1. edstrom76

    BNIB Microsoft Surface 3 4G LTE + Typecover + Tripmate Nano Auction finishes tomorrow night if you're interested.
  2. John

    Microsoft Office

    I am looking in to us selling our company copies which we don't use anymore to raise some money for charity. However, whilst we have some versions which are obviously retail and can be sold, other versions I am not so sure as I've never bought it pre-installed. We use Office 365 on all...
  3. cinek

    Psn and Microsoft

    Both networks have been patchy in the last week and both were successfully taken down for over 24h now, worldwide. Some hackers have already admitted it was, and still is their doing. Few unhappy customers not being able to use their services, in the time we all like to chill out and put our...
  4. mbzclk

    Microsoft Surface RT 32GB - Windows 8.1, Office 2013, Type Keyboard

    Hi For sale I have a lightly used and in perfect condition Microsoft Surface RT 32GB with Type Keyboard. Runs Windows 8.1 Update and Office 2013, Also will include the HDMI cable for it Comes with all boxes and packaging. £160 Cash on collection or + £10 for postage. Cheers.
  5. whizzkid11

    For Sale: Microsoft Surface PRO - 128Gb - Brand New

    Hi there, I am selling my Brand New MS Surface Pro Tablet - it is 128Gb, 10.6" with the i5 processor. Here are a couple links to it: •Surface Pro 128 Gb •MS Surface Pro Pictures attached. Price: £600 (RRP £799) Payment: BT or Cash on Collection (preferred)
  6. developer

    Microsoft Outlook Forward To Hotmail

    Does anyone know how to automatically forward emails from Microsoft Outlook to my Hotmail account, as they arrive, not singly afterwards? Will the originals stay within Outlook?
  7. flango

    Microsoft Windows 8 Tablet

    I know we have a few IT professionals on here so wondering if anyone can give me the heads up on the new tablet by Microsoft? I'm taking on a bit of motorsport work over the Winter months so need either a new laptop or I recently saw an article for the Windows tablet which I thought may fit the...
  8. grober

    Microsoft buy Skype.

    Yes Microsoft have bought Skype for £5.2 billion. BBC News - Microsoft confirms takeover of Skype
  9. BenzedUP

    Microsoft Xbox-360 Elite Controller

    Wireless 360 Elite controller, only 3 weeks old, comes with brand new batteries etc.. £15 + £2.40 P&P PM if interested, thanks.:thumb:
  10. BenzedUP

    Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0

    More or less brand new Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0; Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0 on eBay (end time 08-Mar-11 02:38:27 GMT) £10 plus P&P.:) Thanks.
  11. BenzedUP

    Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0

    Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse - Explorer 2.0 on eBay (end time 08-Mar-11 02:38:27 GMT) £10 +P&P :) Thanks.
  12. D

    u want to use microsoft office legally but do not want to pay license fees read on

    microsoft responding to pressure from gmail and open office introduced a hidden GEM license free use of office online if u have an old hotmail account or merely go an create hotmail account u get free access to microsoft office suite online. ok of course they want to get you to use hotmail...
  13. Spinal

    Mac Vs PC: A Microsoft Perspective

    Just stumbled across this microsite... PC vs Mac: The PC has Blu-ray capability, more software choices, and more! Some extracts: Macs can take time to learn. Macs don't work as well at work or at school. Macs might spoil your fun. Macs don't like to share. Macs might not like your...
  14. The Boss

    QUESTION: what is microsoft visual studio debugger an exception occurred 00413e6C?

    microsoft visual studio debugger an exception occurred 00413e6C? i keep getting this pop up.. after the comp is on for 2-3 hours... and i can not get rid of it... until i reboot.. as my comp is on forever, i cant keep rebooting etc... havent a clue why i get it.. has been happening for...
  15. D

    Junk Call claiming to be from Microsoft

    Just had a phone call from someone claiming to be from Microsoft eventually wanting to take control of my pc. Please be aware. This website gives a nice summary of their game. Fake tech support call scam – supportonclick, systemrecure and digitaltoast
  16. Spinal

    Microsoft Marketplace

    Lately, I've been more and more tempted towards the iPhone... for one simple reason... the app store. Yesterday, I decided to look at ways to backup my contacts on my ageing HTC... turns out, microsoft has their own app store... What's more, they have a program (Microsoft My Phone) which...
  17. azaman

    Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro Joystick - FREE

    I have an old MS Sidewinder joystick that I need to get rid of. It has a serial connection so I can't use or test it as my PC no longer has this port. I'm fairly sure it works though. Free to anyone who wants it, just pay for the P&P or collect it from Kingsbury (NW London) or Uxbridge.
  18. The Dent Guy

    Microsoft confirm Hotmail accounts hacked

    As the title says..... and mine is one of them - my account starts with a 'P' so the 10000+ accounts starting A or B which had their user and passwords published on line is only the tip of the iceberg!! BBC NEWS | Technology | Thousands of Hotmail users hacked
  19. Ted

    Microsoft Outlook Update

    I've seen this in a few inboxes this morning. Don't click on the link - it's a phishing scam.
  20. A

    Microsoft SteadyState (for Ringway)

    This thread started out as a PM then I thought I should post it here in case it's of interest to anyone else. Sounds like you could use Microsoft SteadyState. Found here. In short, you set your PC up as you want it, then SteadyState takes a "snapshot". Then, every time you restart your...
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