1. D

    mayor khan emission for london how about classic cars or there are exemptions

    anybody knows or we need to move outside the north circular nad m25 any ideas are their exemptions for owners of classic cars also the £10 charge apply outside central london but within north circular the same as old vans etc
  2. S

    Mayor of Paris wants ban on "older vehicles"

    Will/Should other cities in Europe follow suit?
  3. Spinal

    A message from the mayor!

    Just got this in the mail Interestingly, one of the criteria on the site mentioned is: Has anyone else ever seen a notice on one of the thousands of empty sites? M.
  4. Colin_b

    London Mayor Result.

    Result for London Mayor announced. A Mr. Johnson Replaces Mr. Livingstone.
  5. A

    candidate for London Mayor

    one of the guys from the Volkswagen forums has put himself forward as a "candidate" for the London Mayoral Election on the London Elects You site. Currently he's in the lead and has had a fair bit of publicity on the TV and Radio
  6. KillerHERTZ

    Mayor PC booting trouble

    I have recently bought a new (to me) PC. P4 1.8ghz and I have added a Seagate 160gb HD to it. All was well until the other day it stopped reading ether at the boot screen: 'Deteching primary & secondary..........none' etc etc. When I connect them to the PC, the PC stopps reading...
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