1. clk320x

    Audi style sequential indicator mod

    Was looking on eBay and found these LEDS Was thinking about doing a tailight mod like the Audi sweeping indicators? It seems to simple as to just putting this Led Strip into the rear tail-light.. but how would this wire up? Anyone got any ideas...
  2. rockits

    Any Builders in/around Hertfordshire? Garage Roof Truss mod for 4 post lift

    Do we have any builders or anyone able to look at modifying the trusses in my garage so I can get enough height for a 4 post lift? Or any recommendations of someone that could look at if this is possible and to do the work. I have the roof height but have 4 trusses that will need to be...
  3. G

    A little project - W169 flexi DRLs / Turn Signal mod

    I wanted to see how easy it is to fit the newish style changeable DRLs (those flexible ones that turn yellow when you indicate) into a W169 headlamp, and whether that will look OEM-ish The trial headlamp unit was kindly donated by David Richardson (don't worry, he's not driving around with...
  4. C

    Latest mod ;)

    Wasn't sure where to post this. Here or general or even what I've done to my car today. Anyway got this lovely cover for my SL. Very sad but I like the AMG logo on it Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  5. G


    Hello, I've just join the club recently and have been studying the evry mod that everyone is doing but for some reason, either i'm the most incompetent individual on Earth either my Merc is un-evry-able !!! :wallbash: I've pretty much tried anything i could find on the forums regarding this...
  6. G

    W204 C63 - Next Exhaust Mod?

    Hey, So I did the Milltek Secondary Cat Bypass last year, and loved it. It's a must for any owners IMO! However, I want a bit more.... I want a bit more volume! What are my options? Anything off the shelf? Thanks, Gary
  7. F

    SLK 55.. Confused about which exhaust mod....

    Hi all So likily to be an owner of an SLK (171) very soon. One of the first things I want to do is to improve the soundtrack of the car and have read quite a few threads on here but still a little confused and unsure. One of the things I'm concious about is not having any drone or...
  8. C

    C230k pulley mod

    Hi there I have a 97 merc c230k, looking to mod the charger pulled or buy a smaller one, I have the eaton m62 charger and I'm after a 63mm pulley as a mate of mine has bought one a while bk now fitted say it's a completely different car,only thing is he can't find who he got it off on eBay and...
  9. C

    Tasteful mod

    This is one way to Jazz up the paintwork !
  10. SmartMAC

    C Class Coupe Grill Mod Wanted

    Original Grill looks like this: I would like it to look like this: Removal of the grill looks easy but I would like to also remove the silver bits so I can paint them in black (maybe not glossy, not sure). Is it possible to remove them or are they glued in to the chrome?
  11. Mrhanky

    55k Split Cooling Mod

    Having done a lot of research via mainly the US forums, Ive decided I will have a bash at doing this. So Ive got the BMW reservoir and all the other bits needed to complete the job. However, before I get carried away I wondered if anyone who has done this has any tips. My main concerns...
  12. vijilants

    W204 C Class reversing camera mod

    Folks, Check this video out on how to install a reversing camera on to the W204 with command. Must be one of the cheapest and easiest mods......the camera costs only £11 !!! Also this chap does a lot of good videos on the W204 in general including ramping up the driving performance using...
  13. L

    C63 amg mod advice, exhaust, mapping ect

    Hi guys, Just got a c63 estate and looking to do some mods Is it worth upgrading the exhaust system and air filters? What mapping software is the best to use? Any other mods to look at? Any advice would be great :-)
  14. B

    Mercedes flamethrower mod on the boot

    Hello I filmed this footage few months back now, I captured a mercedes that sounds like a V8 and has a strange flamethrower on the boot, would anyone know such a mod like this is legal in UK? and what company does this or is it homemade? I filmed this in Scotland and have never seen anything...
  15. S

    My newest AMG mod

    He can keep me company fastened in the rear seat :)
  16. P

    Foglight mod question

    Hi guys, hope someone can help with a relatively simple question... I'm partial to a little tinkering with my w219 CLS but I don't want to start pulling things apart if someone else has already had a go and can advise. I'm considering a little mod on my foglights, replacing the original...
  17. B

    W204 folding mirror mod activation

    I've recently retrofitted folding mirrors, folding mirror switch and door modules to my C200 CDI 2013, but the mirrors don't fold when you press the new fold button, Is there any one in the north east who has a Star machine who can activate this for me. I have previously modded several Mercedes...
  18. Grovsie31

    C55 exhaust mod vids

    Thought this might be useful for some of you guys who are thinking of doing the secondary cat delete and silencer delete on ya C55's. This is a cold start. Its fairly loud when cold, once its warm, have no concerns, its totally fine. Just depends how much you put ya foot down. Its very deep...
  19. mark_le_b

    W209 CLK320 Best exhaust mod

    Looking for more throatiness - resonator delete or new back box?? Any suggestions please? Thanks
  20. A

    Mercedes SL60 AMG R129 exhaust Mod

    Guys, Can you tell me any good company which carry out Mercedes exhaust mod? All I need to do is change the pipes in the middle box to straight pipes. This link will explain all: if you can recommend a company...
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