1. D

    modded e55 s211

    Mercedes AMG E55 Estate, Eurocharged Pulley/Remap 550BHP, 7 Seats, Full History | eBay just about to finish but cheap at the moment. High miles but this chap was selling his Maserati 4200 last week so you'd assume its been (there have been funds to) looked after.
  2. merc85

    Lexus Modded

    Thought id modify my Business Partner's Car lol:D
  3. kris1981

    e63 omg modded?

    Hi so getting tempted to mod my 2012 pp e63 in calcite white any pics for inspiration
  4. Felstmiester

    Modded or aftermarket headlights on pre facelift

    Anyone on here done any mods on there headlights on the pre facelift? I saw a post on MB world from a company that does after market ones and they looked so much better.
  5. olszowa12

    Hello All ! Modded C63 Estate by Matt

    Hi Guys, seeing this is a major European forum for Mercedes fans and users I decided to register, present my ride and offer some carbon fibre love to all AMG enthusiasts. My name is Matt and I am from Poland. I've been on for quite a long time, some of you might know me from...
  6. developer

    Modded Cars - This One's A Peach

    Not a Merc, (well, except the brakes) but there's been some serious input on this Volvo. Very impressive engineering :thumb:. A Station Wagon Unlike Any Other | Speedhunters
  7. A

    Photoshoot of my modded C63

    Hi guys! Thanks for watching my thread Project parts I & II. Here some pics from the photoshoot...:cool: Although the car at that day was not ready, I brought my car back to my body shop because there are some things I was not happy with it. - There were some space between...
  8. A

    Newbie introduction modded C63 AMG

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I am Andrew from the Netherlands and I want to share my finished project about my wife's modded C63! I will soon post a new thread about the whole project from the beginning until the finishing conversion. (whole new interior + BS modded bodykit) This is...
  9. P

    Clk55 modded exhaust noise- like a jet!

    Hi. I've just had my standard w209 clk55 backbox changed for a custom one. It's the same style but it now makes a strange hissing, sort of jet sound under hard acceleration! Sounds quiet cool , but I'm worried that it's loosing me power. Any guesses as to what it could be? Restriction somewhere?
  10. K

    modded C63

    Not sure if this has been posted before but here goes... Modded C63 AMG versus Modded E60 BMW M5 versus Stock 2014 E63 AMG |
  11. J

    Amg C43 saloon seats modded to my estate

    well after a wait of some 6 weeks, as they were very busy i picked up my modified rear c43 two tone leather seats thats i wanted re cut to fit my estate....( these originally came out of a saloon car ) i honestly though this could not be done BUT here you go...:) they took the old black leather...
  12. bpsorrel

    Modded new CLS

    The first "modded" new CLS I've seen! What do you all reckon? Good or bad?
  13. buccal

    Modded CLK 55

    Lots of money spent, does it look good or a bit Barry? Buy a used MERCEDES-BENZ CLK Car - Auto Trader UK
  14. lynall

    Slightly modded g wagen

    Here Lynall
  15. Howard

    Another badly modded SLK

    Look at the front of the car ..... :crazy: looks like a stoned gerbil chewing a peanut .... ' The Engine was tuned recently by an F1 mechanic who wound the super charger up a bit more to boost the performance also, although i am informed it shouldnt affect the fuel consumption, and i have...
  16. P

    Mercedes w203 c200 seriously modded one of its kind AMG etc

    Due to change of circumstances, I am forced to sell my fully modded W203 C200 AVANTGARDE KOMPRESSOR 2001 this week! Let me mention that this car is one of its kind and only a few cars in the world have this extensive list of mods and specs. ALL MODS ARE FACTORY GENUINE MERCEDES NO...

    modded right up,!!!

  18. KLP 92

    Spotted a modded CL "65"

    Spotted a modded CL65, well badged as a BEAST 65, with Kompressor side badges and no AMG kit :crazy: Had a custom mod to the rear 3/4 panels, Carlsson wheels, and a CANVAS roof! Seen this car a few times, finally got round to taking pics. Pics:
  19. KillerHERTZ

    Slightly modded MR2

    Check THIS out! "I think its street legal except for this little excessive noise issue, the car is thrust only, it has no reverse..."
  20. scotth_uk

    Ugly Modded Mercs

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