: I've been cutting around in it this weekend:D:D Its blooming huge. I can manouver it, but bloody H its a brute to park..LOL So what do I think of it. The engine is quieter in this than my old E class, considerably. Its almost as urgent...
  5. Sp!ke

    Wahay - I've managed to hit the claimed mpg figures.

    It has taken a while to figure out how to drive the little Smart in an economical manner. I must say that it is really quite hard to get over 70mpg in town. But last night on my commute across west London in less than ideal conditions I managed to hit my target despite the engine still being...
  6. delvis

    picture of my slk 320 auto 2001 (at last managed to upload)

  7. R

    Anyone managed to change the stereo on a 1999 CLK & keep steering wheel controls?

    My Audio 10 cassette/CD changer just isn't good enough. For one my CD changer doesn't work, and I do not even own a tape to play on it! I had a Sony CD/MP3 (2003) head unit, that i would consider fitting, as I cannot afford a COMAND at present. Just wondering if anyone had managed to...
  8. Peter DLM

    Managed to impress myself on Friday. MPG thread.

    Well, I had to endure to trip to Devon and back at the end of last week, on Friday. Started with a brim filled tank and pressed the reset button before I set off. Car is an '01 E320 W210 Est with 150k on. Petrol engine. 1 hour through the centre of London from Canary Wharf to the M4 took...
  9. Silestanix

    I managed to get the time... upload some pics of my car... And the last one, a pic of the E34 and its siblings...:D Feel free to comment... :cool:
  10. T

    Has anyone managed to change Merc Command sat nav to TomTom?

    Hi, My dads always moaning about the lack of postcode search on the sat nav in his CL. Does anyone know a way of sorting this? Thanks Toby.
  11. bloodmoon

    I managed to stall my auto...

    Wasn't going to mention this (partly out of embarassment) but I thought I would throw it at the forum anyway: A couple of days ago, I managed to stall my 300CE-24. The aircon was on full whack, my headlamps were on and the car was at rest. I shifted from P to R (I was in a car park) and lo...
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