1. P

    Wanted W163 ML55

    Hi,I am looking for a W163 ML55 facelift preferably in silver.
  2. S

    First time with an ML55

    Hi all. I spent a while on here trying to get as educated as I could before deciding whether to get a W163 or W164. An ML500 W164 with all the toys was very tempting but after driving a very nice ML55 W163 (for half the price!), the 500 just didn't cut it. Thanks for all your info and advice...
  3. H

    ML55 Front fog light surround

    Hi, I'm after a front fog light surround for a ML55 Can anyone help

    ML55 ATF change.

    I have searched through my owners manual and can't find the specs for ATF so I'm looking at Valvoline Max Life with a shot of Lubeguard Platinum to change the transmission fluid. Does anyone know of a better ATF for my car?

    ML55 ATF and filter change.

    I have searched through my owners manual and can't find the specs for ATF so I'm looking at Valvoline Max Life with a shot of Lubeguard Platinum to change the transmission fluid. Also, I can't find the capacity how much is required to refill. I know I cannot completely drain the system so...
  6. J

    ML55 AMG (Brabus 20in Alloys) 02 Plate FOR SALE

    Hi All, MERRY CHRISTMAS to everyone. I am reluctantly having to sell my baby - ML55 AMG It has been in my family since birth (extended family) and had 8 owners, although since since 2013 we have changed names 4 times due to parking permits purposes so all in all only 4 owners in 14...
  7. E

    722.6 wiring harness

    Hi, im going to check the wiring harness for signs of damage tomorrow, does anyone know of any weak points? Or should i completly remove the harness to check it over? My ml is in limp mode and showing 0 resistance between pin 15 and 38 on the etc plugs. Thanks
  8. S

    An ML55 / ML500 owners near Worthing ?

    Hi all, Are there any ML55 or Ml500 ( 2002 ) owners near Worthing in the UK on here ? I would love to meet up to compare cooling systems, and other bits, as my truck seems to be been adjusted. I would love to compare to see how different / what has been done to my truck. Any one on...
  9. LcLc

    ML55 timing chain

    My local (non merc specialist) mechanic thinks my timing chain needs replacing. Has anyone had this done and can anyone recommend a garage for the job.
  10. E

    Ml55 auto box

    Hi, could anyone confirm that this is the correct box for an ml55? MERCEDES W163 ML 55 AMG AUTOMATIC GEAR BOX R1632710701 | eBay I put the part no in google and it comes up with ml270 boxes. Thanks
  11. S

    Ml55 ac fans

    Hi all Been watching a liad if differebt ml videos on youtube. Ive noticed that all these mls have fans on the side of the rad facing the front of the car i.e if you open the bonnet and look you will see 2 fans infront of the rad. On my 2003 ml i dont have these fans. Do uk cars have fans...
  12. S

    Ml55 2003 nav cd

    Hi all Im searching for a 2003 navi cd for my command 2. Before you all start telling me its not worth it, i would just like you try and get the sat nav up and running. I tried buying one on ebay and it doesnt work so am getting my money back. Do i have no choice but to buy the last...
  13. S

    Ml55 gearbox tool. Dip stick

    Hi. I brought one of those dip stick tools and reckon its too long. Ive tried to put the dip stick in as far as possbile but it bottoms leaving a good 10inchs of sticking out of the top. Also there is no fluid registering on the other end. Starting to feel i need to add fluid. Anyone...
  14. S

    Newbie - Ml55

    Hi all, Just brought a Ml55. Really pleased. Car does have some slight issues that need attention and I have a few questions :- 1) Fuel gauge works, then doesnt work. I filled it completely up twice and on the second fill the gauge worked so wondering if the sensor is dirty. Sensor is...
  15. S

    Wtd - ml55

    Hi all Ive got a V8 itch that only a ML55 will solve. I am seeking a face lift version 01 - 03 year, under 90K is possible. Anything else is doable. Cash waiting. Simon [email protected]

    Spark plugs for ML55.

    I've been online shopping for Iridium spark plugs but haven't yet decided which is best for my 02 reg ML55. Europarts have Denso plugs but are nor iridium for £6.49 a plug. There are other deals on eblag but seem too good to be true so thought I'd ask on here which is the best plug for ML55...
  17. G

    ML55 W163 Fog Lights

    On behalf of an eBay contact, who enquired about my fog light (A251...) - he needs ML55 fog lights - I've checked the part numbers, and it looks like: A1638200556 and A1638200656 If anyone got these for sale, PM me so I can forward it to him, or get in touch with Tony directly - eBay user...
  18. Alex

    ML55 Scuffmaster Dye 1L by Gliptone LiquidLeather

    A nearly full bottle (99% is there) of Gliptone leather dye for facelift ML55 AMG anthracite leather. This was formulated based on a headrest I had to send to Gliptone and came out spot on. £25 posted.
  19. gina2201

    W163 ml500 / ml55

    Wanted a W163 ML500 or ML55 Must be facelift, with LPG would be preferred Good condition, history etc Just missed out on one so cash waiting for the right car Based in SW but will travel
  20. P

    ML55 W163 steering

    Hi all, I've just bought a low mileage 2002 ML55 and am extremely pleased with it. One slightly concerning issue though is the worrying wheel wobble and vague few from the steering when cornering at speed. It's like you're about to lose all traction and roll off into the ditch. Very...
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