1. T

    Meguiars ultimate interior detailer vs AutoGlym

    Hi All Was wondering if anyone has used both of these products and can recommend one over the other? want something for general interior cleaning that I can use on the wood, plastics etc.. :)
  2. E

    15% OFF Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit

    Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit The Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit is ideal for cleaning, and restoring headlamps, back to their original quality. Shop now:Meguiars Headlamp Restoration Kit It's simple to apply and leaves you with a crystal clear finish. Cleans and...
  3. E

    SAVE 25% Off Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras)

    Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Get excellent results with ease of use and a beautiful shine that lasts!! Shop Now: Meguiars MT320 Deluxe Polisher Kit (Unit + Pads + Extras) Features: Digital torque management, electronically adjusts torque to maintain speed...
  4. Gurd63

    Meguiars Ultimate Compound

    Anyone used this before? It'll be used on an MK5 R32 as the paint is shocking and I want to try a good detail before a repaint. My plan is to Wash and dry Clay bar Ultimate compound (maybe Swirl X) Polish Wax. Any reviews on the compound? As ive seen some results that look...
  5. AMGeed

    Meguiars Headlight restoration kit v 3M Headlight Restoration System

    Around a year ago, I tried the Meguiars Headlight restoration kit to try and improve the cloudy headlight lens that seems to affect a lot of cars. At the time I was pretty pleased with the results, but over the last few months, the cloudiness is reappearing and against good bright lens, mine...
  6. R

    Meguiars Ultimate Protectant

    I wanted something to lively-up my door handles and other external black plastic/rubber bits so gave this a try. In short, I buy, is good, I like...
  7. KillerHERTZ

    1st 'MOP' Polisher - Meguiars G220 V2

    Whats the general opinion on the Meguiars G220 V2 MOP? eBay has it for £159 and now I have a black car, I want it to really shine which isnt really possible from just the normal washing procedure. Is this a good introduction to polishing? easy to learn/master? I dont really want to spend...
  8. Tan

    Meguiars deal at Eurocarparts

    Hi Got an email today from Eurocarparts with this good deal on a Meguairs paint restoration kit. Meguiars Winter Paint Restoration Kit at £23.99 looks a good deals, have not checked but we may even get a further discount with the mbclub discount code. Regards Tan
  9. paulgorringe

    Meguiars headlight restoration kit

    Hello to all:thumb: After unsuccessfully trying to remove the yellowish oxidation on my headlights with a variety of products including T-Cut and believe it or not toothpaste I was almost resigned to replacing the lights. However today I bought a Meguiars headlight restoration kit and after...
  10. E

    Win a Meguiars Valeting Kit...

    Hi Guys, It's Friday afternoon so we thought we would play a little game :D .. We have been working on an exciting new project recently which we are about to launch soon - Can you guess what’s under the red drape in the pic below?? We have posted this on various forums and next week we...
  11. D

    Meguiars G220

    Just took the plunge and invested in a Meguiars G220. Intending to use use it with Autoglym Polish and HD Wax. Already Clayed it earlier in the week I have also purchased the yellow and black Meguiars buffereing pads from Halford as it did not come supplied with any. My questions are how should...
  12. E

    Meguiars G220v2 - £156.99

    Hi All, Thought we would let you all in on our latest special offer! If can be selected here: Meguiars G220 v2 Dual Action Polisher
  13. 2

    Recaro C Classic leather, AMG Aero 1 Alloys, Audio 20 CD Changer, Meguiars+Auto Glym

    Hi guys, Very reluctantly I'm having to sell a few items, took some time to acquire and was hoping.. dreaming rather to get my own project up and running. I guess thats on pause for another few years...:( It does give me a chance to finally clear up a few unwanted things. I'm looking to set...
  14. E

    25% off All Meguiars Valeting for MBC Members - ONLINE only!

    Hi Guys Did You Know - Euro Car Parts are the 3rd largest stockist of Meguairs products in the UK! We stock the complete range, and to help keep you cars clean we are giving you 25% off EVERYTHING! Most Popular Products: Meguiars Hot Rims - Retail Price: £8.99 Forum Price...
  15. proser

    Meguiars G220 DA Polisher

    Exact same as HERE with large and small backing plates. Never used. £100 + postage if needed
  16. Tan

    Zymol versus Meguiars (Halfords)

    Hi I need to buy some more cleaning materials and am keen to take advantage of the Halfords buy one get one free offer. I used to use Meg's Gold class on my Obsidian Black and then Jasper Blue cars and was happy with it, buy now it will be used on a silver car so was wondering which is the...
  17. amzchhabra

    First detail of 2010

    Morning all, weather was great this weekend, so I decided to crack out my Megs G220 polisher and kit to give the CLK a good seeing to... I must say I am very pleased with the results, but a better shine will be achieved closer to the summer when I have more time to do a complete correction...
  18. M

    Meguiars Next Gen Car Wash Kit - £15 @ Halfords

    Saw This On hot deals. Next Gen Car Wash Kit - £15 @ Halfords :D get here
  19. Goldfish11

    Review: Meguiars G220 240volt Polisher vs Porter Cable

    Well as many of you know since I started the “Power car polishing / buffing / waxing” thread ( ) nearly four years ago polishing my car has sadly become a major obsession. This thread as you will see has now been viewed over 40,000 times and...
  20. nigel cross

    Meguiars Orbital Buffer

    Has anybody used one of these, and if s are they any good?
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