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A little project - W169 flexi DRLs / Turn Signal mod

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by GLK, Jul 3, 2017.

  1. GLK

    GLK Hardcore MB Enthusiast

    Sep 20, 2014
    A200 Sports Coupé C169
    I wanted to see how easy it is to fit the newish style changeable DRLs (those flexible ones that turn yellow when you indicate) into a W169 headlamp, and whether that will look OEM-ish

    The trial headlamp unit was kindly donated by David Richardson (don't worry, he's not driving around with one headlight - he's got a new one).

    the headlamp:

    daytime light:

    turn signal light:

    It doesn't look too bad, I suppose, but it's not perfect either - the light is not in fact, as uniformed, as I wanted (expected the white light to be continuous); the mounting clips are pretty crude; the glue that holds the headlamp together is a horrible sticky substance, and I was lucky to get a great tip on how to handle it, from a well-known member on the other side; there's a problem with the ends of the flexi tube - too crude to leave as is, particularly the wired end (I fed that inside the chrome trim).

    The electronic part works perfectly, by the way - changes from white to yellow and back are exactly as it should be, including flashing hazards, and short 3-blink indication.

    All in all, having done this now, I have to conclude that, I won't be doing it with my car - way too fiddly, and the end result is, well, questionable.

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